Nova's Magic Mastery Guide to Sorcery

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  1. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    You could walk/que into a Solo, take some damage and then use Soul Siphon on 4 targets to see the full capacity of it. If you use it as a standalone heal it may not seem as great. it's best used in conjunction or preferably clipped with Rejuvenate. SS + Rejuvenate = Burst Heals, Rejuvenate hitting the lowest ally, and additional Healing ticks from Bad Karma.

    That comment was directed toward other powersets, not so much Sorcery. There are other weapons like MA, Rifle, and the Shield that shorten or even clip power animations in other powersets.
  2. thenewkidd New Player

    So, in your opinion, Martial Arts is a better weapon for Sorcery.

    Can I ask why?

    I currently use Hand Blasters for High End Content and DW because they suck and it's the only weapon I got from Dox when I do Low end stuff (anything that isn't T5).
  3. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    When throwing WoD into your rotation it's important to utilize all of the ticks as fast as possible to allow for other power combos. When facing adds it's easier but you want to make sure you can still expend the ticks on a single target as well without wasting WoD's potential. Some of the more effective ways include:
    • Rifle: Grenade Launcher/Flip Burst
    • Martial Arts: Shuriken Storm
    • Bow: Arrow Storm
    For Sorcery that is the order I'd put them in as far as DPS effectiveness goes but I prefer Martial Arts and have much more experience using it. Not only that but I am a heavy might based Sorc Dps so the damage from my Power Combos outshines the damage I previously put out as a Prec/Might balanced Sorc Dps with more Weapon Combos used. Handblasters(Solar Flare) and Dual Wield(Charged Double Throw) aren't viable with WoD vs a single target(boss) which would hurt my damage considering how I built my DPS.

    However, I will say that in any content that allows for Melee damage the 1-handed is still the way to go IMO. Flurry > WoD just expends the ticks to smoothly allowing for other combos faster.[/quote]
  4. mgkaenzo Committed Player


    I do think that WoD only apply Pi only on your target, is it right ? I'm sure that it only damage on the target but I'm not sure for th Pi. Then the best target rotation I found is with riffle or at least Ma but it's a bit lower ( But I still don't have any of this two for PvE -_-). It's :
    SoL/WoD-tap range-Vengeance-tap range-final ruin-tap range-Vengeance-tap range-final ruin-tap range
    Then you also put your CoD and Soul well cliped as much as possible with karmic hex. You can clip final ruin a way before the end of the cast time and still have the two ticks for that you just need a little tap range, not even jump.
  5. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    WoD applies the PI but much more importantly it hits pretty hard. 3 ticks on a normal target and 4 ticks on a target with Bad Karma. It is quite strong and can crit pretty high. A useful tool for quickly disposing of a an opponent in PvP or putting burst damage on a single target.

    As far as your rotation, it seems like it would do more single target damage than multi or do you rely on Rifle Tapping to add to the multi target burn?
  6. mgkaenzo Committed Player

    As I said it's a single target rotation for dox as I pretty much only run EO then for AoE I take out vengeance for transmutation and then it depend on the tier if it's T5 'd put out final ruin like for nex 1rst boss and take soul siphon, for low tier I'd put out Soul well for phase dodge. Then I will still have armorie if I need high single target. Then riffle is just because it the higher tap range damage + it's AoE, MA hold is better because of the crit but I'd lose like 0.1 or 0.2 because it's an hold range.
  7. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Have you tried using DW's Hold Range as an alternative yet?
  8. Cadens Dedicated Player

    Soul Siphon is good for now because of pet usage in PVP. When you are doing 4-8 man PVP raids, SS is ridiculously awesome.

    1v1 I run - SS/Condem, Watcher, Rejuve, boon, offering, CoP.


    Transmutation, watcher, boon, Rejuve, offering, CoP - karmic hex for bad karma to modify transmutation.

    Transmutation when having bad karma on a lot of targets is insane.
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  9. 478874 Dedicated Player

    I've also found that you can use mortar > grenade launcher (fired just at the end up mortar cast bar > clip GL with WoD (or a power and then WoD) and you should land all four ticks of WoD and the mortar ticks and grenade launcher all at once. That's 8 ticks of damage instantly. It's pretty sweet and it can factor into a standard rifle grenade launcher clip rotation nicely.

    The only thing I've found that's tricky is that trying to cast mortar immediately after WoD can sometimes cause the rifle just to do the hold range attack and then face the wrong way as you go for the mortar, because of the use of the directional button. This will screw up the rhythm of the rotation or slow it down. What seems to work is to alternate the mortar>gl>wod with a conventional gl>power clip and then back to mortar>gl>wod. This keeps a better rhythm and gives wod time to cool down.

    I've also worked in Neo-Veonom, and if I am not mistaken, that will proc with wod at the same time or can be used in the stead of wod when it's on cool down.

    It's really too bad that weaponization no longer effects shards because neo-venom gives the weaponization boost, so it might have been interesting if there was a hidden PI there, but as far as I can tell, there is not. Imagine the neo-venom weaponization boost (50%) + super strength (100%) + shards, would have been great since it's such a staple in people's rotation now.
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  10. thenewkidd New Player

    I have been crunching some numbers and be back with the results.. but Shards seems to be pretty good (I use it).. but I am wondering if Transmutation is better... as far as "Damage Per Second" is concerned.

