NOW thats a good revamp of ice devs

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by hoaxone, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. hoaxone Committed Player

    Like the %50 boost to ice armor and frostbites increased damage.the resto for shields is late bout sweet idea bout the resonating gale DoT tho...either way u mightve earned my $10 to flip back to ice after all this time
  2. Statman New Player

    I'm definitely more satisfied with it!
  3. TrueMarvel New Player

  4. Radium Devoted Player

    Indeed, still a few things to go over I think, but the changes they have made is a great improvment!
  5. NCR RANGER New Player

    I's OP for lair battles though, I don't see how i'm going to get my 5 in a row feat as a controller now.
  6. Zizzi New Player

    Has anyone tested the new damage for Fireburst/Frostblast yet? I am interested to hear how it has changed. Hopefully they buffed the damage a bit more to make those moves more viable.
  7. zzzJackFrostzzz New Player

    what up radium or should i say ultimate flynn?

    agreed ice powers, its PI's, its DoT, look way more to what i wanted from the start, at frist i was like NOOOOOOOOOOO there not doing anything!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sky Claw New Player

    now all we need is a standalone power for encasements. get rid of the %25 super on deepfreeze
  9. recespieces31 New Player

    Shields are now 100% Dom and Resto, it SOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  10. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    I have. Fireburst is still bugged and the regular damage is still showing. The power interaction is buffed though so, instead of getting fixed, it got more overpowered. lol

    Frost Blast now deals 30-34 damage per tick as opposed to 24-29. That's almost equal to 4 Gauss Grenades.
  11. Sore Steadfast Player

    Ice is OP. The devs only play ice so it gets all the love. LOL...JK.
  12. Burt Reynolds New Player

    Waiting to bring my ice tank out of retirement.
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  13. Grimson New Player

    I must say I really like the sounds of Ice atm,might have to give it a try ; O
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  14. zzzJackFrostzzz New Player

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  15. Sky Claw New Player

    Im happy that they took notice and buffed ICE. it really needed it
  16. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    im kind of sad to see the original ice armor go.... too bad they couldnt have some how incorporated it still ...maybe as its own standalone ice power
  17. BigAl Devoted Player

    Are you kidding?!?! The original form would interrupt your combos and would stop you mid-movement when it reverted back. Besides, it was a generic look. Most people wanted to keep their look but have a new FX. This is definitely 100% for the better.
  18. Cold Fuzion New Player

    Really happy with recent improvements - bit overdue :)
  19. Radium Devoted Player

    Heh, if you weren't reporting Swarms bug I'd nail you on that one lol
  20. Ragnarok Well-Known Player

    Calm down there. Lots of issues still abound, particularly for tanks. And they only added three new vfx in the last patch; one of which glitches out and doesn't appear half the time (inescapable storm), the other that doesn't work properly on larger characters.

    Patience is a virtue. But it appears that the devs are paying attention. A step in the right direction, but the journey is far from over. Let's see what next week's producers letter brings.