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  1. ALB Committed Player

    If DCUO is going to release new artifacts every 4-5 months, the nth metal drop rate has to be buffed. The community should be able to level 1 artifact to 200 before DCUO release 3-5 more. Artifacts have the most impact on gameplay. Gear and sp are a distant second and third, and the experience rate is horrible unless money is spent. The 180$ it cost to get 1 artifact to 200 is pure greed.
    This post isn't about what is needed to complete content or how you or someone you know regularly beat players with 200 artifacts with 80-120 artifacts. It's about getting more experience just by playing the game
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  2. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Have a generator page which shows the three artifact sockets. Select one and you get the regular artifact page. You put in your metal and catalysts there.

    Socket 1: 200 - Socket 2: 180 - Socket 3: 138

    Your inventory page looks the same. Put any artifact in...

    Socket 1 - It will be 200
    Socket 2 - It will be 180
    Socket 3 - It will be 138

    At your mainframe you'll then have to pay Source Marks every month to activate them.

    Doing it this way will not only alleviate the aggravation of doing multiple 200 level artifacts, but also opens the door to increasing the max level above 200.
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  3. AV Loyal Player

    But new

    But, generally, only 0-2 are worth even consideration for investment for a given power's roles and you can get a lot of Nth in that period just cache farming. I used to agree with you but the fact we can basically farm caches while doing literally anything else we want (in game or not) and just pop back for 2s every 13min to kill something is pretty convenient.. but I don't think most players know they can do that. I would have kiilllllled to have been able to farm for the most powerful items in other games like that.
  4. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    I'm a little confused because Nth Metal Caches and Nth Metal are two different things.

    If you want just regular Nth Metal drops then they are once every 5 minutes.

    Hit something and get metal -> Wait until your character name has (Away) added to it -> Hit something again
  5. ALB Committed Player

    What if you want to play dps and role? Might AOE to Prec st? Some tanks and heals switch out artifacts to buff dps with SC. In dps, atleast the crit artifact is now meta and we don't know what the artifacts will look like in april. Without money, it's no way a player got 1 artifact to 200 in 5 months. Nth detectors can be bought on the broker, but someone has to buy from the broker to put them there. They don't drop in the game anywhere, and even in broker they are going for 6 mil each. You could use a detector every hour and sell 2 cache and keep 3, but that's not enough to level an artifact before the next batch is released.
  6. AV Loyal Player

    I hear you, but we also have to remember these are this game's equivalent of ultimate/relic/emp/mythic/ultra-super-omega-bigger-longer-and-uncut items, so I get some people may wanna min:max might and prec and all the ones that are swappable mid-combat and at least one role but we have to expect that to be a challenge or they wouldn't be special. I think a very legitimate complaint though is how these aren't account bound... it's a lil ridiculous that we can't share them with alts. It's also a little cheese how infrequently we get 2x Nth exp weekends.
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  7. Brit Dedicated Player

    I would love to see Artifacts made into something account-bound. I'm fine with leveling each of them individually; I just don't want to do them multiple times. If getting an Artifact to 160 or 200 benefitted all characters on the account, instead of just one, then it would seem like it was a more worthwhile investment of time and resources.
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  8. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Actually, Artifacts was supposed to be a fun side-progression (almost the exact words of Mepps himself) and now the whole system (like most systems and implementations over the years in DCUO) has escalated into something else.

    It's not userfriendly unless you're a one-trick pony, and even then it's not all that userfriendly when there's a pattern of "the new OP-hotness"-artifact every 4-6 months designed to be the most useful/beneficial at Rank 160 and up. If they don't intend to "revamp" the entire Artifact-system in some shape or form in the future, then atleast the Nth metal-rewards need to be adjusted to match the ever-increasing grind. There's nothing that should be considered unreasonable with that request, nothing that for reasons shouldn't be happening if the system itself is going to keep on churning the way it has.
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  9. AV Loyal Player

    I don't think it's an unreasonable request but I do think this game already has by far the chillest "ultimate weapon" acquisition system, even if you don't pay, of any mmo.
  10. Zneeak Devoted Player

    It may very well have, to a certain extent, depending on which MMO and to what difference said item(s) do there versus here, but that still doesn't change how the system in this MMO have become less userfriendly than it was first announced to be, with a continous, increasing grind aswell as a very noticable increasing impact on performance.

    Whether other MMO's have worse/grindier systems or not isn't a reason not to make proper changes and adjustments HERE, in a completely different MMO.
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  11. AV Loyal Player

    To clarify, I'm not saying the system in other MMOs is "worse" in general and DCUO's system can definitely be improved (eg. Uber-rare 2x XP weekends making us sit on huge amounts of nth forever). It's also ridiculous they can't be transferred to alts.
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  12. Zneeak Devoted Player

    I know where you were coming from, especially since we have both have played Blade N Soul if i'm not mistaken. I just don't think other MMO's having "worse" or grindier systems should be a reason nor justification not to improve the system in this one. Especially when THIS MMO is so separated in builds across roles, making the grind and eventual cost so much worse and so much less userfriendly on anyone not only wanting to dual-role on one toon, but also like to keep more than one toon active and relevant on that regard.

    I'd say scrap double XP-weekends all together and make the actual Nth rewards across the board match the current grind and we'd have an overall better experience going forward, unless of course they keep the current system churning long enough to warrant yet another revamp.
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  13. AV Loyal Player

    100% agreed. I'd likely spend more (overall) on artifacts if it wasn't for this.

    Agreed. Especially since once you have some artis done it becomes pretty pointless to level outside of Nth weekend. That said, if they made a change like that without giving us another Nth weekend now I'd be upset XD

    Aside from improvements to the delivery system I think the best QoL improvement would be providing an avenue for players to either transfer or clone artifacts to multiple characters on a single account like we can styles and feats. The fact we can't kills all interest I have in leveling alts.
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  14. Trexlight Loyal Player

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  15. gemii Dedicated Player

  16. The Doctor Time Lord Well-Known Player

    Depends on one's definition of "pay to Win" IMO. Leveling any artifact to 120 is a very quick process and is enough to make and keep a player able to clear content efficiently. If one is interested in having fun by clearing content then they do not need to level artifacts to top levels or can take longer to do so.

    If, on the other hand a player is chasing the scoreboard, it is a different matter entirely. That player feels the pressure to always and immediately have top gear, op items and all artifacts maxed out.

    Anyone can play this game and be competitive without paying to win. (again my opinion) The content is geared towards a more casual player for the most part and there is Elite for those looking for more of a challenge. But even in elite 120-140 arts are more than enough if a player isn't concerned about topping the board all the time.
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  17. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    You don't even need to have arts over 120 to be successful in this game though. It's pretty much if you think you need to max everything out that's your decision, the game isn't forcing you to have maxed 200 arts.
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  18. Hyppoli Well-Known Player

    They should drop seals or increase the source marks per content, having to farm source mark to get catalyst to fail the breakthrough several times is irritating, specially if you play several toons the time expent farming is considerable.
  19. ALB Committed Player

    You don't need to even get current dlc gear to be successful in this game. Neither have nothing to do with my post. Who play MMO's just to get by? I never understood this type of logic as an excuse for a game
  20. SlumVillage New Player

    Why would they do that? They are much more interested in people spending their money on XP!

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