Omaar's HL dps guide.

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  1. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Hmm, what you are saying is " take the overall picture " instead of individual stats.
    I'll look into this as this was my original per misses of the guide ( the current picture and not starting from scratch ).
    Now stop posting things so I don't have to think today :D Btw my GF will try an attempt with me for a HL DPS calculator today, fingers crossed.
  2. ObsidianChill Well-Known Member

    Sorry :( making up for lost time as I didn't get to contribute much on the old thread. Yea I look at the overall picture for HL because its the most unique dps set currently. When a gadgets dps goes into a raid that dps is going to stick with the same rotation, its not going to change if there is more aoe or there are adds behind/in-front/around the boss, that dps won't have to decide if its best to lead off with Claw and single target attack but it will allow you to better position yourself instead of leading off with a more aoe oriented rotation like ram-WT etc. That gadgets dps or fire or nature etc they are doing the same rotations where with HL it changes, some combos work better in certain situations and others can't work, biggest example is a rotation with Fan and a flying npc add.

    So when you are trying your base tests to gather numbers that's only a small part of what you will actually encounter in a raid. Not that testing isn't great :p It sets a great benchmark, but trust me just because some numbers change doesn't mean to go out and re-mod your gear that's just crazy. Your not going to see differences because we don't have fixed continual rotations but very static ones. The only worthwhile test now would be to see if the maxed might would really bring WD to the next level that's about all I can think of but even then its just 9 ticks and highest ive seen on crit is 400 but most are around 100 range and that's with 2kish might from the neck IV active.
  3. Sore Well-Known Member

    All construct combos do not benefit from might at all. However, all construct combos are lead in with a might attack. And then, it is a might attack every time you clip a construct combo. The majority of the damage is clearly precision-based there's no doubt about that. It's roughly 3:1 on the damage. Escalating Might shouldn't affect your modding strategy at all. You'd just plug that into your Base Might to see what the results of the modding would give you. The numbers come out with the same mod recommendations no matter what your base might or precision is. Of course, the benefits become more and more marginal as your gear get better because the mods are for static amounts.

    Keep in mind the numbers are ran against a single target scenario. I don't know HL well enough to scale the spreadsheet up to multiple targets. Also, it is based on Ram hitting x3. If Ram only hits x1, Precision IV is the better mod. That, and I'm taking Omaar's CSTV (ATK%) values for face value and not testing them myself. The real takeaway, which I've known for a long time, is that the difference between MightIIV->PrecMightIV or the difference between PrecIV->PrecMightIV is not going to drastically affect your results. It's just a couple percent (oftentimes less than that). That means if you run gates and get 1 million damage, it is only accounting for about 10k-30k of that. The real benefit comes from being modded at all.
  4. ObsidianChill Well-Known Member

    Yup I wouldn't disagree with that at all, I just know people like to jump the gun with these types results, already shown above people are thinking of re-modding to prec/might or are glad they stuck with prec/might etc. So im just interpreting the results and applying them to what players can except to see in actual content.
  5. Jockin Jay Active Member

    Quick nub question. Do HL need even a bit of might?
  6. PerfectLegend Well-Known Member

    Yay! I said this before. Now I can go rub it in Sun's face for never believing anything not on this guide. Great number crunching, guys. :)
  7. Terribly Shocking Active Member

    ^^ Knew it, shouldve tested it but was too lazy :p
  8. Captain Just Well-Known Member

    I've had Precision+Might IV in my red sockets for a few months now. Suggested this build to OMAAR back on the old forums(this is LunchBoxChewey).

    You guys might want to check out Ram-Whip-/Fan or Ram-Whip-/Snap-Fan or Ram-Whip-/Claw-Hold Claw-/Fan with the increased might.
  9. OMAAR Well-Known Member


    What you do is go to a dummy and combo into wt ( as an example ). Calculate how does it it average for ( 1 hit not the four )
    Then apply this equation:
    Damage of wt= [ weapon dps + ( your precision/10 ) ] x CTSV.

    Please note if that CTSV is similar to the one on the charts. For fan multiply by 1.35 and divide by 1.5.

  10. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Hi Chewey, I've got a lot my plate right now since the guide is being rebuilt from scratch and a huge list of things to test so I apologize if it takes long.

    Ram-whip/ power fan
    Ram-whip/snap-Fan is FFF or do you mean both st and fan are power?
    Ram-Whip-/Claw-Hold Claw-/power fan.
  11. Captain Just Well-Known Member

    Yes, the second one is just FFF. Kind of overlooked that haha.

    You are doing a great job with the guide OMAAR.
  12. Sore Well-Known Member

    Didn't you call it CSTV before? (Construct Specific Time Value) I still like calling it ATK% because it's basically the percent of your effective DPS that the attack does. But, when in Rome.

    Keep in mind that each construct should have a high and low CSTV. I understand you're in the habit of looking for that high and low and then taking the average of those two values and assigning that as the CSTV for your calculations. If you're calling others to do their own testing, they should be on the lookout for that. I wouldn't want them balking at a single result.

    Keep in mind that training dummies have about 15% damage mitigation. That means the results can vary with different enemies (proportionately). When seeking base numbers for might attacks, it's common to reverse that mitigation first. I don't know if you would like to do the same for your CSTV values. Since you can know your opponents toughness in a duel if you ask them, for testing purposes, that was used to calculate what the defense of a training dummy was.
  13. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Lol yes it was CSTV, doesn't matter though. I'll be using it with a weapon guide to-be-made.

    Regarding the damage mitigation, the whole purpose of this activity is NOT finding you dos as that's near impossible accurately without DCUO giving us the full information. The point of this excercise is for everyone to compare their own combos/powers/constructs to each other with a constant number ( base damage or CTSV )

    If you are 100% sure regarding the dummies and their 15% I'll add it.

    Thanks for ALL the extra info.
  14. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Sore, just had a nasty fight with my GF ( she was the computer engineer ). So, which apps lets me post spreadsheets as HTML ?
  15. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    We all are my brother,

    I will be posting a calculator that will let everyone calculate his/her own combos and ideas. Taking the timing and insta-cast times with my Pinnacle Studio as we speak.
  16. Sore Well-Known Member

    Oh boy, I don't know. I simply use Microsoft Office on a PC or Docs To Go on the iPad to edit the spreadsheets. I then just upload them to my Enjin account as a file and post a link. I expect you can create a Google Docs account and upload/edit spreadsheets in the cloud.
  17. SmokingGuns Active Member

    Omaar did you ever get around to running with out a SC? what are your thoughts?
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  18. SmokingGuns Active Member

    I thing alot of this is going to boil down to what I posted about a week ago, our damage or might/precision ratio is base on a curve with a sweet spot.
  19. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Oh yes I have,
    Ad so far I am absolutely loving it. I am running Robot with LB. LB more than saved me a couple of times ( m-bot, o-bot, dawn ), instantly gets me backup when knocked down and makes orbital strike usable which sometimes hits for atrocious amounts.

    I live using st-FOS trink-supply drop -OS,clipped with LB then continue damaging. I have literally seen a chunk being ripped out of the boss's health when I do that in conjunction with FFF.
  20. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    Yes final testing will be done taking both obsidian's, sore's and the new Eco-combo facts into consideration.

    No need to switch any mods yet.

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