Old Content --- Clamp Stats?

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  1. Cerulean Talon New Player

    I was just curious. Was there ever any discussion about clamping stats when running old content?

    As a returning player, it's kind of boring to go through Tiers 5 through 8 and have 300+ CR players come in and one-shot everything. It's literally me just running through the instance and not really getting to enjoy the Raid's mechanics. I actually went into FoS 1 with my cousin and was excited to show him the fun of using a Pull to throw crabs off the platform, but the DPS just burned everything instantly.

    As it stands, I feel like the way things are set-up... it feels like players are going to Power Level to 322, only enjoy Tier 10 as a challenge, and then re-run old content for Feats and just breeze through everything.

    I'm sure there's reasoning... but my SUGGESTION is this:
    Create an option to clamp your stats down to the highest relevant CR for the instance and get CR-relevant rewards for it. I think that would encourage players to re-run older content for Source Marks and allow us to play the instances the way they were designed.

    Groups can still have the option of foregoing this and coming in over-powered and re-running it for Feats.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    Optional clamping, fine, however I think you'll find without rewards people simply won't utilize it.

    Mandatory clamping, **** no.

    The issue here is that this game revolves around ongoing demonstrable progress in becoming more powerful. An example of this even is the feat system where feats are intentionally designed to either be challenging at level or made demonstrably easier if you come back later.

    If you stat clamp, then you break down that system and it no longer works as intended.

    It is unfortunate that you feel other people are ruining your experience but the whole point of this game is to develop an ever growing strength as your character progresses.

    You have to also remember that when you're blind queuing you are going to have a random experience, perhaps a very strong person will appear, perhaps they won't and that differs every time.

    If you're wanting a more controlled experience then the tools are already available to you in the form of LFG.

    LFG is a global chat channel that unfortunately is off but default, if you don't see it already then you should go into your chat settings and make sure the box is enabled to see it.

    LFG should then be used to form your own group manually if you want to control the level of the other players you wish to play with rather than just randomly blind queuing.
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  3. Sam Hatch New Player

    Heh... I wonder how many players would be able to complete older content if there was a stat clamp involved?
    Running seasonals with newbie players that have no idea of what they are doing can sometimes be annoying, I can just imagine the insanity of being in prime battleground with 7 random players, under a forced clamp.
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  4. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    There have been plenty of discussions, and the majority (of the few people who use the forums) have been against mandatory stat clamping. Proxystar said it perfectly fine why we don't want it, and the truth is not many would do it to themselves because it makes no sense to give up the power we've earned playing to progress. Even if the clamp gives us a little wiggle room to be stronger, it feels like we've wasted our time and money in getting stronger only to be held back.

    Also, a lot of us have run that older content to death when it was relevant. We already went through the at level struggle, and really have no desire to struggle again, even if the struggle is minor for the more experienced players. There are a few players here and there that swear by stat clamping, but they aren't a large enough group to make that kind of thing a success. And even at level rewards won't be enough for some players who would rather get something more suitable for their current high CR. And that's not how the Designers of this game want it to be.

    What's funny is that you're mad at these high CR players for destroying everything and therefore robbing you of the experience of the content. Meanwhile other people are annoyed at the fact that nobody seems to want to run older content. These are some weird times.

    Suffice it to say, I would not run older content clamped. I payed my dues, and spent way too much money to get stronger only to be less stronger than I should be. It just doesn't make sense to me. I am sorry your experience is being ruined tho, so I highly recommend you do as Proxy said, enable LFG and put groups together so you can control your experience better. Random queuing will give you what it gives you.
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  5. Shalayah Committed Player

    Clamping stats would do more harm than good.

    The only plus clamping stats has is that it gives a better experience for players that are leveling up and don’t want to be carried.

    The cons however are that it’ll just drive the end game playerbase even further away from running old content because nobody wants to spend all of their time progressing their characters for no reason. Then players leveling up are gonna quit because they are gonna have an even harder time getting into content since it’s already difficult to get into older stuff to begin with. The clamping of content helps nobody just so the few players can get their fix of a better experience.

    I’m not against it as long as it’s an optional feature but mandatory clamping is a hard pass.
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  6. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    You can clamp yourself simply by taking off gear or equipping old gear.
  7. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    Stat clamping is very unlikely. However recently Panderus (one of the devs) made an interesting post essentially lamenting the issue of old feats in old content and the restrictions it places both on players and on the development team themselves.

    I’m not going over speculate at this point, however to my knowledge this is the first time I’ve seen a dev come even close to considering obtaining old feats an issue, and perhaps (depending on your interpretation) the first time there has been a small hint at dissatisfaction with the feat system.

    As for majorities and minorities I do think the majority do not want stat clamping. However I would say it’s not nearly as much as people like to make out. A vocal minority are against it and always post against it. Always the same people like their posts and are also against it. However considering the amount of people who post on the forums regularly (everyday/once a week) nowhere close to a majority of those players get involved in the discussion or have even offered an opinion. It’s about 15 forumites who always post in stat clamp threads with 10 or more against and 5 or so for. Considering how many actually post on the forums it’s significant, but not as overwhelming as those against would like to believe. I’ve often wondered if those who post regularly but never post on stat clamp threads just don’t care either way or whatever. However I’m not delusional and being anti clamping is certainly the ‘go to’ position. But yea you will have some vehement disagreements with people who will act like they hate you just for posting this idea. Save yourself the hassle and bow out now and hope no one remembers your name the next time you post, people on here are petty and will hold it against you the next time you post.