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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Fact: You can post on forums on a Mac, iPhone etc..
    Fact: Not everyone even has a PC.
  2. Ashuraman Active Player

    Honestly? I LIKED Advanced Mechanics. Granted i never got into the game before those were introduced so i don't know how it was like back then but i like my builds the way they were, WITH the advanced mechanics. Weapons Mastery i could care less, didn't use it one bit but AM i enjoyed whole bunch and it felt like every power had a different way of using AM. Now everything is...homogenized almost
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  3. Tarif Committed Player

    I never cared about advanced mechanics more than I did in getting the CR differential gone. Power back- alot of people liked with AM. I played before without it before it was ever around, and I can get on fine without it, but I never minded it beinf present in the game or not. I cared about the CR differential because there are people that put in alot of work into their characters, some of them years grinding for feats, paying for memberships, purchasing legends and market place items, hell even time capsules and countless replay badges to get feats, styles, ect- to progress in game. Then came the CR differential that made gear matter more than that work, and people who did not do any of that work, were able to play on an even playing field with those players that did. The Stats Matter Revamp was supposed to fix powers that were having some serious issues for years, and MAKE OUR STATS MATTER AGAIN in comparison to the players who just didnt have the same stats in game, and the content we all ran. By doing this to the content, its an insult- and DOES NOT MAKE OUR STATS MATTER ONE BIT. Years of earning where we were at in game, and supporting the game financially because some small percentage thinks this is a good idea? No. Not going. Theres too many of us wanting our content adjusted properly to reflect our stats and work we put into this game. WE WANT OUR STATS TO ACTUALLY MATTER like this update was meant to do.
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  4. Tarif Committed Player

    They need to do it quick. This is not the stats matter revamp any of us wanted. FIX OUR CONTENT AND MAKE OUR STATS MATTER.
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  5. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Sooooo TRUE. Why, I'm not freaking out (well a little, queue times are terrible on EU with open content? NOT GOOD). If people give them feedback on specific instaces / specific mechanics / specific NPCs in that thead Mepps started I'm sure they will bring some of the mechanics (that were always broken, no one noticed cause you could just burn / heal through them glitches) into line with thier new vision for the game

    They caved and did roleless alerts for years and now overnight everyone is gonna play roles?

    I could be wrong, but I would be pleasantly suprised if that ever happens since even a LOT of the people defending the update are the very people that posted all DPS Alerts, Solo Troll, Solo Heal vidoes on youtube BEFORE AM / rolesss Alerts came in. Plus, most people have roleless alerts selected in options, if you queue for role ONLY you will be waiting FOREVER.

    No MOTD in game to let people know they are gonna have a hard time without roles? Seems like a recipe for ticked off people even if update was perfect.
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  6. MrChiCity0884 Well-Known Player

    They up the health on old content....which is the only problem us vets have....old content shldnt be harder then the higher lvl content.. PERIOD
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  7. Whiskey New Player

    Can you please change the skill points menu, to choose the number of skill points desired rather than having to select and confirm each individual one. Thank you for considering it.
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  8. Annamaniac Level 30

    To the Developers,
    Nature form has 6 different forms yet when I scroll to the different forms it says: DAMAGE, HEALER, GORILLA, PRIMAL WOLF, INSECTOID, GORILLA. I'm not sure why it says this when 1 of the Gorilla forms should be CANINE Form. I talked to my friend who is also Nature & they're missing their CANINE form completely as it only shows them having 5/6 forms to transform to. Mine says 6/6 yet has 2 Gorilla forms. Theirs says 5/5 & is missing the CANINE FORM completely plus the 6th transformation slot. Not sure which Gorlilla form is suppose to be my CANINE Form & not sure why my Friend is missing his entirely. Please fix this as it's very confusing to try to make a load out & not know which one is truky my CANINE form or even to be missing that transformation spot entirely.
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  9. The Nightcrawler New Player

    Because you cannot change canine forms loadout.
  10. Annamaniac Level 30

    That's not all the sp you need. It does depend on your power as to how you spec your sp. I do however think that the developers should not have put MIGHT & POWER together. It's a problem for healers and trolls who used to have a higher power pool than might pool. POWER should have a pool of it's own & MIGHT should too. We should also have a DEFENSE pool as they say that the higher your defense the better, yet they cut our defense a little over half. I don't understand that as there was nothing said on the forums in the final update notes that says theses things about these particular changes.
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  11. ABCD New Player

    This update has destroyed the loyal high skill point player, it has also destroyed the enjoyment of this game! I am out! And it is very sad because DCUO Was the best MMO ever, now it is the worst, sorry to the ones who thought this was the right move but I disagree and if you read the posts your members hav posted you will see that it appears the devolvment team are the only ones that believe this was a good idea!
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  12. Annamaniac Level 30

    thank you. I was just experimenting and found that out. So I'm not sure why I have 2 Gorilla forms though. gonna experiment a bit further to see what happens.
  13. MastersGL New Player

    My highest CR toon is 149...only 113 SP. I can get through BOTH of the T7 solo missions, without dying.

    Same toon, in a group of 4...lowest other CR was 189. Lowest other SP was 218. And we got destroyed in a T4 alert. (2 DPS, 1 Heal, 1 Troll)

    That's a game imbalance...and a fairly noticeable one that needs serious addressing...
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  14. Loukhyax New Player

    Not sure if still happening to anyone else, but it's basically impossible to play now.

    Everything is suffering a huge delay, and it's the second time I add an item and it doesn't appear (I'm gonna check again, but the first one it's just gone).

    Things just don't load, and then it goes down.
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  15. MastersGL New Player

    Basically another attempt to push people into large guilds, like the insane amount of prestige to get league halls was. Large guilds can still put together groups for raids and alerts, and assist each other. Casual players, or people in small guilds with their friends, are again, being disadvantaged.
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  16. ConnerSandsmark Well-Known Player

    This is my biggest gripe too, The Devs would like for all of us to think they we are so much more powerful and this whole revamp thing was going to benefit us, but yet they made their bounties a lot stronger than what they were, and redid the mechanics in all the alerts to make them harder. I have yet to see how this benefitted us
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  17. ConnerSandsmark Well-Known Player

    I don't know who you are in game, but if that is your name in game, Dephyre, Then you are getting blocked. I refuse to team with anyone that has a bedside manner like you do.
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  18. DonSPa New Player

    i know its still early in the revamp but so far im not liking it.The raids are seeing an increase in people quitting in the middle more than they did before and thats not good and gets frustrating.Whats frustrating is my cr is 200 and im finding people in the 180's outdamaging me.Ive spent alot on modding my gear with olympian precision and now i have to change it to might, and in order to change using the equipment mod surplus i would have to downgrade to vii.The whole thing is confusing me,i like to use both superpower and weapon so i used the hybrid focus and evenly used the points.I max out both critical damage and chance.But i find that the damage just doesnt do well,so i changed the focus 2 weapons and again maxed the damage and chance and put the rest of the points in precision and i still fall behind in damage in raids.So again i changed the focus to superpowered and put the rest of the points into might and power just to find my damage just doesnt get up there,am i missing something???my sp is 196,is it because people who are in the 180's cr have more sp than me????
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  19. Dephyre Committed Player

    Oooooh okay lol
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  20. DonSPa New Player

    never mind about the mods i figured it out