Omaar's HL dps guide.

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  1. bedovean Well-Known Member

    Already randomly doing those warlan, depending on cituations, cause obviously i dont spam the same thing for everything, however im moving away from Hold claw, not only do i get knocked down too much, but it has not been 100 percent hitting things behind me like it used to. I suspect a nerf.
  2. bedovean Well-Known Member

    also i spoke of a glitch like this using rifle a few pages back on pc. Trick is only to click range twice for fan/phantom instead of spamming it.
  3. RTB Member

    Can you guys recommend any tips for PvP? I used to be pretty adept at PvP when I was Mental, but lately I haven't been able to do jack squat in PvP because I have the avatar bombadier armor and no idea how to HL DPS in PvP. I dish out a lot of damage, but I cannot possibly hope to win any matches, especially on the heroes side.

    Right now I am running this:

    Snap Trap
    Light Claws
    50% supercharge
    Iconic Shield

    Getting my face smashed in. I know how to PvP, I just cannot seem to find a power set that would work well for DPSing, and may have to switch to controlling in PvP.
  4. bedovean Well-Known Member

    There are a few different strats, until you learn some of the easier ones I would avoid the harder rotations.
    Try chainsaw-ram-snap-LB-Iconicshield-Strafe, that is my current pvp loadout. I do 2 swings with chainsaw and then either BB or initiate ram-snap bb-chain

    This is a dps loadout, for controller ask warlan as he pvp's in troll mode
  5. Agnetta Well-Known Member

    while you can get 157 dps weapons from the solos, they arent as common as 146s and 151s. a 157 rifle drops at the end of family reunion. a 162 brawling drops at the end of BIA but its pretty rare (its blue). im not sure if weapons higher than 157 dps can drop in the solos, anybody know?
  6. Valor Active Member

    CR83 weapons are the highest I have seen in the solos.
  7. Orphan Fromdabloc Member

    Chain-Ram-Strafe-Launch Roll-Snap-Acro Front Flip

    Combo (USE CHANNELING MOD): PChain-Chain-Guns-Whips/Front Flip or PChain-Chain-Guns-Snap/Front Flip
  8. NlNJUTSU Active Member

    I'm interested in trying out HL, is melee'ing or ranging better for T5 alerts? And what is this coldsnap/GAS combo you guys speak of? Also it seems likeRSF is the best low power usage combo, what about the best maximum damage melee combo? Thanks in advance for any help, and if you guys can throw any tips for a new HL DPS, please do.
  9. RamsesVIIX Active Member

    For Nexus I stick to FFF since I don't have a Rifle to pull off Cold Snap
  10. Clip Well-Known Member

    What makes me mad about GH is that it can be blocked! It is so annoying to stand like 20 feet away from the boss spam GH and land 3 times in row on the floor because the boss blocks.
  11. bedovean Well-Known Member

    Phantom should be bb them anyway
  12. bedovean Well-Known Member

    dont know how you guys FFF in Nexus omar, it must be dulled down for ps3 users or something due to lag possibly. There is little to no room for us to FFF on PC, ask jeebie lol. I will say this though, made an attempt at ninja batman 2nd bossfight to get him out of there for the end and did not go well ; / him and future are just too tough. I was even with jeebie the whole time while i was using Coldsnap, then switched to GAS on single target and pulled ahead. The stacking dots is what I am assuming is doing it. You can only count 1-2 dots from snaptrap, but all 8 from GH. We should figure the numbers up on this.
  13. NlNJUTSU Active Member

    Just ran HL DPS for the first time in BIA, and the fast damage is awesome. NCN is like an infinite combo, and RSF is pretty good for staying ranged. Can anyone tell me what the GAS and Coldsnap combos everyone is talking about?
  14. bedovean Well-Known Member

    GAS=Grasping hand-pull-fan-phantomtriangle

    For phantom details and all else refer to first page.
  15. RTB Member

    So Coldsnap is the best for single target ranged damage? I've always gone with SSS for my maximum damage output with the most power available to me. I'll practice with Coldsnap a little, but my muscles seem to be programmed for RSF as I've been using it in the T5's due to a lack of power available.

    And thanks for that PvP assistance. I've been trying out some of the combos and they work well.

    Final question, what situations would WTF and GAS trump other ranged approaches such as SSS/RSF/Coldsnap? I'm assuming they may be better for ranging tough mobs than SSS.
  16. bedovean Well-Known Member

    Omar and warlan. What changed in our formula's that jeebie discovered. I believe it was probably the multiplication of ranged/weapon.

    Please let me know, trying to figure out numbers. Currently with DoT's at 2108 Might and 1136 Precision My numbers for GAS without calculating ranged weapon in is:
    993.75 per second single target

    This number was adding the average dot of 32 (taken from around 400 ticks) with a modifier of 45 from the GH(obviously)
    32x8=256 extra damage just from those dots
    These stack so there is no loss, snaptrap dot if added in should be NO MORE then 2. Just trying to figure out the rest since ive been gone for awhile XD
    Numbers are as follows, small number at end is CTSV with 45 modifier from GH
    GH(might)=296+265(ticks) Base(with 45 mod) .56
    Pull=569.01 2.102
    Fan=579.3 1.22
    Rifle=386.56 1.428

    Just did numbers on Cold-snap
    pre range buff from rifle
    1171.7 damage per second single target.

    Guess I was wrong about catching up to jeebie while using GH. Numbers are below for checking, again plz post what the change was to the equation so I may update my spreadsheet.
    ST=336.1+68(2 ticks)

    So as long as Cold-snap is performed at 1.6 or faster it is above GAS with a higher power usage
    All numbers were 1136 prec 2108 might and a 159.1 rifle.
  17. bedovean Well-Known Member

    In testing my friend :) So far Long range single target GAS and Coldsnap are the way to go, however that might change due to DoT from GH
  18. bedovean Well-Known Member

    For a reply to your last question there, it really depends. If you actually like using GAS, then that is your low power output with fairly high damage.

    My current loadout is(changes all the time due to me constantly testing):

    I have claw on there for alerts where power is decent and i can do NCN or a hybrid version of it. Ram is on there for very very low or bad trolls in t5 and I cannot get ANY more power then it. I also use it when there is a crap ton of mobs for Ram to hit (for instance the paradox reapers in tunnel i can usually hit 5-7 of them with ram) however I prefer to melee if power is available.

    ST is my 3rd on loadout due to Coldsnap currently being the best combo for raids(I DO NOT KNOW how omar uses FFF/backflip lol...) LB is for any pickmeup since HC and whips puts me on my *** quiet often. Strafe is a giveme and GH for when power is not so great in a raid or in an alert when the troll is good enough to give me more then i need for RSF but less then i need for Coldsnap in a ranged boss fight.

    Hope this helps. If you do not like GH i recommend this loadout:
    Claw-Ram-ST-LB-Strafe-(((((LW or Chainsaw))))))
    This allows you to either do WTF (st-fan-phantom-LW-phantom) for multiple adds when power is amazing or Kinky(Chainsaw version of NCN) since chainsaw does not put you on the ground as often as claw does also allowing you to pop MENACE randomly when extra defense is needed using the channeling mod.
  19. Clip Well-Known Member

    Im not sure but i think GAS works better on pc... The delay between GH and the pull is really big... My league mate did more damage than me when i tried GAS in the t5 raid and he was spamming RSF.
  20. Tsavorentless Active Member

    I don't use the pull for that reason, I tap triangle for the fan jump snap fan. By the time you would have basically did the pull I got all that off basically. I like lookin at all the ticks from snap n Ghand together n it just looks nice lol.

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