ok i think im done with dcuo

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    Random numbers are random.
    This is content-free aside from being pure abuse.
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    Even at a 60% breakthrough, I've never seen more than four Seals in a row fail. Just a datapoint.

    At 40%, I usually try 3-4 Seals of Preservation, since I have, like, 200 lying around, and if they don't work by that time, I'll use a Seal of Completion. On 20%, I'll always just go staight to a Seal of Completions.

    20 fails in a row is an impressive display of bad luck in random numbers, assuming the account is accurate, which we have no way of knowing. The following --
    -- isn't exactly useful advice. Yes, most "random numbers" aren't 100% random, but they're typically close enough to be indistinguishable. "Test the system" isn't exactly helpful nor is it evidence of anything.

    We can all bring our own anecdotes to the table, but the plural of anecdote isn't "data."

    But if we're supposed to go by anecdote, mine is positive and just as relevant as that of the OP. The difference is that I don't conclude that my good luck proves anything in particular other than that it's possible to have generally good luck over the course of nearly a decade on one particular system.
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    not the biggest fan of artifacts. always felt these additional stats and abilities should be things we unlock with skill points. would have given that extra little incentive for players to go back through old content to complete feats.

    i've been stockpiling my nth meta this go around. as i'm watching the inventory fill up on my main and two most played alts i'm coming to the realization just how much money i'm going to have to spend on seals of preservation and/or completion when we get to our bonus xp weekend...

    i've gotten very lucky with some breakthroughs, some not so much. ive failed 7 and 8 times in a row on low level breakthroughs...getting my solar amplifier to 200 only cost me two tries.

    i do know we dont have it as bad a neverwinter. that is a very expensive game to play if you want to keep yourself at top tier. havent touched it since new years '19.

    would be nice if we could get a break where artifacts are concerned. we already have time capsules. make it so we can earn seals in game or have constantine sell them for marks. atleast put them on the quark vendor.

    the best way for the game to generate money is to keep people playing.
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    This is why I have a Healer and a Tank doing nothing but dailies and at times alerts then log back off...I have absolutely no desire on putting time and money on these arts even though dcuo population is suffering from roles like Trolls, Healers and Tanks... It is what it is.... Not supporting like I used to anymore because of these arts.....FYI: This is just my opinion and statement!!!!