Nubia shouldn't be in that Council of Wonder Women. Here's who I would cast instead.

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  1. Catastrophic Repercussion Committed Player

    So DC finally revealed the full roster of Wonderverse's Council of Wonder Women and one of these people is not like the others!
    (No, I'm not referring to Prime Wonder Woman, who is somehow here even though the other two councils featured Future Batsy and Lex on the roster instead...)

    Nubia, first appearing Wonder Woman #204 in 1973, introduced as Diana's long lost twin sister and challenger to the WW title, though these aspects have been stripped from her in subsequent versions.
    Here's the issue: The rest of the line-up is comprised of Diana as WW but Nubia is a separate character all to her own. The implication that she is just another Diana screams all sorts of yikes.

    Here are the other Wonder Women I would choose to fill the slots instead:
    (Forgive the 90's art, but her as WW appearance in Multiversity's the Just/Earth-16 never shows her properly)
    Donna Wonder!
    (The name is from an amalgamation universe but get the name? Wonder and Summer?)
    (The 2nd picture isn't her costume but it look more spectacular imo)
    Cassie Sandsmark from Titans Tomorrow!
    and where is JLA WW Hippolyta?

    Let me be clear, I think Nubia should be leading the Council with these four Wonder Women as members, NOT replacing her with one of these mantle-holders.
    There is no need to have a full team of Dianas when there are so many other options to go for!
    (But also Prime version of the character shouldn't be included but she can be an additional ally?)

    I also think that this can distance it more as a copy of the other two teams but ...oh well.
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  2. majosea Dedicated Player

    I would ask for this [IMG] instead . or maybe do a version of gods and monsters , but I quit asking devs a long ago
    why ? people request things and styles and content , they had years to fill request never did . I know some people say bekka wonder woman is not real because its in not the comics , Wrong there you go , the movie was after the comic [IMG]
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  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    You do realize that this Nubia we're getting is the current Wonder Woman of Earth 23? This isn't a council of Dianas it's a council of Wonder Women.
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  4. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Wish we could get that style. :)
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  5. Psyfur Well-Known Player

    Thank you!!! Because the op was making no sense.
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  6. Controller Loyal Player

    I'm personally surprised that Red Son Wonder Woman made it - especially in lieu of Real World issues going on...

    Anyways I believe the Council was chosen appropriately. I like the current setup.

    Looking forward to the's hoping that Darkseid (and Grail) are as tough in the NORMAL version as DWF was years ago.

    Anything less would be shortchanging the characters IMO.
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  7. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I think it's really the title of the thread that's misleading. Their issue is that the council is 4 Diannas and Nubia, the "fix" they are proposing is that the council should be 5 different people that have had the Wonder Woman title. It took me a bit to see that.

    This is the paragraph to focus on
    I do think it's strange that they think our main WW shouldn't be on the council though.

    Also, to the op (and to everyone really), we don't have any concrete evidence that Nubia is "leading" the council. We don't even know that one person on the council "leads" the council. This is just a picture showcasing them. Our WW and red son WW are very similar, and we have seen bombshell WW before. So it would only make sense that either flashpoint WW or Nubia is front and center, since they are the new models that are being shown off. From an artistic standpoint, placing Nubia in the center gives a balanced picture.

    There are lots of great WW designs to choose from. I personally like to one that a league mate pointed out from JLA 90. Though she probably wouldn't for well into the story. [IMG]
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  8. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    I believe the op is saying exactly this. There are OTHER wonder women in existence so why not have the council of wonder women be Nubia, Hippolyta, Artemis, Cassy Sandsmark, and Donna Troy. As it stands the current team are Bombshell Diana Wonder Woman, Red son Diana Wonder Woman, Flashpoint Diana Wonder Woman, Our Diana Wonder Woman, and Earth 23 Nubia Wonder Woman. All of them are Diana reskins from different realities except for Nubia.
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  9. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    The devs themselves announced Nubia is leading the council of Wonder Women in the tweet debuting her. Personally I just hope they do great work with her.
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  10. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

  11. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The devs probably chose these Wonder Women specifically because they are going to be connected to future episodes.
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  12. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    Yeah I figured that as well. plus from a tactical standpoint Diana is probably intended to be the brute force behind the siege against grail and Darkseid while Nubia is the tactical general since she will have strategies Diana never took into consideration so Grail and Darksied will be caught off guard. I was just stating what I believe is the point of the op.
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  13. Heywiar Committed Player

    TBH I'm just happy we're finally getting another black character.
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  14. Magician Dedicated Player

    Let's be honest here. We all know why Nubia is in this episode in regards to the Woke movement.
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  15. Controller Loyal Player


    I'll be breaking out my "popcorn eating gif" next.
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  16. Controller Loyal Player

    Magician's Post - while a bit "blunt" - bears serious discussion, though...

