Nova's Magic Mastery Guide to Sorcery

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  1. Chase TheForsaken New Player

    The pets used to do that, and the SC has a set healing & power return besides the watcher healing. It used to power the pets before if I'm correct. Why'd this change
  2. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Returning player, just checking some stuff. Are the statements below still true?

    1. COP provides HOTs to anyone who passes through the circle just once. There is no need to stay within the circle to get the HOTs.
    2. COD's DOTs will disappear on an enemy when they leave the circle.
  3. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Yes both true.
  4. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Sheesh. After getting the much needed updated for faster animation times eg Soul Well, I would have thought they would have fixed the DOTs for the COD.
  5. Absolix Loyal Player

    This is how all field DoTs work, not just CoD. I don't see how CoD would somehow be an exception to that mechanic.
  6. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    I see. Was somehow under the impression that Natures DoTs don‘t have that issue. My bad.

    Can one still jump cancel Invocation of Renewal without any power cost? (believe Nature has/had a similar power that can be jump cancelled without any power cost)
  7. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Yes but you won't be very effective in damage that way. It's either am wm or busy right now. They added dovetails to power clipping. Sorcery can take advantage of weapon clipping though
  8. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Mainly I would use IoR in healer role, never in dps role. Just deliberating between using IoR or Ritualistic Word for the group heal. The Nature power which can (or could) be jump cancelled is also a heal move I think, iirc.

    Are you sure it can be jump cancelled now with no power cost? Cos I just tried it and it costs power now.
  9. Absolix Loyal Player

    The difference between the 2 JCable heal powers is that Nature's channeled heal grants an additional HoT on top of the channeled heal, you can JC it early, but have to let a few frames play out to not also cancel the HoT, and Sorcery's heals more when allies are at 35% or below health. So, Nature can JC and keep the benefit, but Sorcery won't get the full effect of the 35% boost when JC'd, especially since most of the healing is at the end.

    Ritualistic Word is moderately useful as a burst heal, but becomes great in content that the Watcher can survive in. It has the same power as other 4 man burst heals from other powersets, but also powers the Watcher.

    You will still incur a power cost on JC'd powers. Nature's channeled heal does work with the power back mechanic of Insect Form, so that maybe what you've been hearing about.
  10. Xzotix Committed Player

    Using too much power with the new mechanic. NEED HELP!
    I am confused by the description on Offering:

    Damage Role: While Fury is active, increases your power regeneration for each of the next two powers activated from the Summoning tree before the cooldown of Offering expires. This effect is also triggered by Weapon of Destiny and Circle of Destruction. Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets.

    Specifically the second sentence.
    Does this mean these two Destiny powers can also be (the next two) part of the power regen OR do they also increase your power regen.
    If they do increase your power regen then how would you use them and a save power if you don't get power back from Destiny tree.
    It make little sense to use CoD/WoD together, which I think should be optimal.

    For instance "supposed" loadout rotation:

    (presumed Fury is out)
    Circle of Destruction - Power Cost: 350
    Free - Shard of Life - Power Cost: 350
    Free - Transmutation - Power Cost: 300
    Offering - Power Cost: 425
    Free - Soul Well - Power Cost: 250
    Free - Transmutation - Power Cost: 300
    Weapon of Destiny - Power Cost: 340

    This "supposed" (excluding WM for aesthetics) rotation that's 1115 power used to activate and keep the regen.
    My problem is, if I use Offering first it makes no sense to use either WoD or CoD in the next 2 powers. Iike to get Offering in first or second, usually after CoD which doesn't help with power used.
  11. Rockman X New Player

    You misinterpreted the text. Power Regen is only given when you activate Offering and only Offering. Using 2 powers from the summoning tree including CoD and WoD after activating Offering will increase said power regen. CoD and WoD do not have power regen effects when used alone. CoD and WoD are not in the summoning tree hence the way it was worded in the Offering description text. Also using more than 2 eligible powers after offering does not further increase power regen unfortunately.
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  12. Xzotix Committed Player

    Thanks for the clarification. I was pretty sure that was the case.
    In my opinion the second sentence is misleading since neither CoD and WoD "triggers" anything, only activates regen if included as "next two" powers.
    That is unfortunate, but since your help :) , it's not that big a deal for me except on solos.
    I kind of like the fact that I have to include WM...and... get power back, it's unique and not as boring.
    Doesn't hurt that it hits really hard. ;)
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  13. ThatsFatal New Player

    Could anyone recommend a loadout for someone who just started playing again? Also I currently only have 62sp, is WM ok to use or would those points be better spent elsewhere?
  14. Xzotix Committed Player

    Here are the same load outs from page 1: There are not any load outs, to my knowledge, that does not require some form of WM.
    The last one is one I'm currently toying with, I wouldn't recommend it as a starter, I would suggest you go the safe route with the first one on the list.
    Some sample load outs with Fury:
    • Fury, Offering, CoD, WoD, Shard, Transmutation.
    • Fury, Offering, CoD, Vengeance, Shard, Transmutation.
    • Fury, Offering, Soul Barrage, Shard, Transmutation, Soul Well.
    • Fury, Offering, Soul Barrage, WoD, Shard, Transmutation.
    • Fury, Offering, CoD, Soul Well, Transmutation, Grand Summoning.
  15. ThatsFatal New Player

    Thanks for the reply, would you say it best NOT to go into WM as I've only 62sp on the character or would it be ok?
  16. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Weapon clipping would be your best bet
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  17. ThatsFatal New Player

    Thanks, will look more into that. As of right now I'm having a bit of trouble staying powered and want to try the 1st loadout recommended above but not sure on the rotation: fury - offering - cod - wod - shard - transmute

    My current loadout is (not really liking it): offering - wod - cod - sw - grand summoning - fury
  18. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Weapon clipping Is clopping a combo animation short hb scissor kick for exaMple
  19. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    No wonder. If you don‘t have Shards, or Soul Siphon or Karmic Backlash, you won’t be seeing a lot of double DoTs when using CoD, since only WoD in you loadout applies the bad karma.
  20. Xzotix Committed Player

    Your current loadout is not viable in my opinion. You need either shards or transmute to make it work.

    The rotation for the first loadout should be "something like this":
    (assuming fury is out) COD/offering, WM, Shards/WOD WM, Transmute.
    With this rotation shards/wod is free to use since they are the two powers after using offering.
    Managing your powers "after" using Offering is the key.
    You could start your rotation with Offering COD/WOD then... maybe offering is off CD and you can use it again before the end of your rotation.