Obsidian Exposes DCUO

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Bathroom Dad, Jan 21, 2023.

  1. Bathroom Dad Active Player

    Thank you Obsidian for exposing the truth about Skill Points and how they don’t mean anything anymore.

    The dev team has completely gutted the heart of this game.
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  2. Emoney Dedicated Player

    If, it were only about DPS. This video dont mean squat for support. SP still matters for support especially for my fire tank, I'm at 606 and I still dont think its enough.
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  3. Dene Devoted Player

    The focus on pets is a big part pf this too..
  4. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Its not...really a scathing exposure as I think youre trying to make it out to be lol If anything it helps newer players not stress to reach astronomical amounts if SP. Also he does a great job pointing out for the DPS which is certainly the way to go since everyone is more DPS than Support. I remember NoName actually pointing this out on a stream last year. Excited to see his next videos for the Support Roles. Im sure its coming.
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  5. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    The bigger the pool of skill points available, the diminishing returns of gaining them. This is necessary for balance in the game, very few players are in the 700+SP range, and if points had the same incremental value from 700-800 as they did from 50-150, the game would be so ridiculously unbalanced in those 700+ players. This isn't some wildly sensational expose, it's simple mathematics.
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  6. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    I don't think that's a good summary of the video.

    It's better to say, "If you are a completely new player, then the marginal increase to your DPS per rank in a DPS artifact is greater than the marginal increase to your DPS per skill point."

    Basically, if you have 0 arts and 0 SP, then artifacts give a quicker boost to your damage. You can literally use real money to level them tonight, with a substantial and noticeable DPS increase. SP takes a long time and you need hundreds to see their benefit.

    There are a few specific cases where I think encapsulating everything into "SP doesn't matter, it's only artifacts" is entirely wrong. For one, SP is essentially "free", and many of them aren't hard time-gated. Of course, feats take time, but you can approach them at your own pace (100-200 a month as a new player is entirely possible). Nth Metal drops have an internal cooldown, and it takes a lot of XP to get one to 200. Just a quick estimate (out of my ***), a somewhat casual player may be able to level a 0-200 during a double XP week after around ~170 days of playing (not counting detectors, caches, daily rewards). I consider Artifact levels much more "expensive" than SP.

    Also, at the top levels, a few % matters a lot. EoG at 200 literally only gives you some % stats, in comparison to EoG at 160. But I definitely wouldn't consider that difference insignificant overall. Sure, you can have "enough" damage, but without investing into every avenue that you have, you won't be able to approach the maximum possible damage (of course, you probably don't need that max damage, but something to keep in mind).

    Also something to note in the video, SP calculations are given as percentage decrements from the maximum, whereas the artifact calculations are given as percentage increments from rank 0. Which is a biased way of presenting the data, but I probably wouldn't affect the results that much.

    Also, as someone mentioned above, it's different for support roles. Buff trolls and tanks highly appreciate having more SP. And any battle supports absolutely need more SP. You can be just an OK support, or you can be an OP support when you have more SP. It's like DPS - there's nothing wrong with just being OK (usually), but runs will be quicker and smoother when you're OP.

    I will agree that at some point, SP doesn't matter that much. From like 100-280 points in a stat, the increase is pretty small. But 0-100 is pretty noticeable, and the total stats at 340 is a good chunk. When I replayed SP on my tank, I went from 184 points in dominance to 340. My total dominance went up by 10k.

    TL;DR - New players, artifacts are a quick and dirty way of getting more damage, probably enough of it that you'll be relevant (assuming good rotation/mechanics/etc.). SP does matter to get even more damage, and support roles function even better with more SP.
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  7. the solowing Unwavering Player

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  8. Proxystar #Perception

    I don't disagree with this, but there is one small element Chill hasn't mention at all in his video, it isn't just a decrease in might, it's a decrease in power as well.

    So although the damage potential on the surface is insignificant, he probably should have mentioned 'power' at least in passing so as to ensure that context was captured by the viewer.. This perhaps wasn't entirely present because Chill was testing on dummies that automatically restore power, so the potential issue was less observable compared to if he tested on the dummies by the window, which would have made it more automatically apparent.

    You could have anywhere from an approx 19-30% decrease in power stat (just off the top of my head) when lacking SP, which could still affect your experience when running actual content, making you more reliant upon soders or a controller. I think this is something a new player lacking skill points will feel in content in certain scenarios and this may also impact their damage, because a might based DPS without power is really next to no damage at all.

    Whether this puts you at a detrimental disadvantage, probably not entirely, but I think they will feel it.

