Nova's Magic Mastery Guide to Sorcery

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  1. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    Yay lol.

    Hmm I haven't used Sorc in HH yet. I'll keep that in mind! Thanks for the tip :D
  2. afvc623 New Player

    Doing great with Sorc AM now.I've been outdping higher lvls a lot(even quantums)I'm in the top 2 on scoreboard consistently mostly 1st.Thats with LFG players. on t7 raids.And I have yet to replace my might & precision mods for might only ones,I wonder how much more damage will I make after I replace them?hmm lol
  3. Absolix Loyal Player

    I would think Might & Precision would be better than pure Might for the AM. If you consider that Might & Precision is better for WM, but WM had the WM crit, which would further enhance the Might damage, then it is likely that with the AM, where the one thing excluded is the bonus that enhanced Might damage, that Might damage would be a slighty less significant portion of your damage in comparison to precision damage.

    I would still think that with all the DoTs, WoD, etc., that Might & Precision would still likely be much better than pure precision.
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  4. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    Before gu47 I was seeing 200dps difference with all might mods I would suggest making some nitro and flex using the parser to see what the difference is.
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  5. EP Ice Loyal Player

    I just switched from celestial to sorcery at cr 105. I have taken the basic healing loadout from the beginning of this guide but I am not sure what to start with. Also, what is a good AM dps loadout for someone in my situation? Thanks in advance.
  6. Kohina Well-Known Player

    Hmm this guide need some tweaks since a lot of recent changes came to Sorcery over the years.
  7. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Im still liking transmute over shard. The burst is way better abd once you get RSA you don't need to apply BK.

    Running GS Fury offerinv sw trans and wod using 2h. seeing 5k trans hits on average.

    Edit. Keep in mind if you parse this on a dummy you won't get rsa so only the solo target will get bk from wod
  8. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Alright here's some Sorcery base numbers. I didn't do powers that didn't pertain to the AM such as Vengeance so if you guys want more numbers just PM me.

    Damage Over Time Powers

    Shard of Life
    • 20-28 Initial Burst Tick
    • 6-8 DoT base damage per tick (4 ticks)
    • 24-32 Total DoT damage
    • 44-60 Total Base Damage
    • Applies Bad Karma
    Circle of Destruction
    • With PI: 7-9 DoT base damage per tick (11 ticks) + 3-5 DoT base damage per tick (an extra small 11 ticks)
    • With PI: 110-154 DoT Total Base Damage
    • No PI: 7-9 DoT base damage per tick (11 ticks)
    • No PI: 77-99 DoT Total Base Damage
    • PI grants the additional 3-5 DoT tick.
    Soul Well
    • 2-6 DoT base damage per tick (9 ticks)
    • 18-54 Total Base Damage (when casting Soul Well only by itself)
    • When you are attacking enemies with Soul Well up, then you get an extra 10 ticks for the next 10 seconds after cooldown finishes
    • Stack-able after cooldown
    • Damage registers at max range
    • When attacking, 38-114 Total Base Damage
    • Activates Red Soul Aura once an enemy dies
    • Grants 3% Critical Chance for Weapon and Ability once an enemy dies
    Burst Powers

    Weapon of Destiny
    • 16-20 base damage per tick
    • Each tick has a chance to PROC 4 times
    • When fully PROC 4 times, 64-80 Total Base Damage
    • Single Target Only
    • Benefits well when working in tandem with high volume precision attacks
    • Applies Bad Karma
    • With PI: 32-40 Initial Burst tick
    • No PI: 20-28 Initial Burst tick
    • Red Soul Aura can act as a PI for this power.
    *PI stands for Power Interaction
    *Credit to Shiny Mackerel for coming up with the separate variable for CR adjustment and TheDark for giving me the information
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  9. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Updated per L T's request.

