Okay HOW did I just "earn" that?

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  1. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Ummmmm going to use very generic terms here to describe what happened to my Atomic DPS earlier today. You will see why soon enough LOL

    So I was in a "certain" zone running a daily mission. Now the spawn point for the Bounty was nearby .. I was way out of range but if I poked my head up I could see the group battling him.

    So anyway I am moving about defeating mobs and clicking my objectives when P O O F all of a sudden I am awarded a feat for defeating the Bounty.

    Let me make certain there is no gray area here.... I was not part of some team and several members decided to join the attack on the bounty and because I was close enough to that battle I got the feat because they helped defeat it.

    I was as I mentioned in the area but not real close and NO there was no chance a single shot I fired some how hit the bounty and I did a tiny bit of damage and THAT was enough to get credit.

    I was just in the right zone and I guess close enough that when that bounty dropped for some unknown reason the game decided I deserved a feat.. for I don't know WATCHING INTENTLY? lol

    Now I am always happy to take a present for just about anyone so this is why no actual mention has been made of which Bounty or even which zone I refer to. I will take the "TREAT" I suppose I should file a report to try and get it fixed but then I'd probably have the feat taken away and hey .. I didn't earn it just like anyone else that had it happen LOL Also if word got out I got it fixed A pile of players would have me on ignore in a minute.

    So this is me being slightly responsible and letting the Devs know.. Hey you have a problem some where in game and a bounty just giving out prizes to anyone near by. No hard work necessary just show up and grab the goodies. LOL I am guessing this doesn't even happen all the time or by now they'd have discovered and fixed it. :D
  2. IonHero Well-Known Player

    Is it possible an add from this Bounty spawned near you? that may have caused you to be in-combat from the Bounty.
  3. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Not that I know of... I was on a roof top and fighting the guys I need to defeat to click the mission objective. LOL plus honestly IF an Add from that Bounty was any where near me DAMN he was lost I was "technically" in the area but no where near the actual s[awn point

    Now as I mentioned I have has a kind of similar thing happen. I was on a 216/rift team with an ALT in Metal Gotham a while back. Two of the guys on THAT team decided to help battle the Metal Titan and when that Titan was defeated I got credit. I wasn't involved in the fight at all myself. heck I was on a roof closing a rift when I got a message on screen to report back to Robin.

    But at least that time I was on a team that had some one actively battling the bounty.. This was just sort of weird LOL I suppose a random shot I Fired after the mob I was battling could have MAYBE struck an ADD that was lost? But if it did I didn't even see the thing. It's just a mystery and may never be explained :D
  4. Brit Loyal Player

    You get credit if you are on the bosses aggro list.

    That can be accomplished by dealing damage to him, engaging one of his adds, getting hit by the bounty or anything the bounty summons (even if you don't fight back), doing something which benefited someone else who was on the aggro list (such as casting an Ally Heal like Cross Pollination, which can technically heal people who are not in your group, along with pets and friendly NPCs), or simply being within the boss's aggro range.

    Some of those bosses have some ridiculous aggro radius. Others seem to allow you to run by them within a couple of feet of them and do not aggro unless you actually attack. There doesn't seem to be a common theme when it comes to aggro radius; I suppose it just has to do with how grumpy that particular enemy is.
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  5. EP Ice Loyal Player

    In Thanagar, if you stand on one of the buildings and just watch the battle you will get credit. I remember standing on a building right before the Omni battle started and I left to go do something in my house and when I came back the feat had popped for (the whatever number it is) beating him. I thought it was weird and did the same thing for the Nth Metal bounty and it gave me credit for just standing there.
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  6. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Like EP said, the first time I got credit for Onimar Synn bounty, I wasn't really anywhere near him (closing boomtube on the roof.
    SOme group was fighting him and I got credit too.
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  7. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Well I am perfectly willing to take the "reward" for my Heroic actions.... hey I did accomplish the daily mission I was actually doing so I was not just standing around doing nothing...

    So maybe while I was moving from one spot to another I took a solo hit from the bounty and THAT qualified me? Or something like that cause I know I never fired off a shot that came any where near it.

    What I love is that is a huge change to things.. I can remember roaming around the Wastelands and not just shooting AT but actually helping defeat one of the daily mission bosses but not getting any credit. The reason back then? As I recall it was because some other player attacked him first... Oh I did plenty of damage but only the guy that started the encounter got credit for the defeat.

    LOL so we went from THAT to a policy where if I stand close enough and cheer on the guys actually fighting I get credit too. :D
  8. RoBotkin Well-Known Player

    I don't really understand... are you complaining?
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  9. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    Its such a long drawn out post. The OP can do whatever he wants, its just his posts are so long and drawn out and takes forever to get to the point, and he also posts like 3-4 posts per day. Im not judging, just confused as well.
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  10. Walvine Well-Known Player

    You can only get feat from 2 conditions obvious one is if you are in combat , Just using a group buff from you or from group member or even battle pet buff is even an enough to trigger that , The othere way is to go into boss blindly let the boss KO you then do not respawn of revive until after boss defeated.
  11. Trexlight Loyal Player

    If you arent going to share the information publicly, which I get cause you know, bug or exploit or whatever, then why make the post? You shouldnt have made this one. Just make a bug report, be detailed on the issue and leave our a lot of fluff.
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  12. Swamarian Committed Player

    Two of my characters got speed feats for missions that they were too low level to queue for at the time, back when Home Turf was new.
  13. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Some AoE heals that don't target specific players have quite the range. Easily possible of you getting healed by some bounty-runnin' healer that technically put you on the bounty's hate table....
  14. Brit Loyal Player

    Yeah. Synn had a ridiculous aggro radius. I remember standing underneath the bridge where the questgiver was and his cultist adds would wander clear over there to attack me. I swear he must have had aggro on a third of the map.

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