On the Next Skill Points Revamp (Traits Update)

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  1. Cypharr Committed Player

    Every traits requires power it's not okay that power is only giving to might. Every trait should have a percentage of power since power is universal in different degrees.

    - Might trait is okay as it is.
    - Precision should be increase in precision and percentage of power every SP you train into precision e.g. 5% power when you train 100 SP into precision.
    - Restoration should be increase restoration and percentage of power every SP you train into restoration e.g. 7% power when you train 100 SP into restoration.
    - Dominance should be increase dominance and percentage of power every SP you train into dominance e.g. 7% power when you train 100 SP into restoration.
    - Vitalization should be increase vitalization and percentage of power every SP you train into Vitalization e.g. 7% power when you train 100 SP into vitalization.


    Give the power tree it's own separate traits

    It's annoying when looking for power you get might in addition when you don't need might.
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  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    This is all highly unnecessary. The roles that need Power get it when they spec into Might/Power whether they use Might or not. If you separate Power from Might all you're doing is hurting Might DPS and putting them at a disadvantage.
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  3. Cypharr Committed Player

    Exactly I don't need might in troll, healer & tank I believe might dps will be just fine. It's just one aspect of dps role hurting every other role. I rather the alternative were more role are satisfying rather than just one role. Dps prec is equally unsatisfying. Why so much emphasis on might dps? I don't get it.

    Also if you read what I wrote carefully you would see that the first option is not going to take away from might but then again you chose to speak on only the second option smh. Typical DCUO.
  4. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    If you don't need it - how is it hurting you? You get your power, which you want and also a little bit more damage from your abilities, which costs you NOTHING. Why on Earth would it bother you?

    You can believe whatever you want, but you obviously don't know what you're talking about and don't understand how the game is balanced. A lot of Might DPS complain about not being able to compete with SS Precision players already, especially when those Precision players have enough SP to spec into Might/Power, after maxing Precision, so they can clip more and with harder-hitting powers. If Precision tree also had power stat included - Prec DPS would actually become overpowered. If Might and Power were separate trees - Might DPS would need to spec into 2 trees to get the same stats they're getting now from 1, meaning - they would need twice as many SP as they do now, especially when using more power-hungry powersets.

    So, no - Might DPS wouldn't be "just fine" and considering how poorly your Might DPS toons perform - you shouldn't advocate for nerfing Might, or buffing Prec.

    Again - how is it hurting anyone? Especially, that most roles don't need to spec into power, because decent healers and tanks never run out of power, if they have the right arts and know how to play.

    Clearly. Try playing the game and learning how to be good at it as it is, instead of coming up with half-baked ideas how to change it.

    Both "options" you offered are unnecessary at best, and would actually hurt the balance of the game at worst, for the reasons I outlined above.
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  5. Cypharr Committed Player

    I beg to differ. BTW you and your buddies (the mariachi band) don't run with me so how can you possible know how I perform, preposterous. utterly ridiculous rant out of spite. Happy New Year what's done is done now the wait for the devs actions. I'm not sorry I can't let you think straight.

  6. Dene Devoted Player

    This was argued A LONG time ago

    You want it so a Might DPS has to spec in BOTH Power AND Might? Even those with crazy High SP would be annoyed by this

    "wait for the devs actions"

    To do what, read this and move on with out barely acknowledging it (if they even do that much lol)
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  7. Cypharr Committed Player

  8. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    If you read what I wrote carefully you would see that I spoke on both options. Having extra Might does not have any negative effect on your support roles.

    The only roles that specifically spec into Power are Might DPS, Battery Controllers and Precision DPS. After Restoration Healers split their secondary choices between Power, Dominance and/or Health.

    You don't need Power attached to every single stat.
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  9. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    Didn't power have its own place in the sp tree back in the day? And I think it was one of the first things I noticed that the devs changed when I came back in 2018
  10. Great Architect Loyal Player

    What exactly is wrong with things as they are that would make this necessary? Is there a Healer, Tank or Controller Powerset that's struggling with Power? I don't believe there is, but if there is it's probably that Powerset that needs tuning, rather than blanket adding Power to Resto, Dom or Vit.

    Is Prec struggling with Power? Absolutely not. Would it gain disproportionately from adding Power to Prec? Hell, yes.

    And this would probably be the final nail in the coffin of battery Trolls.

    The whole point of speccing into Dom, Resto and Vit is to make your limited Power Pool more effective - to get more bang for your buck in Healing, CC, Shields and Power Healing per Power point spent. If you upset that equation by giving larger returns PLUS more Power, there would need to be a major overhaul of every Powerset.

    If, for instance, the current reason I can't endlessly spam my Priority Heal is that I run out of Power, having significantly scaled Power added to Resto would change that to the limiting factor being closer to the length of the Cooldown period, so to maintain balance, it's likely Cooldowns would have to be extended. And that affects things like the amount of damage per second enemies can deal. The way Stats work in the game has interactions, synergies and ramifications far beyond a Player's Power Bar. Tinker with one aspect, and you have a cascading set of other things to tweak.
  11. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    No. However, I wouldn't be bothered if they adjusted the SP trees to flat stats for each skill point spent instead of small negligible percentages to make them matter more.