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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Lord Jareth, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    So last thread i made i was asking to remove Cr Relevancy, the reason to why that was: wasn't so much for getting marks it was to get people to que up for old content to give a reason for them to run it.

    i could honestly care less about the Cr relevancy or the marks.

    But to have all this content around and folks not playing it, well that is a issue.

    You have these new players or people who just have alts and wanna run the old content well here's a big surprise you cant.

    it isn't so much you cant its so much people chose not to run it anymore, Sure you can lfg or league it, but honestly how many times does that work?

    Lets be honest here it doesn't unless you have a really good freaking league that does it.

    With this next update i see the old content being even more ignored than it is now and well yes that bothers me kinda a lot.

    As a player of Dcuo i should be able to run this or any content of my choosing as long as i paid my membership or have paid for the Episode.

    To get up tiers is no longer a issue great job but to me playing the same content from end game that i just played on my main...well...that kinda gets boring.

    Just sharing my thoughts on this" i honestly have given up on this ever being change i am not sure if its the community that we have or what but if i make a new alt i kinda wanna be playing the old content not the newest one but that's just my opinion on that.

    Just wanted to clear that up. the idea of playing the new content with my alt makes me question why do i bother getting up my main?

    its the same content just the mechanic's change and the difficulty on it and maybe the gear/mods but idk to me its a waste of a grind.

    As a mmo player you grind from the start to make it to the end game that's the truth on any mmo.

    Anyway that's my opinion on the current state of Dcuo
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  2. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    I'm 269 and just ran all T6 raids with some random kid shouting in the Watchtower. Myth busted.
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  3. lordexecution365 Dedicated Player

    I just read another angle that actually makes more sense.

    People are quick to blame the CR relevance on why people don't run the older content.

    However, it was pointed out that people can totally skip the content that others are saying they are having a problem with and go straight to end-game.

    If we are going to be truthful, then let us acknowledge that the endgame is a rat race and once in the rat race players only main drive is gear.

    Not saying that everyone is only looking at gear alone, there are two groups.

    Endgame players chasing gear and endgame players trying to complete the content entirely feats and gear.

    A majority of people are followers and really don't want to be seen as an underachiever or lacking, they really don't want attention drawn their way.

    If there was no need to prop the endgame or the latest content, the older content would pop real fast.

    Without the ability to skip all that content, most would be still way back there in older content, not to sound elitist or mean but just being truthful.
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  4. Brit Dedicated Player

    At the present, I do not run anything other than JLD for marks. Demohedrons are the only marks that I am interested in, since they dictate progression.

    All my MoV is getting grinded up into Catalyst Caches, and even with those, I definitely earn Catalysts faster than I earn the Nth Metal for those higher breakthroughs. Even if T4 had MoV dropping in it, I still wouldn't bother running it. Source Marks really won't change anything.

    If they want to make lower tiers relevant, they have to do what they did with the few lower raids that actually HAVE stayed relevant. Gotham Zoo Elite and Panopticon Elite are still run weekly. I did Panopticon Elite as a full run today off of a random queue. I run both those raids every week, for the same reason. They have a rare drop off the final boss that is attached to a feat and that is TRADABLE. There is value in the raid, long after the Marks are useless.

    I do not run Deluge, or Titans, or Atlantis even as the weekly raids. I've already got what I need, and the bosses drop garbage. There is a firmly drawn line in the sand between content that people will continue running forever, and content that people will abandon the second they stop needing the Marks.

    Marks have a finite amount of usefulness. Once you've exhausted the need, the only reason to return is for drops. When they make a full Episode with no rare drops, it launches with an expiration date on day one. If you believe that Ultrabucks was the reason why CR268s were still running Earth 3, you're just fooling yourself.
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  5. Ekart Committed Player

    Tell me one good reason to run old content? Even if they remove CR relevancy, I won't run them. Why? Because the latest DLC gives me enough marks to have my ameneties up and make a supply of catalyst caches that will last me for some quite time. Episode feats also done. And why whould I constatly run stuff, that i needed to grind for months.

    No matter what everyone suggest, removing CR relevancy or adding rare drops at raid endboss, it won't matter. People will get tired of it, and queue times will stay the same.
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  6. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    I know you have said it before but just wanted to chime in and say YES!! THISS!! x 1000 lol

    Giving MoV/Source Marks in something like (random example) Vengeance is not going to suddenly have everyone queuing up for it.. If they even bother to do it, they are going to rush through it with other end gamers or with a league AND the game will invariably add ways to use these "extra" marks that will cause people to HAVE to do this stuff
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