Nova's Magic Mastery Guide to Sorcery

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    I originally thought that but when I did my parsers in the guide I wasn't fully geared and was getting around 32k and he said he rotation was going to be a 3-4k higher than mine which then if he was doing those parsers at 262 might gear on nitro and omega fully buffed those numbers would make sense.

    Also if those numbers are precision the single target numbers are quite low. Most might powersets that are decent at single target will get 19-22k even months ago before the dlc I was getting 17k with electric so most precision dps I know are sitting closer to 23-25k on precision parsers so unless he has super low precision gear I don't know

    This is why you would label things :p
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    I see those ST parsers a bit low too, I play Sorc prec and I get better damage, being myself a just medium-skilled player, but I thought it may be because the use of SW, which I found a very low damager power.

    PS: English is not my 1st or even 2nd language so I apologize for any grammar/spelling mistakes
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    When I do any testing I am always unbuffed and always use the 30 sec parsers. I do not use 10 second parsers because they give false numbers. You see numbers where a big hit started and ended within the 10 second window so you see higher numbers than what your numbers truly are. If the sparring targets gave power like they used too I would do all my testing on 60 seconds to get the most accurate parsers.

    The loadout I gave you previously is one of my might loadouts which has since been slightly altered. For might I have replaced circle of destruction with guardian. Without power guardian will do more damage than fury which is single target and pauses to much. And for my might I use eye of Gemini, soul cloak, and scepter of the dead king. Once I am in a group with someone using tetrahedron I reach numbers higher than the ones posted in your original video.

    I was not comparing my dps parsers to your dps parsers because their are to many variables to could lead to our numbers being different. Instead I used my loadouts and compared it to your loadout using 30 second parsers to not get false numbers. And I also do not have the op head yet which would have further increased the parsers for your both yours and my loadout.

    What I suggest is to go on test and set your parsers to come out every 30 seconds. First test your loadout that you posted, and than change to my loadout while replacing circle with guardian. I didn’t post about my change just yet as I was going to add it into my previous post when I had a chance.

    As for my single target, that is my parsers without using the jump clipping which I personally see as a cheat. And after testing I found out my league buffs were gone too lol. I’ll be happy to post updated parsers. I was also going to post parsers of my damage buffed with a troll prec buff and a might using tetra buffing me too since they are almost always there. But I couldn’t since I found out that the alert dps debuff bleeds into open world when ever you are in a group.
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    Well I can only infer that all those figures are precision based instead of might considering you didn't answer that question directly but you did make reference to the consumable jump clipping. It doesn't help either myself Berza when you don't provide any baseline stats which leads to massive confusion about what your stats actually are when you test.

    In regards to the 30second parsers I think you have been precision too long my friend, I would not have even made it to 1 30 second parse using that might rotation without taking a soder than you tell me to use guardian which would further reduce my power regen. It would be nearly impossible to do multiple 30 second parsers as sorcery using that rotation without a controller to assist me the entire time. This is why I state numerous times in the past I test using multiple 10 second parsers because of not only the power restrictions but 10 second parsers give me a better indication of the crit rate and my possible burst damage in a front loaded rotation.

    The example of this is using any pet as sorcery the initial parse over 30 seconds will be skewed because of the initial burst from the pet discharging its full power attack where that attack would normally happen over a 10 second parse. So the next 20's of parse will give me a much better indication of the actual rotation's damage because the pet won't have power and will be doing its basic attacks.

    You are losing 1000+ base might by doing that, unless you are running with your leaguemates the chances of always having a decently leveled tetra in a pug group isn't as high as you always being without 1000+ might everytime you raid. Deadking isn't as good as you think it is for most content, you need it at 160 even for it to make a noticeable difference.
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    Which question exactly did I miss? I’ve reread the entire post from both of you and have not seen any question I have missed. As for the scepter, I have it maxed out, along with Gemini, and soul cloak for might dps. I also have my precision artifacts maxed out. Along with my tank and healer artifacts maxed out (except orb since I am still working on it). Other than orb I just need to max my troll artifacts. So yes I do test both might and precision loadouts on 30 seconds. If I need to test a power hungry loadout for might I just have a troll friend jump in without artifact that would skew my numbers and without him using and debuffs it anything. Just simple use power dump to keep me powered. My league and friends outside my league are always more than happy to help. I can’t do this with precision test because the trolls power dump can skew the results. And as for my pets also skewing results, I just let him use his power than during the next 30 seconds I start my rotation. I this is also why my 1st parser is always the lowest since I wait for the 1st parser to pop up.

    Now if your questions are about my stats I’ll post them when I get a chance to get on. I’m not hiding anything. Like I said, if you have issues with trusting me just go and test your louadout and mine in one video unedited and post that. I don’t know how to post videos or photos which is why I haven’t done that. But you’re the youtuber, you are able to actually post them. I gave you my loadout and rotation. If you want to test it using your 10 seconds than do that. Just show both loadouts and rotations in one video unedited. Your loadout wasn’t terrible but it isn’t the optimal loadout. And because you are a youtuber you have cult of followers who hang on to every word you say. So I just ask that you test it out so that you can give your followers the real best loadout you can get. I don’t even care about credit. Claim it as yours if you want. I just care about helping those in this thread find the best loadout possible.

