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    We are looking to recruiting more active players to join our league, preferably CR150 and higher (with exceptions to your friends and alts who are all welcome to join no matter their CR) . We are mostly active at night time for US citizens, and have around 180 members. And you do not need to worry about not having an active League Founder, cause I've played everyday single day since February 2018 without missing a day (Probably not something to be proud of XD lol)

    We have a few of us playing every single night (which is our most active time atm), we've been around 8 online at a time lately, most of us end game players with CR's above 250. Those of us in the league that are active (around 10 people that's very active, plays everyday for hours, myself included). We are always running stuff together. We do use mics most of the time, males and females, since we are all adults. We get along great and have a fun time in league chat and voice. Though you aren't required to have a mic, it will definitely benefit everyone while we are running feats. It's worth stating that most of our active players are mostly above 280 SP. Most of our active players has been in the league for more than a 100 days, and we've become good friends. The league is really chill with friendly helpful people. We have a lot of fun, and like to talk and make jokes and have a good time while we play.

    Currently we have a few healers and tanks, but have a shortage of trolls, if you are a troll we'll all be soo happy to have you XD

    We do have a league hall, and we ALWAYS have all Proficiencies on (except for "Out of Combat Regen" cause its a waste XD lol) and we've had all these proficiencies active for months without any short comings, we have all statues activated and 2 fully upgraded league banks, with the 3rd one halfway to the full upgrade point. I do give promotions in the league ranks based on prestige earned, days in the league and helpfulness among other league members, those that are helpful and friendly usually get promoted faster. If you are also someone that just wants a league for the proficiencies you are welcome to join if you just want to do your own thing, but you will see and hear us asking for groups in league chat and voice. The league is pretty good with joining each other to run content, we even run weeklies together every new week. We share collections and most other useful things in league bank, but have a strict take only when you need or use rule, we don't allow anyone to take stuff and sell as that would be unfair to other league members. Me and Leaders keep the MOTD updated so you know when there is specials, events or any interesting things going on. We also have active top rank league members all the time, myself included.

    We are looking for active players like most of us, that wants to enjoy the time they are playing this game, and join in on instances and feat hunting. Some of our league members are from different countries, but most of the members are from USA.

    P.S. OMEGA PRIME fun fact: the I in PRIME is actually a lowercase "L" :D

    If you are interested, you can comment your details here, or better yet send me a mail in-game and we can chat if you have any questions or concerns. I will leave my in-game name so you can contact me (Founder) and another League Leader (my cousin) who you can talk with about joining up!

    Founder: KapteinKapsel
    Leader: NutrientTurtle
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  2. Mister_Raccoon Well-Known Player

    I'm a troll (CR206-7) and I'm interested in meeting you guys but you didn't specify whether you were heroes or villains.
  3. KapteinKapsel New Player

    Hey, we are Heroes, sorry I'll add that to the post. Sorry for late reply I turned on email notifications but it never let me know... If you are a hero and wanna chat add me ingame and send me a mail or tell @ KapteinKapsel!
  4. Boston Phantom Well-Known Player

    I'm a troll in search of a league. Currently 256 CR and have 408 SP. My toon is Boston Phantom if you're interested in having me
  5. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    i'm game, need an active league. if interested shoot herneofwindsor a league invite, it's a healer toon but an experienced one, i've been through every thing from darkseid's warfactory to darkest night all the way up to crown of thorns/throne in atlantis.