Nova's Magic Mastery Guide to Sorcery

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    Nova's Magic Mastery Guide to Sorcery
    This guide is in no way shape or form claiming to be the best way to play Sorcery but instead hopefully a means of explaining effective ways to do so. If you have something you would like to contribute to it, feel free to do so and I will update the main post with community information and loadouts. I will also update it with new information I discover and can share.

    Destiny Tree
    Master universal metaphysical laws to bring enemies to their end and see allies to victory! Specializing in this tree grants +5% critical attack damage and +5% critical healing magnitude.
    [Healing Role]
    In the Healing role all damage you cause is penalized by 25%. All Health restoration and damage prevention effects you trigger are increased by 65%.
    [Player versus Player]
    While in the Healing role you have a special advantage versus Ice and Fire users. Your super powers completely negate there nigh impenetrable defenses, leaving them weakened and vulnerable. Attacking them may inspire Confidence within you, briefly increasing your damage to 135%.

    Power Cost: 235
    A powerful curse that stuns and causes 5 ticks damage over time.
    Power Interactions: Depending on your role, inflicts Bad Karma so that enemy attacks either heal their targets or damage their own allies.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to Healers: Gives the target Bad Karma, causing healing when the target attacks a player. Can debuff tanks in PVP.
    Uses to DPS: Gives the target Bad Karma while doing 5 ticks of damage over time. The Bad Karma may later be spread by Soul Siphon. Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).

    Soul Siphon
    Power Cost: 210
    [Requires Condemn]
    Cast a cone-shaped spell that damages and pulls enemies toward you, draining their souls.
    Power Interactions: Depending on your role, inflicts Bad Karma so that enemy attacks either heal their targets or damage their own allies.
    Uses to Healers: Heals your allies and grants a Golden Soul Aura that increases Crit healing Chance by 10%.
    Uses to DPS: Grants Red Soul Aura by accessing the souls of defeated enemies and inflicts Bad Karma which sets up for Circle of Destiny. Increases all damage by 35% for 5 seconds until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds)

    Power Cost: 250
    Instantly restores Health to the most injured group mate or yourself.
    Power Interactions: Grants Golden Soul Aura that increases critical chance by 10%.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to Healers:Low cost and fast recharging heal for yourself and a player with the lowest health.

    Power Cost: 200
    Channels a destructive beam at an enemy damaging and knocking them down.
    Power Interactions: Enemies with Bad Karma take extra damage. Hitting an enemy afflicted with Bad karma grants a Golden Soul Aura.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds)..

    Karmic Backlash
    Power Cost: 250
    [Requires Shared Fate][Requires Level 8][Usable While Controlled]
    Conjure a magical explosion that knocks down your target and nearby enemies.
    Power Interactions: Depending on your role, inflicts Bad Karma so that enemy attacks either heal their targets or damage their own allies.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 40% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to Healers: Bestows Bad Karma to surrounding targets, which provides heals if the target attacks a player.
    Uses to DPS: Bestows Bad Karma to surrounding targets. Enemies with Bad Karma will damage each other. Useful for PVP as a knockback since it is Useable While Controlled

    Invocation of Renewal
    Power Cost: 340
    [Requires Rejuvenate][Requires Level 12][Vulnerable to Interrupt]
    Invoke the arcane, knocking down nearby enemies while restoring health to you and nearby alies overtime. Group members below 35% health will be healed faster.
    Power Interactions: Grants a Golden Soul Aura that increases healing critical chance by 10%.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to Healers: Provides knockback and 10 smaller tics of heals while unleashing a burst group heal at the end.

    Weapon of Destiny
    Power Cost: 340
    [Requires Vengeance][Requires Level 12]
    Afflicts Bad Karma for 8 seconds. The damage it causes only applies to the primary target. The duration of the power is 12 seconds or 3 attacks, 4 if Bad Karma is already inflicted, whichever comes first.
    Power Interactions: Depending on your role, inflicts Bad Karma so that enemy attacks either heal their targets or damage their own allies; enemies with Bad Karma may be Polymorphed into harmless animals.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 45% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to Healers: Bestows Bad Karma, which provides a heal when the target attacks a player.
    Uses to DPS: Provides might-based (yellow) damage to the targets when struck by the player's weapon. Three yellow ticks will occur if the target does not have Bad Karma. Four yellow ticks will occur if the target does have Bad Karma. It can be used to clip powers.
    • Notes:Very fast might based damage in addition to your precision damage activated by your next 3-4 weapon attacks only whether ranged or melee. Can also be used to clip other powers.
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    Circle of Destruction
    Power Cost: 350
    [Requires Invocation of Renewal][Requires Level 16][Vulnerable to Interrupt]
    Depending on your role, casts a field to damage enemies or heal allies.
    Power Interactions: Polymorphed and Bad Karma affected enemies are slowed and take damage over time.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to Healers: Large AoE heal that is placed at your targets feet or yours if none is selected. Grants healing over time to any that enter regardless if they stay in it.
    Uses to DPS: Causes significant damage to any enemy in it's sigil. It also causes additional damage over time to Polymorphed targets and those with Bad Karma while slowing them.
    • Notes:This is a key move for sorcery. It puts a DoT on all enemies within wide range. As if this wasn't good enough, any enemy inflicted with Bad Karma gets a second, smaller DoT on them as well and are slowed. It's great for fights in with little movement.

