NPC Styles you'd like to use for your toon

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Spector Knight, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Spector Knight New Player

    Love to be able to sport a GCPD Uniform, or other police uniforms from the game. What NPC styles (other than the obvious iconic hero/villain NPCs) would you love to have?

  2. GregDawe New Player

    Sinestro's belt looking thing.
    The one with the metal finish and doesn't wrap right around.
    Bring out a version of that, with each corps symbol in it and I'll be impressed.
  3. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    More face and hair styles. Perhaps a few new skins and body types. Such as gorilla and titanic Trenton. An orange aura and a rare custom regular and slim that we can dictate the color of.
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  4. GregDawe New Player

    Ooo oo oo!!! MIST AURAS!!

    and no, the coloured nimbus dont count
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  5. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    Next booster bundle, prepare your credit card. XD
  6. HiggletyPigglety New Player

    Scientists' lab coat.
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  7. Zeo Committed Player

    lab coats :(
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  8. Kuno Loyal Player

    Amazon Fury skins, faces and hairstyles.
    Black Canary jacket with strapless top and chocker.
    Power Girl cape.
    New hairstyles would be awesome in general. We keep demanding them and the devs keep ignoring us. Sad.
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  9. Sarcasm Committed Player

    Supergirl skirt , sinestro chest piece , mr freeze head glass piece , Riddles cane(1h) , MORE HAIR STYLES !
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  10. guardzman New Player

    would like for the trenchcoat to be a back piece so you can use the chest you want
  11. Nightcrawler Legionnaire

    Alan Scott's shirt (puffy sleeves and uncovered hands, collar [make it a separate color choice] and an emblem)-
    Actually, looking at the pic, the cape and belt would be nice as well.

    Arisia's gloves -

    And of course, Donna Troy's bracelets -
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  12. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Yeah, I really expected Department of Corrections to look like the corrections officiers, not like this:
  13. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I would like to see the door to Trigon's Prison as a base item. That thing is awesome.
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  14. Sarcasm Committed Player

    lmaoo , its an upgraded one for Strykers :p
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  15. CHUD Loyal Player

    Wrist bands / arm bracers.
    Also, seeing is how that there is the whole 3 color palette thing, theory it's possible to do camouflage uniforms.
    Hair styles.....I definitely like some of the hair styles from Amazon Fury.
    Female clothing styles that aren't too revealing. I'd like to see in the lines of actual armor that's form fitting.
    Vests,.....sleeveless shirts.....that sort of thing.
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  16. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    I'd like to see Fatality's hairstyle
    (just gonna use this one because i can go on all day about this)
  17. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I guess you'd need something like that to deal with metahuman lockup, except the corrections officer NPCs running around Stryker's are wearing normal corrections officer uniforms.
  18. TheAllmightyLegate New Player

    I want something from the Keeper of the Dead from Ruined Cathedral, he looks so villanous :eek: