ok i think im done with dcuo

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  1. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    i cant deal with how cash grabing this game has become, if these seals droped in game it wouldnt be an issue

    Im leveling my tanks artifacts, yea artifacts are the culprit here, im doin a lvl 80 breakthrough for the manicles,
    i fail it 3x in a row, ok so now i buy 20 preservation seals, thats about 10 bucks, i use every single 1 of them an it still doesnt breakthrough, im fed up with this, the game use to be fun but now its nothing but pay to win

    i just cant do this anymore, ive been taking breaks but now i think im just done forever, this was the last straw, its been fun untill these artifacts an TC's became a thing but im done, if they actually make the game not pay to win, actually make artifacts not steal all ur money, i may be back but thats if i even feel like giving them a chance

    I also know im only 1 person, but there will be others who leave too, hopefully it will be enough to hurt their sales so they actually care about the community an not just the money they can squeeze out of everyone.

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  2. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    shoulda just bought one Completion.

    I feel your pain, mate, but it is what it always was.
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  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player


    You can’t blame the game for your bad luck. Other players are able to get all the way up to 160 without failing a breakthrough. That’s just how luck works. And no one is forcing you to spend money. At 80 it’s easy enough to get enough marks for Constantine. After that you can just use your loyalty points to get stuff from the police station. And on top of that you get the free unstable seal of completion event pretty often. So no. You don’t HAVE to spend money on artifacts. If you are spending money on artifacts than it’s because YOU want to get them faster
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  4. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    Are you saying you failed 23 times in a row on rank 80? It's not technically impossible, but that's about a 1 in 12 quadrillion chance. You'd have a better chance at winning the lottery (there's at least one with a jackpot chance of 1 in 300 million). If that's really the case (and not an exaggeration), this should be investigated and there should be a failure cap out in place. Send mepps a dm, or open a ticket. For reference, 99% of artifacts would mathematically succeeded at the rank 80 breakthrough by the 3rd attempt.
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  5. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    yes this just happened, its annoyed me beyond belief
  6. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Exactly, there is enough to blame this infamous practice of artifacts, which is more expensive than buying game buy 60€, if you do not pay, everything you managed to get breaks in 1 second what you took X time to farmer, to believe that we play a survival game, if it is for the purpose of disgusting people of the game, it is well done, for me apart, I also stop DC, you do not even enjoy the game, because it is he who takes advantage of you ...

    and creates such inequality as DC does, it really makes you want to vomit, not to mention the shameful trade !!

    The artifact system could be much more pleasant than that, but the devs prefer greed to gameplay and as a proof when before we had the possibility to get some in certain instance they withdrew this possibility yet good, because it allowed to restart the activity of certain instance to help new players and the old ones could find their account by the same occasion !
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  7. Eve YouTuber

    I'll admit that the artifact system is my least favorite, but I'm pretty comfortable with where my artifacts sits on my main so I don't really care. Is it a reason to leave? no. If you enjoy the other aspects of the game, I wouldn't leave because of one aspect not working as I want it to. I do not get the "I'm leaving DCUO" threads. It won't effect the community wither you come or go unless you had huge impact on the community in one way or another. I tried many times to put DCUO behind me I'll admit for different reasons - because loving the game sometimes wasn't enough. But as my league leader always say, DCUO has that curse, that you just can't leave. You always come back. Something always drags you in. She's right. Maybe not effecting everyone, but if you are really into DCUO, you wouldn't leave for long.

    I think the artifact system could use a revamp, and be less heavy based on luck. We have this with time capsules, I already accepted it, but this is our progress. Maybe make it so we have to grind harder- but don't make it more monetized based. I'm sure coming with new approaches and explain the problem and how it could still benefit both parties. (Devs and Players).

    I hope my point came across. Not trying to degrade or be rude of course :) I hope you change your mind about leaving - and if not,
    good luck with whatever you choose to do!
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  8. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    the issue is tho, the game basically now demands you to have these artifacts leveled, instead of being an enhancement, its a necessity, if you doin only dps arts then who cares, i wouldnt even waste seals on dps arts, but this is a mandatory tank artifact, there in lies the problem an why it has to be leveled up, not bc i want it now but bc i truly need it for the end game raids, i have 395 sp all the 265 gear an as a tank im still taking so much dmg im barely able to be kept alive by healers an its bc of these low artifacts that are not a choice, its mandatory, an when i wasted money with no payoff, that really irks me, i dont buy TC's bc if you dont get what you want you still got something, but this all it did was take 10 bucks from me an i have 0 to show for it. i wont lie, i love this game but i absolutely despise what its become, an i already know, no matter how much i try to actually stay away i know i will come back, but right now im so disgusted with what i just went through i uninstalled the game, so for the time being im definitely on a hiatus from it
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  9. Eve YouTuber

