Okay, Time to fix PvP.

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  1. PlsStfuTy New Player

    So as a 2011 player, I and many more have had many experiences in the PvP part of DCUO. I have personally PvP'd from 2012 till 2015, when I got back to the game in late 2017, I saw the current state of PvP and just gave up on it, Devs really need to realise that a lot of their community was people who liked pvp'ing before adding all of this useless money grabbing stuff like Time Capsules.

    For example, back to 2012 through to 2014, PvP was fun, competitive, friendly and actually required skill, which is why I loved this game. I had never found any combat system so fun and challenging. But after 2014 you started introducing new stuff to pvp, and it wasn't great, let's say, weapon mastery, was fun but if you specced full prec and came out into open world with 1 handed 4 tap hold and hold range into pulse beam, you would just kill your opponent just like that, and the fact you could cast the combo of the 4 tap away from your opponent and then turn to use your weapon mastery on them, it would stun them and near enough kill them within the 2-3 seconds it lasted. I disagree with weapon mastery for the simple reason being, I'm an old school pvp'er and want back them 2012-2013 days of actual counters and skill, however, now in 2018, carried on from 2017, all you need to do is run in and spam your powers and its a win, that is not "pvp". that is disgusting.

    So please, devs, listen to the community and sort your pvp out, we need a new season, heck, a whole new pvp system, balance powers and weapons, make it more fun to queue into an arena, bring back the skill you used to need to even think about entering an arena. And no, I do not mean when a level 10 could come in and kill you with a few counters, make arenas like Legends. not many people agree with this but I mean balance the health to the average damage out over say, 20-30 seconds in an arena, nobody wants to queue in and find an atomic tank and a rage dps to kill you within 5 seconds, even a good healer and troll combo could not beat an average atomic tank and good rage dps. It annoys me and pretty much 100% of the PvP community, and you will lose a lot of players and already have done due to the lack of work put into pvp. Surely you cant expect to build a feature into a game and leave it unattended just because the majority of players play PvE.

    A little suggestion from me and a lot of the PvP community is to nerf powers all together, the ones specified here: Mental, Rage, Earth, Quantum, Atomic, Hard Light more than ones like Water, Fire, Ice, Sorcery. Buff weapon attacks a tiny smidge, and increase health on the gears a little bit.

    What I do like about current state PvP is there is no 1 shots and people cant fly over you in open world and snipe you in PvE gear. That was a good change, but my overall point is to put some time into fixing pvp and making it more fun, challenging and encourage people to actually use skill instead of spam 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6, instead of investing time in to pay to win time capsule FEATS! in no way shape or form do I nor a majority of the community, agree with having to spend 100m+ to get a 50 point feat. or even having to spend 100s of real life currency to get the 1 rare item, stop wasting your time on that remove any feats you're planning to put into new time capsules and broken content, focus more time into PvP, and maybe you'll gain back a lot of your player community. When will you realise this?
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  2. danzig999 Active Player

    its time to face facts that developers either a) dont care about pvp b) really have no idea how to fix it.
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  3. PlsStfuTy New Player

    I know, which is beyond stupid because you simply can't upload a feature into the game and completely ignore it.
  4. IamINC Dedicated Player

    NEVER gonna happen , bout time everyone just accepts it.
  5. xJenovax Well-Known Player

    I used to love to PvP in NoMan'sLand and even prob a year or so after NoMan'sLand even with the glass cannon sorcs in PvE gear and certain hero leagues that needed Snowman tank jus to stay in the fight with my team. It was fun even going to SuicideSlums and finding top leagues and jus going at it all day. My guys and I would literally knock out all raids at reset than the rest of the week jus PvP. It's all we wanted to do.
  6. gemii Dedicated Player

    weapons only arena for the skilled looking for a challenge and legit pvp play

    Regular arena for the power spammers (what we have now)
  7. Saami Loyal Player

    I guess you are right. Im still missing good days of pvp tho.
  8. CelestialDutchess New Player

    I choose to not give up. I haven't been playing since the game launched but the way ppl talk about pvp is amazing, if the devs choose to ignore these messages then we will make it to where they can't ignore them. But if the devs don't know how to fix pvp, they can't just leave it in its current state. It isn't fair to the ppl who spent hours in this game and the people who tried so hard to be good at it. They might have to Revamp the pvp system like they did to pve. i would rather have a revamp pvp than a broken pvp.
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  9. Soul Dedicated Player

    Life isn't fair.