    Additional Powers

    Soul Storm
    • With PI: 9-13 base damage per tick (5 burst ticks)
    • With PI: 45-65 Total Base Damage
    • No PI: 6-8 base damage per tick (5 burst ticks)
    • No PI: 30-40 Total Base Damage
    • Channeled Attack
    Soul Barrage
    • 3-7 base damage per tick (5 burst ticks)
    • 15-35 Total Base Damage
    • With PI: 30-41 Initial Burst tick
    • No PI: 20-28 Initial Burst tick
    • Single Target Only
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  10. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Pet Damage

    • Provides 5-7 ticks of power to pets
    • Once Fury gets power he will either do Arcane Barrage and weapon attacks or Arcane Barrage and Transmutation immediately after
    • Having Red Soul Aura active or having Bad Karma applied to enemies, will increase the damage of Fury's attacks
    • If an enemy dies while Fury is attacking then Red Soul Aura will be activated.
    Fury's Powers (at 126CR)

    Close Range (Effective DPS 3,100)

    Arcane Barrage
    • 15,000-19,000 Damage (with PI active)
    • Range Power
    • Most used power by Fury
    • 15,000-18,000 Damage (with PI active)
    • Range Power
    Long Range (Effective DPS 1,800)

    Arcane Barrage
    • 8,000-10,000 Damage (with PI active)
    • Range Power
    • Most used power by Fury
    • 8,000-9,800 Damage (with PI active)
    • Range Power
    Long Range and Short Range Attacks

    Weapon Attacks
    • Ranged Attack: 157-278 Damage
    • Pulse Beam: 70-105 damage per tick (12 ticks) 840-1260 Total Damage
    • Solar Flare: 668-983 Damage
    • Meteor Blast: 619-906 Damage
    ------------------------------------------------------- He tends to do these bottom attacks at a lesser rate ---------------------------------------------
    • Power Discharge: 74-90 damage per tick (4 ticks) 296-360 Total Damage
    • Uppercut: 225-328 damage per tick (3 ticks) 675-984 Total Damage
    • Melee Attack: 188-236 Damage
  11. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    This guide hasn't been updated since May-June of 2014, which is when I officially stopped playing, and the current status of the game exceeds my knowledge of Sorcery. If anyone wants to recreate or undertake the responsibilities of this guide, or a Sorc guide in general, feel free to do so for the good of the community. If you would like to continue to use this one and just update it over time, just PM me and I will send my forum Log in info. Thanks guys, it's been a fun 3 1/2 years. Take care!
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  12. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Here's a reference you guys can use for the 12 meters aspect. You can repeat the test yourself in a league hall. Just simply stand by the 4th line away from the Sparring Target and bingo that's exactly 12 meters.

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  13. thirty six Loyal Player

    I hear word that there's a load out that plays off the bar, no WM, is this true and what is it?
  14. xD25x Dedicated Player

    Unsure why people still think quantum is the top dps power now. After this last fix/nerf its #3 at best. Compare yourself to munitions or mental. Or ice and gadgets if they make it thru the test server onto live as is.
  15. L T Devoted Player

    should be any fury load out that uses only summoning powers, circle of destruction, and weapon of destiny.
  16. thirty six Loyal Player

    Thanks. I think I'm seeing it, there's just time to slip in wep attacks occasionally
  17. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Haven't tried it out yet, can't imagine outs keeping up with mental or quantum or any other top power because fury won't match the 60k mass terror hit.So at best I see fury hitting 25k whole you get 2 or 3 Petpowers in every 7 seconds for 5k a piece
  18. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    So I'm coming back after nearly 5 months of not playing, can someone help me out with a loadout for DPSing cause I don't know what's good and what isn't anymore.
  19. Chase TheForsaken New Player

    Serious Question: does grand summoning give out power to allies? When I was testing it last, it wasn't. The pets should be supplying themselves power too.
  20. Absolix Loyal Player


    The pets don't supply power to themselves either. They do start out with full power bars though. Ritualistic Word and Offering will give power to the grand summoning version of the pets that they normally power. For AM Dps you will basically be powering two Furies at once.

    The movement mode 50% supercharges and Battle Drone will gives pets, both Grand Summoning and normal pets, power. There might be a few healer supercharges that might also power pets, but I haven't looked at them.