    Final Ruin
    Power Cost: 350
    [Requires Weapon of Destiny][Requires Level 16]
    Bombard your target with arcane energy, dealing additional damage to enemies at 35% health or below.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to DPS: Causes significant damage to the target when under 35% health. When performing this power back to back, be sure to sandwich a weapon/power combo between it.
    • Notes:Final ruin is situational though useful. It's the finishing touch and also boss killer for DPS. At 35% or less it can hit bosses pretty hard if it crits.
    [Requires Level 8][25% Supercharge Cost]
    For a short time, polymorphs an enemy into a harmless animal and bestows healing on all allies who strike it.
    Uses to Healers: Polymorphs target and bestows healing to players that strike it. Not an optimal choice as a healing SC. The Healing effect still applies after the duration of the transformation is over.
    Uses to DPS: Heals a single tick of damage and Polymorphs target.
    Note:This does NOT Polymorph Players in PVP. It Stuns and Grounds them instead.

    Baleful Transmogrification
    [Requires Level 8][50% Supercharge Cost]
    Hex your enemies, heavily damaging, rooting, stunning, and turning them into pitiful beasts! Those caught in the effects are damaged over time. Uses for Healers/DPS: Polymorphs a large group of enemies bestowing healing to players who strike the targets. Circle of Destiny-esque sigil. It does three total ticks of damage to those effected.

    Arbiter of Destiny
    [Requires Karmic Backlash][Requires Level 16][Usable While Controlled][50% Supercharge Cost]
    Transforms you into the ultimate agent of Destiny by imbuing all Destiny powers with inexhaustible power; weapon attacks are not usable in this form.
    Uses to Healers/DPS: Upon transforming, you are provided with a new loadout of you choosing and the ability to spam every power on the bar without ever consuming any power. The form also provides: 30% Critical Ability Attack Chance, 15% Critical Ability Attack Damage, 40% Critical Healing Chance, 50%Critical Healing Magnitude, 100% Healing Bonus. When you return to normal form, you will again have full power.
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    Summoning Tree

    Harness the souls of fallen foes to increase your power and call forth powerful entities and objects to do your bidding! Specializing in this tree grants +1% critical attack chance and +2% critical healing chance.
    [Healing Role]
    In the Healing role all damage you cause is penalized by 25%. All Health restoration and damage prevention effects you trigger are increased by 65%.
    [Player versus Player]
    While in the Healing role you have a special advantage versus Ice and Fire power users. Your super powers completely negate their nigh impenetrable defenses, leaving them weakened and vulnerable. Attacking them may inspire Confidence within you, briefly increasing your damage by 70%.

    Summon Guardian
    Power Cost: 333
    Summons a defensive Guardian to stun, knockdown and damage your enemies. If your health drops below 50% it will taunt enemies.
    Power Interactions: Grants Red Soul Aura by accessing the souls of defeated enemies
    Uses to Healer/Dps:Acts as a tank if your health falls below 50%. Useful while leveling up and most content.
    • Notes:The Guardian is a defensive oriented pet that uses Brawling combos. It uses it's power bar to taunt enemies via Arcane Sweep. This special attack is capable of Knock down and pulling multiple targets. He doesn't initiate fights, much like other pets, but he will step into his role once you attack.