    Shards does a great burst on main target plus adds around the target.. but then.. so does Transmute... Shards has a nice DoT where Transmute does not.. Shards hits about a second later after cast where Transmute hits right away... the cooldown on Transmute and the number of Casts you can do with Transmute in about a minute seems to be faster than Shards...

    Long story short, I have some numbers crunching to do here. as I really like them both..
    It would seem though.. Low level content where things just melt.. Transmutation seems to be better.. where as in Nexus Shards seems to be better... (so far without fully going into Numbers mode).
  11. mgkaenzo Committed Player

    Shard is better but not spammable because DoTs overwrite, you need to use shard each time DoTs leave and betwen use transmutation.
  12. thenewkidd New Player

    Might 3100.
    Precision 1249
    Escelating Might Neck Mod
    Penetrating Strike Chest Mod

    Soul Siphon by itself 10 times.
    Remember there is a cone effect so there is potential damage for people within that cone too.
    (tested against two dummies so to damage both at the same time.) Because of neck mod these were lots of 4 attacks each to calculate each stack potential.

    691 (crit), 384
    513, 524
    395, 481
    504, 431
    1152 (crit), 425
    421, 490
    509, 551
    416, 886 (crit)
    453, 496
    1000 (crit), 802 (crit)

    Circle of Destruction Ticks with bad karma.
    191 (crit)
    323 (crit)
    --Total Damage 2171

    159 (crit)
    152 (crit)
    194 (crit)
    339 (crit)
    346 (crit)
    --Total Damage 2721

    180 (crit)
    156 (crit)
    333 (crit)
    --Total Damage 2699

    Transmutation with Bad Karma then without (first set of 10 with, next set of 10 without)
    1020 (crit)
    1585 (crit)
    1572 (crit)
    1626 (crit)
    1208 (crit)

    Shards of Life Burst plus Tick (doesn't have a PI)
    338 (burst)
    -Total Damage 730

    521 (burst)
    305 (crit)
    -Total Damage 1274

    915 (burst crit)
    297 (crit)
    361 (crit)
    -Total Damage 1832

    488 (burst)
    321 (crit)
    -Total Damage 1234

    429 (burst)
    279 (crit)
    -Total Damage 1158
  13. thenewkidd New Player

    I agree.. and thinking of changing up my load out a bit.

    It is really hard to decide on powers sometimes as there are so many good ones now..
    WOD can clip everything you need and Karmic Hex can take care of the rest.

    So I am really probably going to get rid of Soul Wells.. as much fun as they are... I probably get more damage with Shards than Soul Wells.. testing that now.

    What do you think?
  14. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Yeah, that's an interesting discussion and one I've also had recently with a few other Sorcery players. I am interested in hearing about what you conclude. I haven't reached anything definitive yet.

    I use soul well, I find it has a lot of purposes between the buff and the dots. So depending if I am clearing trash in anything but the t5 raids, it's nice getting that buff, and in the raids getting the DoTs rolling is super important. However, there are better Sorcery DPS than I who don't use it. So, I guess it's not requisite in that regard.
  15. thenewkidd New Player

    Soul Wells (Tested on T2 Hush (Gotham Subway), because it was hard to get numbers on a sparring target that stops taking damage after 5 ticks) This is also only 1 soul well and some of those numbers above 100 are definitely crits (just couldn't type fast enough as the numbers were coming.,, '
    Also realize that these ticks could hit EVERYONE in the room and you can have 3 out at one time.. so these ticks can add up.. but ask yourself would you get better damage using another power?
    -Total Damage 1910
  16. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    I agree and Transmutation is one the better powers we have at our disposal now.

    I currently use them both. Transmutation is definitely something you should keep. It hits pretty hard and benefits from the use of Bad Karma as well. I generally keep the DoT from Shards up and combo with Transmutation/WoD among other things. My only gripe with Soul Wells and why I do not use them is simple efficiency. In groups I run with things don't generally live long enough for Soul Wells to generate enough damage, let alone stack them. Sure, boss rooms in Nex, Dox, PvP, and a few other choke points but general overall use? Things will be dead and you're onto the next mob.
  17. thenewkidd New Player

    Makes sense...
    I really think you are right... the DoTs are just too small to matter to keep them up.... Transmute and Shards together probably is best..
    Transmute can crate more damage in a run over Soul Wells.
  18. Echephyle New Player

    What about the fact that soul well activates escalating might for every target it hits?

    Without it, we have to resort to a pretty large power usage of soul siphon and 2 transmutations to max out the mod.
  19. thenewkidd New Player

    Shards does the same thing.

    If you keep the Dots up on it.. you will get the same effect.
  20. mgkaenzo Committed Player

    I don't really know but I think soul well is good, the problem is the damage of soul well are sometimes high and sometimes really low. For single target I don't see the point of using transmutation because vengeance 's a way faster and even final ruin clipped with full damage is faster. In nex first boss and adds tunnel I use transmutation but then no.