Old Content too easy for High CR Players and Boring

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Sammmy, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Sammmy New Player

    Ive been playing the game since Fight for the light came out and recently a friend of mine had just returned to the game. we were doing a duo and its crazy boring for me and him that i can just kill all adds in 2 seconds. I feel like the content needs to be way better balanced. I have some suggestions giving players more of a choice since i know not everyone agrees. There should be a normal version and a clamped version. In the clamped version your stats are clamped to make it balanced and a fun experience. This is Just an Idea but it goes a long way to making old content more Enjoyable. With those in the community that agree with me i hope we can make the devs see this.
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  2. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Its supposed to be easy....its below your current tier level. If you want something that feels relevant, then maybe run the content in your tier. Things are supposed to get easier as you progress with better gear, with better stats.
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  3. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    If you want to run content that is many tiers below your current tier and you want it to be challenging then take off your gear until your CR drops down to matching his/hers. You will lose stats and be more in line with your friend's CR and you will then have the experience you seek. Enjoy.
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  4. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Going to chime in and agree with Iconic. Just because it bores you to death to run older content with your buddy is no reason to dredge up the old "Let's stat clamp everything" idea again. First of all clamped or unclamped that content is considered irrelevant and higher CR only get an alternate reward box for running it... and even THAT didn't exist until the same players on here complaining about higher CR ruining the game for them were BACK complaining because now it was taking ages to find enough players to form a team.

    Here's an idea .. Instead of running, I have no clue just how low this friend of your is so let''s just say for example, Tier 1 content with a CR 247 ALT and having mobs die when you look at them funny. Why didn't you just create a new alt at the same time he did and the two of you could have played through all that content at the intended combat rates? Be a whole lot less boring if the mobs can actually pound you senseless if you don't pay attention.

    The ONLY way I would ever even consider stat clamping as an option is if that content goes back to paying off at the proper rate. Frankly your idea would tick off a bunch of Leagues that grab a few High CR mates and power level all those new recruits to get them into higher tier content faster. Not to mention players , like myself, that didn't get power leveled and worked their way up to those HIGHER combat ratings. First time I take a Cr 229 Alt to Gotham, step outside in the east End and some Joker Clown at level 8 one shots me.. I QUIT the game. LOL
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  5. Sammmy New Player

    Im saying having it as an option to people
  6. Balton hero Committed Player

    As Brother Allen said above, it's not a necessary change given that you can clamp your own stats simply by removing gear, especially with the seemingly low dev staff and the plethora of other things they could be working on instead.
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  7. lukelucky Devoted Player

    Being fair we hear those who hate the idea quickly appear to protest but there are plenty of players who are turned off by face rolling. New players have their experiences ruined.

    We don't know if its hurt more people or if it is an irrelevant stance but when paying over a hundred dollars a year having the ability to enjoy old content should be an option.

    Maybe they implament it and it works great and people love it. It very well could be a fail. Having an option is an easy addition and at the end of the day imo should be in the game
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  8. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Okay Let's break down your post a bot OKAY?

    I'm sorry but I have lost track (okay I never REALLY kept track) of things going just the opposite way. I blind Q into a duo and notte the fact that my new team mate is around the same CR that I am and think "Okay we are high enough .. We can do this" And a moment later I am alone because that guy was hoping for some HIGH CR to kill everything in sight while they coast. YEAH sure some of that can be explained away by real life but as often as I have had it occur a lot more of it is the first option where some one wanted to be carried. Also I have been playing for years and know what? I do not recall a single player on a duo, alert or raid complaining when the speed feat dropped at the end. Big point here is for every player out there that is just totally miserable because some High CR made the mission TO easy there are probably a couple praying that HIGH CR shows up. Want more proof go to Gotham or Metropolis and check out the players in shout begging for help with missions below level 30.

    I highlighted this because you do realize that those higher CR players are shelling out hundred of dollars a year as well? And the FACT is that, with some exceptions, the only reason many are even in that older content is because they are still working on some feat or armor style 9which is another feat). Heck the whole game is designed to all but force players to either 1) spend even more money on replays to TRY and complete all that while the content is new or 2) keep going back and running it long after it is relevant to complete feats... I personally have a CR 229 ALT that only just last week finally completed enough of the Wasteland duos and defeated Jack, James and Julius enough times to complete that feat. Now fortunately in that case by that time I was just walking into those duos and running them solo but in MOST cases that is not an option. MY money is just as good as anyone else and if I need to run the content to complete some thing I have just as much right to be in there as anyone else. Oh and let us not forget bounty hunting... The Rogues spring to mind since it takes almost 2 months to finish all those feats and TRY to build a team of CR 53-79 players to do them. Generally most players just wait till they can solo the lot and THEN run around killing them. Did I mention the fact that all that takes time away from doing anything that increases a players CR ?
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  9. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Nicely said.
    Over a hundred dollars a year. Smh...man I wish for me it was that low, but by my own choice I spend way more than that. My money is just as good if not better, and Im a high cr player. I sometimes run for the nostalgia of it, since Ive been around for 5 1/2 yrs. I NEVER have seen a lower cr player want any of that, you mentioned. They actually prefer the quick loot, quick run, and quick feats. I dont blame them...its a win win for everyone.
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  10. OG ELITE Committed Player

    Take off some gear. Problem solved.
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  11. Gimpy Loyal Player

    I haven't logged into the game since Aug. 2017, I pop in the forums from time to time just to see if anything may have changed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    funny how stat clamping old content and keeping Higher CRs out is still being discussed over a year later.
  12. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    I don't mind running older content, I love most of the content, most drop decent base items too

    Boring to you, fun for me, it's just an opinion :p
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  13. Thunderstrikke Well-Known Player

    I agree with Sammy, it should be an option:
    1.a thing that is or may be chosen

    Sooooo, why are we debating as though it's one thing or another??