    As for ME - I agree with Nubia's inclusion and believe that it will fit seamlessly into the story.

    As a Black Man I do love her inclusion in regards to diversity.

    But for OTHERS like Magician? Who believe that this is a "woke" move - let's talk about it...

    For MAGICIAN - If not Nubia - then who should take her place?

    Why Red Son Wonder Woman? While I LOVE the "Red Son" Superheroes "Politically" I am a bit surprised that SHE made the cut - in lieu of Real World issues....

    For MAGICIAN - Do you agree with the African American / Black - representation in NOT ONLY DCUO but on the Big Screen AND in the Comics? I believe Marvel has DC beat in that regard (Falcon, War Machine, Black Panther and a couple of others), but what about DC?

    While I "DO" love Cyborg - when will we get a WHOLE Black Superhero on the Big Screen? Like John Stewart? Or even Sojourner Mulein


    I'd PERSONALLY love a "Superman versus Icon" DLC....these two titans have rumbled before in the Comics...waayy back in the 90s


    DCUO could simply mold such a DLC in the pattern of the current Clock Tower raid - the first boss - where we'd have to KEEP THEM APART or they'd wipe out the raid party.

    In the above Comic these two wiped out several city blocks in their confrontation - with a draw being the result. We could have them fight outside in Metropolis.

    Now with THAT being said DCUO would HAVE to get DC / Warner Brothers to sign off on it - as usual. And they currently seem to have BURIED Augustus Freeman IV (and OTHER Black Superheroes) with the exception of Sojourner Mulein (See above comic).......

    Do I believe "SOME" of the 'WOKE" stuff out here is a bit too much? Sure.

    But WHEN will we have a TOTALLY INCLUSIVE society, then? Especially when we already HAVE original and interesting characters like Icon, Rocket, Hardware and a few others?
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  17. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    when i was a little kid i asked my parents for mego dolls. totally obsessed with them. even now so many years later when i work on my characters looks I try to make them "feel" like megos.

    unfortunately my mother couldn't distinguish the 8" tall "Worlds Greatest Hero" line with the 12" Wonder Woman series so for that Christmas I got a 12" Wonder Woman, Nubia...and a Cher doll. i was industrious though. I decapitated cher, spiked her hair and turned her into one of those flying head vampires in japanese folk lore. renamed "hydea". can't remember what i did with WW and nubs but i sure wish I had them now...($$$).

    Years later when i told my parents I was gay they had that whole initial knee jerk "how could this happen?" response. I told them it was cuz they got me a cher doll instead of the ****ing teen titans like I wanted. fun times.

    Nubia is one of those characters that DC breaks out when they need black representation even though shes dreadfully underutilized in the comics. She was the Bumblebee of the 70's. Don't care if its woke ispired or not. Just glad theyve added a new character to the mix...especially since Im predicting Donna Troy and Cassie won't be seen much.
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  18. Mermaid Dedicated Player

    The idea of Wonderverse is meant to celebrate Wonder Woman by unifying her with other Women of Wonder within her caliber against a common multiverse-level threat. It would simply be a Wonder Family affair with those said Amazons you mentioned. The whole point of this episode is that the crisis is so grand that it is affecting other Wonder Women's Earths that they band together to the source of where it all happened which is our Earth.

    Artemis/Donna/Cassie are all exceptional warriors but they only earned the mantle of Wonder Woman after Diana either died or is unable to fulfill the role. That said, I get where you're coming from and I wish to see Diana teaming up more with her Amazonian sisters here in-game and in the comics like how Batfam's always teaming up! Nubia being the sole non-Diana character of the council should not come as a surprise since she is the equivalent to Diana in Earth-23. As for Wonder Woman Hippolyta, wasn't our time with her in Age of Justice set in the past? Probably why she's not involved.

    I'm actually happy with the roster as I feared that we would get something generic much like the Council of Lex and Bat. My only wish is that they added one more Wonder Woman besides our own. I suggested Stan Lee's Wonder Woman (Maria Mendoza) in another thread which would have been a nice addition since she's pretty unique (she's Peruvian and her hails from Incan Mythology) and she's not a Diana but alas probably not enough space with an episode already packed with solid characters.
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  19. Controller Loyal Player

    Milestone Comics had several Lesbian / Gay characters...


    The heroine standing on Icon's left is Donner, and the one on the end in the blue is Blitzen.

    Donner has Wonder Woman level strength and Blitzen is the Shadow Cabinet's speedster.
  20. Mermaid Dedicated Player

    Mags, with all due respect, this is just presumptions. The concept and work of Wonderverse began months ago and we all know developing character models require significant time.
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