    I’m currently precision based but I have all my might and precision augments (standard and dlc augments) maxed. This dlc I haven’t had much time to optimize my prec loadout since when ever I’m on I get asked to help with a raid. That and real life has kept my busy. If someone has a better precision loadout than I’d rather promote them instead of mine since it will help make other sorc players better.
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    Oh and yes, I do mostly run with league and friends leagues. So I can afford to not use tetra.
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    As precision my stats are as followed:
    Health: 71,316
    Power: 51,025
    Might: 23,392
    Prec: 22,574
    Cr: 260

    As might my stats are:
    Health: 74,174
    Power: 73,982
    Might: 34,703
    Prec: 12,350
    Cr: 260

    I currently do not have the might base mods put in so I am missing a bit of might. Should be well over 36k might. All stats both both precision and might are unbuffed.
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    Since this thread hasn’t been active for a long time I thought I’d share both my healing and dps set up. Please keep in mind that my dps is precision for sorcery.

    First is my dps.

    Talon strike, weapon of destiny, shard of life, down draft, guardian, neo venom boost

    Talon strike is the power given from the gem of Horus artifact. Down draft is from flight. You can use throwing knives as acro or soul siphon as speed. Soul bolt or barrage (forgot which one. The one that send the bigger balls flying instead of the flurry of smaller ones) does do more damage than downdraft, however I don’t use it because it throws off the rotation since it can’t be clipped with your weapon of destiny.

    For aoe range i use:
    Talon/WoD > ES/SoL > ES/DD > ES/Talon > ES/SoL/WoD

    Using the accelerated weapon of destiny mod you will be able to clip every 4th power with WoD. And I rotate 3 powers with explosive shot. I also don’t worry about using the over 13 hit combo part of talent strike because it complicates the rotation and doesn’t benefit you enough to make it worth using. Using this rotation with keep the bleed proc running at all times.

    In 3 targets at 290 cr (not on so cant check my exact stats. Will post when I get on) I regularly parser 59k to 62k.

    For aoe melee:
    Talon/WoD > Doom Spin/tap melee (before hit counter gets above 12)/talon > DS/Tap melee/talon/WoD > repeat

    Same as range, this let’s you keep the bleed proc active at all times. If you don’t clip the middle part of combo with talon strike than your hit counter will get to high and you will not receive the bleed proc.

    I have been parsering around 72k to 76k dps. While this combo might seem broken, it doesn’t actually play out to well in content without a tank that can hold everything in place. If adds run around or the adds die fast because other dps are good than you loose a lot of damage and are better off using your range attack.

    For single target it is flurry shot with talon and WoD so no need to explain it. But I do parser around 33k dps without being perfect on my jump clipping.

    Key notes:
    “/“ = clip with
    “>” = then use
    ES = explosive shot from Dual Wield
    Guardian does aoe damage and has constant attacks making it perfect for aoe and single target.
    The AI of fury makes it unreliable so even if you get slightly better parsers sometimes using fury instead of guardian and using offering instead of downdraft makes it to inconsistent.

    The artifacts I use are:
    Gem of Horus
    Venom Wrist
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    For healer:

    Priority, ritualistic word (group heal), boon of souls (shield), invocation (channel), watcher/circle of protection, arbiter of destiny

    I’m arbiter:
    Priority, group heal, group shield, soul well, watcher/shard of life, circle of protection/offering

    When I am in human form I will try to rotate my group shield and my channel. This way I can make sure I have enough heals to hold me down until my sc is ready. I will also use my priory to keep my specter up at all times. Unlike other powers I don’t have to stress to much about power because I know when I go into arbiter my power will be near infinite. I will also spam it as needed. I keep my group heal going at all times to keep my stacks of one of my artifacts up as much as possible. While in human form I will also rotate between my supply drop, soder, and sidekick as needed to keep my power managed for when I have less effective trolls.

    While in arbiter: spam everything. The only things to keep track off are mechanic one shots and when you turn back to human. This is because if you go to human without noticing you will drain your power and be stuck until your sc is off cooldown.

    Something to keep in Mind is that I don’t use circle of protection that often because how current content is made. Players are either moving around or have to be separated for mechanics. This makes circle of protection very situational. I tend to keep watcher up in its place and allow him to fly around healing. Offering in arbiter makes it so that your watcher really pumps out healing. Thou it’s not needed since it tends to not have the best AI.

    My artifacts are:
    Orb of Arion
    Page of Destiny
    Soul cloak

    Make sure to use the channeling hand mod. And the accelerated ritualistic word helps too.

    Sorcery is one of my favorite powers for both healing and dpsing. Precision made it so that sorcery could keep up with any power might or prec. And I’ve always been a fan or sorcery healing. I had to solo heal the new raid boss fights yesterday as my other healer ended up dying and I ended up being the only healer there lol.

    In PCe first boss try to save your ult for when adds spawn or during mechanics. During the final boss the start is smooth but the arbiter definitely becomes more and more important as the bosses start to get stronger and get more mechanics. Key note here is that the arbiter has a very long roll which means you can reach the green circle no matter where you are. Only thing to keep in mind is to not roll past the green circle.

    During DMe try to keep the soul well in the air to keep it in line of sight of everyone. If you use CoP than let people know you will put the circle behind the large rock and tell them to huddle behind that rock. Keep in mind that when using circle of protection or soul well your toon makes an animation that flys up in a circle. I have found out the hard way that it does put your hit box above the rock and you will take the one shot damage if you use it without clipping it.

    Haven’t beaten this boss because of burn so don’t have any healing tips for the last boss.
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    Hey everyone. For those that are still sorcery I have uploaded my sorcery loadout and rotations. Hope this helps someone out.