Nova's Magic Mastery Guide to Sorcery

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  1. L T Devoted Player

    To save everyone a trip to the testing feedback thread (if you want to look, the fun starts here )
    And after Tunso looked, what he decided was:
    This makes Sorcery and Earth like a hybrid of Quantum and Nature. Offering will trigger Fury damage-- big damage if you're at close range-- and allow you two "free" power casts of anything from summoning or circle of destruction or weapon of destiny. You're not power neutral like Quantum because offering's power cost isn't refunded, but this should make for some very flexible play styles.
  2. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Keep in mind the Summoning tree is where you'll mainly be getting that effect, except Weapon of Destiny and Circle of Destruction.
  3. star New Player

    Is it only Offering will trigger the power back effect or will RW work as well? Also why do more people seem to favour offering as compared to RW?
  4. Master Play Committed Player

    Ritualistic Ward doesn't give powerback to the Fury pet
  5. Absolix Loyal Player

    So they finally fixed that bug on test?
  6. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Been fixed for a while
  7. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Is it gonna be worth using powers other than pi or dot that is the question. Fury gs offering sw circle shard may be the winner here. Swapping out circle and gs for trans and wod for burst on adds.

    Hope this allows soul barrage or storm to be viable now.

    Might heavy may still be optimal when running dots. I'm thinking somewhat might prec balance with a lean towards might. How bout you guys
  8. Absolix Loyal Player

    Soul Barrage is actually usable with the WM crit, but from some rough testing it seems to do less damage than Transmutation with an unusually large range. Soul Storm gets closer, but is still hits for less, has a longer animation, and has a cast bar, that's right still has a cast bar. Checked Vengeance too, just cause, and it hits for less than Transmutation too.

    So while the ability to choose between WM and the AM is welcome, especially in solo trolls where WM strains power, it doesn't look like there will be anymore viable choices than what WM already uses.
  9. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    I would say wod would need to be in any loadout
  10. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    WoD is dependant on certain weapons. If using dw unless uSing melee or flurry shot masyery its practically wasted. U only get 1 proc off it abd since there is no buff on WoD, if you don't get at least 3 procs its a waste of power.
  11. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    Not at all being combative but if u use anything other than 2h as a weapon you're not worried about dmg. I understand people like to role play and that's awesome but if you want to maximize your dmg 2h takes it to another lvl. 2h is made better now that you can clip it earlier since you no longer have to wait for your wm crit.
  12. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    I haven't taken the time to find my best load out as I was waiting on a final build. I do know that I will have an extra armory for dps. When I get the time to run things I will post my personal favorite.
  13. WildcatHunter Committed Player

  14. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    I got 2 dps armories. 1 uses dw or hb the other uses 2h. Will probably go back to having 1 burst loadout for adds abd 1 dot heavy for bosses.

    You can be extremely competitive with dw not using wod
  15. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    Since all weapon combos got a buff I'm going to try the tap hold hb solar flame(think that's the name) and do.the quick clip with whatever is on cool down. Anyway you play it fury does the largest amount of dmg. I haven't had a chance to run anything today. If u play give us sorc players an idea on your 2 armory loadouts.
  16. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Absolutely will but I probably won't be on till later
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  17. Elusian Crowd Control

    Not for AM builds. Seen ppl taking WoD over CoD in AM builds. Beyond me why you (generalized, not the person I quoted) want WoD who does a 3rd of the dmg of CoD in AM since you won't get the WM crit procs and just the normal procs.
  18. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    I respect your opinion as I said I haven't been able to get on live today to run the numbers. I have some ideas of things to try and I shouldn't have made it sound like there is no life without wod. Whats your loadout and rotation? Ever thought about using an armory for different situations? As this guide doesn't have anything am relevant I think its up to us few to share ideas, opinions, and suggestions. I'm planning on spending the day Saturday while I'm off to find out what I think is best for me. I hope to put together a video showing rotations.
  19. Elusian Crowd Control

    I'm not much into Sorc. Just running a heal alt on villain side for fun but usally need smth to dps with once in a while. Run a couple of tests and for AM atm at the not so final loadout: CoD, Shard, SW, Offering,Grand Summoning, Fury. Using DW as its better synced for Offering and 2H not mandatory becuase no WoD.
  20. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    8 billion sorcery dps were on tonight so I opted for a burst over dot build for tonight using fury offering grand summoning sw shard and transmute. Was not bad, definitely effective. Im thinking circle instead of transmute for bosses or newer harder content but way too many of them flying in raids fit that. Btw I'm running dw explosive shot. Tried hb solar flare and it wasn't bad. Im might specced and I think hb favors precision styles tho. I just set the parser up so I will try a true damage dummy tomorrow becsuse my base dummy gives skewed numbers.