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  1. Dark warlorck Level 30

    I'm worried about how this game is going. To begin with the graphics quality is ridiculous and looks like the PS2, I hope that if this game is adapted on the new consoles that we will be entitled to a new restructuring because this game is falling into the abyss and the devs don't seem to care. Then concerning the PvP and the legends, I note that everything was abandoned, whereas it is normally the most important. Finally, as I had previously mentioned the "bad" faction is completely dead, I wonder then why continue to maintain it while the missions of the "villains" players in each new episodes consist in saving heroes and allying themselves with the good guys to fight other bad guys, can you explain the meaning to me? What would be logical now would be to remove the so-called evil faction to allow players to gather together and which would facilitate group missions or raids rather than continue to make us believe when can choose an alignment that does not exist, no longer its would be easier for all players.
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  2. hero turner Well-Known Player

    Obviously you dont pay attention to comics or the animation to the Superheroes and Villains there have been countless times that they join forces or teams to get rid of threats and other events, it seems like when something comes to thwart the evil doings of the villains and to also cause heroes to be fending off a lot of times creates a common cause for them to team up, and frankly im surprised they dont allow team ups for heroes and villains in groups on a reg . Via invite to groups accepting invites , being able to talk to each other in the chats and mail and trade things in game, and really theres a lot of villains that really get portrayed as villains when they really arent, its becuse of thier goals and what they try to accomplish that makes them villains, Anti heroes, martyrs,double agents, mercenaries,hell Hero and Villain team ups been goin on since comic books first came out I 70's,80's all the way to today. And there is nothing wrong with the game, I have pc ,x box and switch and the graphics work just fine , I dont have any issues other than when they do reg maintainence and we cant play lol but I guess that to be expected esp for updates and such, the game works better in graphics on a gaming computer or laptop, and the video game consoles so that could be a factor in why your game experience isnt great, and I do agree on legends and pvp they need to be played a lot more they play a key factor in getting gear we need , some sp points and feats are gained in pvp and legends also.
  3. Miss Martian Well-Known Player

    This episode is impeccable and stunning. Definitely a lot of work has been put to it, I'm just sorry for the fact that there is no Legion of Super Villains, Rejects, Superboy-Prime, not all of the Fatal Five members, and no other Legioners . . . Most importantly villains are almost disappeared. But I see a lot of potential in it, you have already designed the very beautiful city and main heroes, this is one of the episodes that deserves a part 2, it's been a while we haven't got a part 2. So please take it into consideration. TY.:)
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  4. hero turner Well-Known Player

    I def. agree with this it could be a start of a part two or future episodes, right now itstarts off with this episode to thwart Mordru perhaps the defeat of Mordru then stems the next episode to include the rest of the Legion and brings n the whole Superman family and the JLA even though it was mainly the Super family that was mainly part of Legion do to the Metropolis history that basically forms the Legion in the first place and a every once in a while team up with other past heroes like Teen Titans , Young Justice and the JLA ,JLS for example....but mainly the Super Family since the Legion s origins basically begin with them, and of course the rest of the Legio and thier villains not only to bring in the whole Legion but also the whole Super family incl Krypto , Superboy Prime, Kel El clone of Super man who was made from Supermans dna spliced with the Kryptonite that makes him immune to the Kryptonite symptoms that the rest of the Superman family has.
  5. hero turner Well-Known Player

    and episodes I would love to see a episode of the JSA, ALL STAR SQUADREN, Total Justice, Firestorm Nuclear men ,Watchmen and Wildcats or at least just Grifter from Wildcats lol. For those who doesnt know about the Total Justice its was when Bane had broken Batmans back and then formed an elite group of heroes that he had lead special ops missions with in Gotham and other places with heroes like JLA , JLD , BAT FAMILY and even some spec ops from military, pd and Ninja groups in that comic series. And the Firestorm Nuclear men was basically after Blackest night and Ronnie Raymond and Jacen Rusch joined as Firestorm After Martin Stein died , Ronnie came back from dead not remembering being death storm and killing Jacens Girlfriend, ect ect.. the Firestorm Matrix form the two to be Firestorm which also allows them to change where sometimes Ronnie is the body , and sometimes Jacen is the body while the other is the conscious and also able to be two separate Firestorms which also is able to constuct a fury by using their powers together , it was a cool story line and would be an awesome episode for DCU besides we never see Firestorm at all in any episodes Ronnie or Jace, Jax ect ect... we hear his name mentioned in watchtower , we have his gear from War of Darkseid and Rip in Time episodes but never seen his actual character and there are a lot of Firestorm fans that were dissapointed not to see him, love to see some Firestorm Episodes with his villains and allies from his comics .
  6. Bobby Paul Well-Known Player

    WORST EPISODE EVER!!! You guys are horrible and we as players should have a better group fo people running this game!!!!
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  7. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I wish DCUO would get more creative and story heavy in general. I'm not sure that this is comparable to Deluge or Death of Superman, but I see where you're coming from. An extra raid would have gone a long way IMO.

    Also, I wasn't active when Metal 1-2 or Birds of Prey dropped. Were those not well received? Metal Part 1 is largely all rehashed content, but I personally enjoyed part 2 a bit. Thanagar could have been better, but it was cool.
  8. Engendro from hell New Player

    Gonna drop one idea for a future episode: "Knightfall"...
  9. DestiniesThirdEye New Player

    Ignoring 60 years of Legion lore to cater to that fart sniffing Bendis garbage. Titans but no Legionnaires, but with Bendis trash who cares to see them. No solo adventures. Can't see more without a group which curiously rarely seems to be available. Blah. Boring. Trashy garbage. Nice city. Agree with Bobby Paul, WORST EPISODE EVER! Definitely a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Bendis damaged Avengers and ruined X-Men, then moved on to destroy Legion of Superheroes and Superman. Thanks to that hack, the best comics are dead. It's unfortunate that they used that landfill here.
  10. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Anyone else seeing a problem with Mordru? Each time I do the raid I only hit with about half my attacks, even though I'm standing as close to him as possible. I get 1 Hit, 2 Hit maybe, then a couple no hits at all, then back to 1 Hit. In this case I was Metal DPS, but I've see similar results with other power sets.
  11. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Same problem with Nature. This occurs during Mordru's 3rd stage.
  12. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Mothersprocking grife! The Legionnaires & the Eye keep drifting toward Validus.
  13. TheBatmanFanBG Well-Known Player

    31st century and still no flying cars...
  14. VoidKnightsc New Player

    The instances are so short, especially the raid. Metal Pt. II: The Phoenix Cannon was already extremely short for a raid, but Legion: Convergence of Unmaking is like less than half the length. There are like 10 lines of dialogue in the whole thing.
  15. DestiniesThirdEye New Player

    How about a Saturn Girl Emblem and not something stupid, just a Saturn like the bugle, only a Saturn, simple right? I mean how hard can that be?
  16. darry3275 Active Player

    Can you add a vote to kick the iconics? I mean, we all go in and the iconics like Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, etc. do very little damage and mainly watch us do it all. I for one get tired of the Justice League hogging OUR glory. I tried to sit back and watch Batman work in the metal duo, and he barely did anything:mad:

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