    As for those of you saying remove gear, yes you can do that, but what a pain it would adjusting every time you go into a new instance at a new level. The clamping would do it automatically.
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  14. Proxystar #Perception

    Oh the age old stat clamp argument... No.

    If you want to be clamped removed some gear, takes a few seconds.
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  15. Proxystar #Perception

    Yes, it takes several hours to take a few pieces of gear off, terrible inconvenience...
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  16. TheOriginalCirocband Active Player

    Well atleast you can play older content. I’ve been trying to get into the older raids for months to get feats and there’s no way to walk in, you have to a up and no one won’t q up for any of the older raids. Smh
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  17. Yaiba Committed Player

    Then do LPVE (Paradox maybe?)....:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  18. useless Well-Known Player

    Yea i agree with you,i do old content becouse im missing a feat there,shoulder or chest piece here (because it drops in that place).
    Not much players complaining for quick finish.
    Also if i can walk in duos,alerts... without queueing i do that but its limited.I just recently did Themys-something that you can enter in watch tower and did speed feat and archers stay alive or whatever its called....
    It would be nice to have an option of some sort and dont mix but what one ?
    Didnt think much of it but maybe duplicate all instances ?
    Example: Oan Sciencells
    T2 Alert 43-64
    T2 Alert 65+
    Same one,nothing nerfed/buffed.
    So if you queue and your cr is over 64 you will be put in that 65+ queue line.But you can be put as a high cr player in first alert ( 43 - 64 ) only if you are invited to group and because thouse players want high cr player and be done as quick as possible. So ppl at cr relevancy queueing dont get high cr players with them.
    Would it have more impact on queue time ?
    Idk,just saying as it pops in my head,that could be option maybe.
  19. Bzzzztt Active Player

    I, for one, find I agree with the OP. Not everyone likes having a CR 230+ running through and soloing an alert just for excrements and laughters. Its no fun, and worse, new players don't get the practice and experience they need. And trying to find a CR appropriate group for lower tier content is like trying to teach a ferret to juggle. Then that same CR 230+ player comes on the forums to complain about how "his" raid got screwed over by some <insert role here> that never learned how to <insert role function here>.

    As others have suggested, the higher CR character could just remove some gear to make it more of a challenge. But the lower CR character doesn't have an option. If the lower CR character requests the high CR to remove some gear, or even requests they slow down a little or explain some mechanic they aren't familiar with, 90% of the time the high CR player makes a rude hand gesture, purposely finishes the whole instance in record time, then laughs at you as they leave the instance. (This is from first hand experience while trying to teach myself how to tank.)

    Now, the following is my suggestion only. The idea expressed is mine, and I do not claim that it necessarily reflects the opinions of any other player, Daybreak Games, DC Comics, The American Lung Association, Carpenter's Union Local 442, The National Football League, or the Boy Scouts Of America.

    First, let artifact catalysts and seals (account bound) have a (very low!) chance to drop at the end of on-duty instances, subject to the relevancy loot restriction as well as marks. Wait a second before you rant, hear me out!

    Then institute a Relevancy Lock setting on the On Duty menu, set to off by default. With it set to "off", any lower tier instance you join you can run at your current CR and plow through for whatever reason, but without marks, seal, or catalyst rewards. Set it to "on", and you will join a lower tier instance voluntarily clamped to the highest CR the relevancy window allows. Also if set to "on", you will only be teamed with at tier characters or others that accept being thus clamped. And if on, of course, you get all of the rewards for the mission as compensation for your sacrifice. Secondary benefit, players that actually want to learn the mechanics of a mission, or how to perform their role better, or just don't want a high CR schmuck soloing a mission then calling them names because they couldn't keep up, get the experience (and practice) they desire.

    TL/DR: "Ugh, what's Bzzzztt ranting about now": Optional Clamping can be good, as long as it's not mandatory.
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  20. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    All content should remain relevant. However, you are speaking to a community that has had a "niche" mind frame for the better part of DCUO's game cycle. Listening to many of these ppl is like stepping into the Twilight Zone (having ongoing relevant and challenging content is very desirable) .They do not care for what's best for the game as a whole but only what is best for the pieces they value. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but their are not enough players on the forums that are experienced enough to create healthy pool of points of view.

    Too many of these ppl that voice their concerns are subscribed endgame players and have been for years. Going through old content is a mild annoyance for them that would become a major one if old content became challenging. Rewards or no, they do not want to spend time in old content as a rule. They want to get in and get out; they want their "fun" to come from the tiers they "belong" to.

    So for emphasis: Most of these ppl that subscribe and voice their views here only care for it's survival. They are not very fickle on the quality of it either (DCUO wouldn't have survived with the decisions "it" has made with a "normal" community). The communities of past and present DCUO "Gorked" it. Yes, it's still around but it's a shell of itself.

    Bottom Line: I suggest you go to the other popular MMO's that keep old content relevant and challenging. These players are too set in their ways and you're more then likely to get high blood pressure then a meaningful conversation and change on the matter. Don't fret though, this game and its community will see their errors when Disney sends it's army of superhero games to the market. Mind you, it may be too late but at least they will see...

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