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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by iEddyGaming, Nov 6, 2022.

  1. iEddyGaming Active Player

    Hello! ;)

    Problem: In Neron's Underground Elite, the feat "Separation Anxiety" is easy yet very much annoying because of one simple mechanic. When the fight starts, Selfishness and Hatred are already too close to each other. So, as soon as the tank hits one of the bosses, the shield is triggered. Resulting in loss of feat.

    People who have gotten the feat so far, only got it because they have been separating the boss (takes up to 5 minutes) by using beach balls or gorilla's barrels. Pushing Hatred and Selfishness apart. This cannot be intended. And this is definitely something to be looked at and fixed.

    Simple fix: Put in a grace period of at least 10-15 seconds, on shield trigger, at the beginning of the fight, So, bosses doesn't shield each other as soon as the fight starts and can be pulled/separated by the tanks.

    Thank you. :)
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  2. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    Couldn't a tank just use hard light to bait Hatred into a lunge? He tends to rush at the very beginning of the fight. Then the other tank would hard taunt Selfishness.

    I know some people have gotten it without going to such lengths at least, but I agree that they should make it a little more practical.
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  3. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    10-15 seconds is far too long, maybe 1-1.5 seconds?

    Maybe also move Hatred and Selfishness further away from each other at the start of the fight.
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  4. iEddyGaming Active Player

    Let's meet in the middle, how about 5-10 seconds? :D
    I know the fight usually starts with Hatred lunging to the tank, so yup that should give us enough time to start the fight without triggering the shield.

    My league spent an hour, last night, trying to get the feat. The fight always started with Hatred lunging to one of the tanks. While the other tank hard taunted Selfishness. But every single time Selfishness got the shield as soon as the fight started. So, we had to separate them with the beach balls for the feat. Really need it to be more practical.
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  5. Tachyon New Player

    I completely agree .. a grace period of up to 5 sec is needed for the feat. I also agree that maybe separating them at the start of the fight would be an easier fix .
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  6. Tachyon New Player

    We almost had it a couple of times ...
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