    The best tip I can give you is save your loyalty points and get seal of contemplation. That's the best way of spending your loyalty points. Why spend for a chance when you can get it guaranteed? Mostly when It's a high break through. Yeah I had fails myself in the past. Luckily a lot of the times It broke through right away. It's really lucked based at this point like most of the stuff in games. Yes It's very not alt friendly. No I am not only DPS, I also heal. Mainly heal for my league. Preferably I heal. My heal artifacts are 100+, above 450 sp,
    I'm doing just fine healing the current raids (on normal, I never attempted elite). For alts, I just take it really slow. They should make it easier to work for on alts. We barely even have bonus xp weekends (Or weeks, as they are now).

    So I agree that It needs a overhaul, and again - sorry to see you go, I hope you will change your mind and come back.
    I hope they will do something about it too, it might just take awhile.
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  10. tukuan Devoted Player

    Seals of preservation aren't worth buying, I store em when we get them for free and use them for augments but that's about it. Once on test I wanted to see how many attempts it took to level an artifact to 160 (highest at the time) and I hand 33 consecutive fails. That's 33 seals of pres or one seal of completion.

    On that note I just stick to using my sub stipend to buy seals of completion, and focus on just my main for any artifact past 120 or fully leveled episode augments. That way I feel zero stress about the whole thing.
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  11. dresserball Dedicated Player

    You sure can blame the game for your luck. What creates the luck-- the game.
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  12. BanesRampage Well-Known Player

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    You just worship the devs don’t you trying to justify there actions tell me if they told you to jump off a cliff would you
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  13. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    But blaming bad luck as being part of the games fault is ignorant at best. He might’ve had bad luck on it getting (doubtful) 23x failed in a row at rank 80. But others who are lucky can breakthrough at 160 and get it. It’s luck based. Yes the devs made it have those odds but they aren’t the ones who are forcing failed breakthroughs. It’s the the devs forcing people to spend money for preservations. It’s people who are impatient who are buying these items and than blaming others for it.

    Yea very immature of you... maybe stop blaming others for hour shortcomings. I don’t need to blame the devs every time I fail at something. Oh I lost a raid it must be the devs fault even thou others can beat it. Oh I failed at 80 must be the devs fault even thou other break through just fine. If I spent money on artifacts. It’s the devs fault for forcing me open my wallet andind controlling me to add my card to the game and spend money. The ridiculous...

    The devs didn’t make artifacts mandatory. My alts barely have any artifacts at all and they beat stuff just fine. My alts never got kicked for not having artifacts. Most of their artifacts are only rank 80 or lower since I send all the nth they collect to my main. If someone it telling that you have to have 200 artifacts to join a group than it’s the devs who told you to do it. The player base has gotten so blend for the most part that they tell you something is mandatory when it isn’t.
  14. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Failing a level 80 that many times consecutively, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that not one bit.
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  15. Leeerooy Well-Known Player

    Khan Academy is fun and addicting and requires no cost. I love playing 95%. Do not move on until you 95% and above three times consecutively. Brain Age and a chess tutorial on a kindle can be a blast too. Then there is the match game every mmo has their clients playing 80% of the time. You can buy a toddler match game from Amazon and show your friends how much you love paying, "bad space" :D
  16. nawanda Loyal Player

    Can I... y’know.
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  17. JustPeachesTM New Player

    Everything you're experiencing derives from Black Desert Online. I'm telling you, someone @ Day Break or simply one of the staff we see in the DCUO streams plays BDO and brought the idea over and adapted it to DCUO.

    If any of you have played BDO you know what I am talking about...ofc it is 1MILLION TIMES WORSE in BDO but it's the same enchancement system with the remedy ofc being in the cash shop.
  18. travelingtheory Well-Known Player

    on the flip side im leveling and have not used a single seal and yet to fail. Up to 100+

    But I agree its absurd to force you to pay on top of your membership fees and style caps which are OPTIONAL. Breakthroughs are not. If you have 24 hours a day free i think you can trade your way through source marks to get it but still.
  19. travelingtheory Well-Known Player

    I played sto for a year. Even paying out the *** for ships and Dilitium, that games version of source marks i still played. Until they introduced crafting. Crafting created another huge cash sink that the game is impossible to play without. Ive not played it in many years. DCUO im just playing to kill time at this point, i cant take the endgame i wont get too because of money serioujsly.

    Im disabled, i live at home, i have an aide come feed me. I dont have the money or time for anything else.
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  20. dresserball Dedicated Player

    https://mmos.com/editorials/rng-isn...=They are what we call,t really random at all.

    You might find it enlightening. Rng isn't exactly rng