    Truth of the matter is, PvP had been on a steady decline since 2012, and was completely buried in terms of activity around 2015 (arguably 2014 on PC).
    We've seen a sudden spike of short lived traffic around server merge, which lasted barely a few months before things settled at their current state.

    PvP was left out for the majority of this game's existence, it was never part of the main agenda, and it likely never will be.

    We've been through atleast 3 "PvP Revamp" attempts since 2011, and countless band-aid patches - with every step forward they take, they take two backwards, simply because they refuse to learn the game they are trying to "fix".

    I'm not even interested in another attempt at "fixing" this game if they don't intend to include community members in the process, and taking an ACTIVE part in the process themselves. (I.E dedicated Dev to join tier by tier of PvP instances, from entry to end game - 1v1 to 8v8 - Powerset to Powerset and Weapon to Weapon)

    I think we've all had enough of them attempting to "Fix" something they don't, nor care to understand. The last Developer who actually had somewhat of a clue was fired years ago..

    So, to reiterate: Life isn't fair.
  10. Tekwash Level 30

    ill come back to play more if they fix pvp and add new content

    let my sub run out after e3 got boring....probably wont be back till another 5-10 episodes have dropped.
    raids and alerts are fun, but I like competition pvp brings to the table, once u get to end game which doesn't take long...its just grind grind grind snooze

    playing legacy of discord on my phone now (pvp based game)

    like 5-6 thousand dollars dropped so far devs lolol

    miniscule to the 2k I spent on dcuo over the years
  11. IamShifty Active Player

  12. Frankzilla Committed Player

    the problem with that the community it pulled in multiple directions. You have ppl who have been around long enough to understand something is wrong. Then you have the ppl who agree with anything thrown their way because they dont know better. After that it the ppl whom may not have the dexterity others have that need a crutch. Finally you have the exploiters the ones who seek and abuse the most broken things in the game in a means to feel superior to others. All n all hard to fix something that depends on legit feedback with everyone having their own agenda.
  13. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    One of the question that needs to be asked on if/when pvp will be fixed is.....

    How much are you willing to pay ? Then we go to..

    1. How much for the resets do you have a number of pvp things you can run a day or week for free ?

    2. Are pvp consumables/trinkets added to the marketplace or do they drop in time capsules ?

    3. What about gear is a new mark made for each set so people have to run just one set of pvp to get marks ?

    4. Are new maps sold by themselves or added to dlc ?

    Look if you want pvp back it won't be free so people need to except that it's the way it is now or you'll have to pay for it.
  14. Tekwash Level 30

    I wouldn't mind competitive ranking board, with actual arena prizes to top players/teams...could be a weekly thing...earn ranking points per match, most kills, best K/D ratio etc.
    money isn't the issue, many people will spend endless dollars to be the best of the best.
    a well tuned pvp focus can bring in the bread and butter they seek...more so than Korean rpg style grinding of pve quests which get boring fast to consumers who aren't into it. although I think the endgame is just take the money and run.

    gear needs to be updated to current pve meta, at least to par....needs to be worth equipping
    I really don't even see the need to have pve/pvp gear its a waste of inventory space...eliminate toughness and go straight defense across the board

    legends balancing needs to be addressed / speed hacks need to be patched/ more modes....still no pvp capture the flag?? ...survival mode was great... you have mobile games with 50 vs 50 matches killing it in profits... its hilarious.

    most people just do it for feats at this point, just throwing a whole slew of new feats would temporarily breathe some life into pvp...

    seems creativity and direction is what's lacking. an mmo cant sustain on pve alone in 2018. there are just so many other options with much more to offer. and dcuo isn't even that expensive...unless you go stabilizer savage...having pretty avatars only keeps interest for so long....sure didn't get PShome very far
  15. DemiGodRick Active Player

    the devs cares less for pvp. from a business point i understand, but pve always was and still is more played than pvp so money wouldn't be an issue. pvp brings in absolutely zero dollars unlike its counter part. if they could monetize to a extent im sure pvp would revive, but for pvp to return to greatness all these additional crap mechanics have to go. bring back rps roles trinket was fun for most.
  16. TinoDadzz Active Player

    PvP is dead and will forever be dead it doesn't make any money for DC. So give it up PVE makes more money.
  17. BestPlayerAfrica Well-Known Player

    funny and sad