    That being said, artifacts and allies are clearly more important.
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  9. FlawlessTime Dedicated Player

    So true and when I am trolling more so buff trolling I can notice sometimes the teammates who struggle with power I would switch to power trolling just to help them out.
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  10. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    How could I forgotten that Power Efficiency chest mods exist, or power generator mods, or Cyborg ally passives or energy soders, or even the fact that when the dps would be using EoG it restores 2% power every second. How clumsy of me to completely forget all those different ways players have to supplement their power in case they are having issues :rolleyes:
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  11. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    If you think SP don’t matter at all then you’re just delusional. In the bright side, I did the prince of Uganda is in need of help which you seem like the right person to help.

    Exactly lol. No one is saying that SP are more valuable than arts or allies. Just that they shouldn’t be ignored and are still important.

    Yes cause a dps should be using mods and allies in order to self sustain power because there is nothing else that the player could put there instead to help increase their damage..

    That’s exactly why I said it was misleading chills. Yes it’s true that players shouldn’t be going out of their way to get to 700sp. Even 500sp. But you shouldn’t be making these while claims that SP don’t matter. You know damn well that they are still needed. And while you are not explicitly saying not to get SP you are very well aware of how this community acts and that you only title your videos like that for views lol
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  12. Multiverse Creator League


    It's been like that for a loooong time. Heck I made a post or two wayyyy back when pretty much showing the difference in stats with 0 SP. Pretty sure I made a video or two about that as well. ;)

    The only difference is now we have a video by Chill where he did crunch the numbers. ;)
  13. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    Thank you for taking the time to create this very informative video. I appreciate it. I personally despise Allies with a passion, and I wish they had never been introduced into the game.
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  14. Bathroom Dad Active Player

    Artifacts and Allies have ruined this game and character progression.
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  15. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    I was posting about this over a year a go and everytime i touch this subject i got ban at forum so good luck with it !
    It nice finaly other people notice this too specialy people who have access to large groupe of community using platforms like you-tube becouse on this forum when you point some "system defect" you become outlaw .

    I got one question about SP why % bouns ends on 100 SP when you adding it to specific category ?
    Example: when you adding points to precision you get 1 % boost for each 5 points you add for 5 SP 1 % for 10 SP 2 % when you go up its for 10 SP or 20 SP from 50 to 60 sp is 1 % more then from 60 to 80 is 1 % more and then from 80 to 100 SP you got another 1 % but then it ends after 100 SP you can add 240 more SP but you still have maximum 10 % boost .

    In my opinion thats the problem ! if you think 10 % should be maximum % boost then dont be shocked that people starts wondering why in the world we need 750 + and what comes behind it why i was buying all this stabilizers or trying all this hard elite content for hours (this part i like the most in this game by the way)
    Why dont you add something like "milestones" in artifacts to SP tree that for every "x" amount of SP added you get some real boost.

    I got some ideas for new categories like extra artifacts slot for ading "x" amounts of SP ( so you could chose whats better for you some boost from SP or extra art slot unlock )
    The gool is to create tree where over 1000 SP not allows you to fill whole tree after all we still geting new content with more SP !
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  16. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Only if you can’t handle change.

    They’ve added quite a lot of variation to how you can play.
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  17. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    To those who have only just realised SP does not matter as much now since artifacts, Powers/Weapon/Movement mode unbalance, allies and other factors....
    lol :)
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  18. Bathroom Dad Active Player

    That has nothing to do with my statement. I said progression not play style. All artifacts and Allies have done is made this game pay to compete. They’ve completely neutered getting feats and skill points.

    Good try keeping up with the conversation
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  19. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    Are you delusional? "cause a dps should be using mods and allies in order to self sustain" what do you think most mental and atomic dps or even Light single target dps have been doing recently? You can't even sustain the proper Light ST rotation with 340SP into Might & Power.

    Your entire argument is complete hyperbole. If you want to say that a player shouldn't focus on artifacts over skill points for their growth as a dps then I don't know what to tell you that would be within the guidelines of the forum rules. It is entirely simple enough to have the 100 sp into the tree to gain the 10% and turn focus to artifacts while whatever SP is gained is then naturally added because the returns in sp compared to arts is completely lopsided. The sp after 100 to 200 sp NETS YOU LESS MIGHT THAN THE BASE MIGHT ON A 200 SOLAR AMPLIFER

    I'm being a pragmatist I have NO CLUE what you are being. Every week we see threads here about the world coming to an end because skill points should be easier to get and that pvp feats should be given out for free or the cr skips should include way more sp. Players are constantly saying oh you out dpsed me because you have 700sp and I have 150 etc. I would rather these players focus on what is actually important for dps rather than what is not. Support roles are a huge minority in the game and only 1 of each is required out of a 8man raid. This game is overwelmingly DPS driven
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  20. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Compete with who? And for what?

    Outside of PvP, there isn't anything inherently competitive about the game. That's something manufactured by the players themselves, and it's not something required to play and enjoy the game.
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