    Boon of Souls
    Power Cost: 270
    [Usable While Controlled]
    Summons a barrier to prevent damage to you and three group members.
    Power Interactions: When the Red Soul Aura is active, enemies will take damage when they strike your shield.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    • Notes:Absorb Damage 100%
    • Boon of Souls scales the maximum damage it may prevent based upon your Restoration score. It prevents damage equal to 60% of your Restoration while in the Damage role and 125% of your Restoration in the Healer role.
    • Boon of Souls will also only prevent up to three hits of damage until its duration expires. Each hit is only counted every 1.5 seconds.
    Conjure Soul Well
    Power Cost: 250
    Conjure a Soul Well to damage nearby enemies; heals nearby allies or improves their offense depending on your role.
    Power Interactions: Grants Red Soul Aura by accessing the souls of enemies defeated by the soul well.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to DPS:Applies a small DoT to any enemy nearby and offers a buff of 3% Crit Ability Chance and Critical Weapon Attack Chance for 60 seconds to yourself and allies when you kill enemies in it's vicinity. The buff does not stack but the DoT's do if multiple Soul Wells are conjured.
    Uses to Healers:Applies small ticks of healing for any allies nearby and also grants a moderate heal to allies when an enemy is killed nearby. Healing ticks stack when multiple Soul Wells are Conjured.
    • Note:If two Sorcery Healers conjure multiple Soul Wells, only the last Soul Well conjured will give off the burst heals upon enemy death.
    Ritualistic Word
    Power Cost: 200
    These spellbound words will heal you and up to three allies.
    Power Interactions: Provides a shield for the Watcher and restores Power over time.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
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    Summon Watcher/Fury
    Power Cost: 333
    [Requires Boon of Souls][Requires Level 8]
    Summons a Watcher to attack enemies and heal yourself. Hold the Summon Watcher button for three seconds to banish it.
    Power Interactions: Grants Red Soul Aura by accessing the souls of defeated enemies.
    Uses to DPS: Does support damage and occasionally casts Soul Siphon
    Uses to Healers: Cast heals to yourself and allies without consuming your power and aids in damage mitigation.
    • The Watcher is a healing oriented pet. It uses it's power bar to cast Soul Siphon as it's special attack, which can actually help spread the bad Karma and also heal if you are in Healer Role. It may be a bit fragile but due to the effects of Ritualistic Word and Offering, a shield is given to protect it.
    • The Fury is a Damage oriented pet that uses Handblaster combos. It uses it's power bar to attack enemies via Arcane Barrage and Transmutation. It is capable of doing considerable damage and it's power bar can be refilled via Offering.
    Soul Barrage
    Power Cost: 333
    [Requires Wrath][Requires Level 8]
    Launch 5 deadly soul projectiles at your enemies, damaging them in quick succession and knocking them down.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 35% until hit counter resets.

    Power Cost: 300
    [Requires Soul Well][Requires Level 12]
    Turn physical force into a force of magic. Blast your target with burst of supernatural energy damaging and knocking them down.
    Power Interactions: Deals additional damage to enemies afflicted with Bad Karma or while Red Soul Aura is active.
    Healer Role: Explodes enemies to heal nearby allies.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 45% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to Healer:Viable healing option for Tank and Melee DPS.
    Uses to DPS:Another ranged DPS option that benefits from Bad Karma/Red Soul Aura.

    Power Cost: 425
    [Requires Summon Watcher][Requires Level 16]
    This cabalistic offering will give power to your pets over time.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).

    Shard of Life
    Power Cost: 350
    [Requires Transmutation][Requires Level 16]
    Create an explosive, magical shard above your target damaging it as well as nearby enemies.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to Healer:Grants 10 ticks of healing to allies in the AoE of the Shard. Useful short to long range healing.
    Uses to DPS:It does initial AoE damage to enemies followed by 4 ticks of damage over time to all effected.
    • Notes:Shard of Life has become a staple for any Sorcery Dps load out due to it's ability to apply Bad Karma from a distance. It also puts a nice DoT on anything it touches.
    Soul Storm
    Power Cost: 330
    [Requires Summon Fury][Requires Level 16]
    Release a barrage of sorcerous projectiles at your enemies, damaging them and knocking them down.
    Power Interactions:Deals additional damage to enemies afflicted with Bad Karma or when Red Soul Aura is active.
    Damage Role: Increases all damage by 50% until the hit counter resets (at least 5 seconds).
    Uses to DPS:Shoots five bolts at enemies in front of you. It has no cast time though it is channeled. Close to Long range ability.

    [Requires Level 8][50% Supercharge Cost][Vulnerable to Interrupt]
    Transcend the mundane and cast a powerful spell of protection. While active, incoming damage and impulses are prevented. Power and heal are also significantly restored to the group over time.
    Uses to Healer/DPS:Grants some damage immunity, health and power to allies for 12 seconds.

    Grand Summoning
    [Requires Level 8][50% Supercharge Cost]
    Summons a terrifying triumvirate of Grand Watcher, Fury, and Guardian to fight freely at your side with devastating proficiency.
    Healer/Dps:When summoned, the Grand Watcher, Fury and Guardian all use their respective powers except in a greater form.
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    Enchanted Armor
    Sorcery may come across to many people as a pure might based class, which it is in a sense, but there are many different ways that our powerset can be played. It's important to mod yourself according to your play style. With the introduction of Weapon Mastery it may be more beneficial to mod a little heavier on Precision since the bulk of your damage comes from Weapon Mastery combos.

    Head and Shoulders-Precision/Power
    Legs and Body-Precision/Health
    Hands, Waist, Feet, Back-Precision/Might

    Head and Shoulder-Restoration and Precision
    Legs and Chest-Restoration/Health
    Hands, Feet, Back, Waist-Restoration or Restoration/Precision
    Rings- Restoration or Restoration/Precision

    Lair Mods:Below are some suggestions for how you could mod your gear using the newly added Lair functions. Everything is personal preference but I took the liberty of listing what worked best from my experience.

    Weapon:Absorption/Blast Adapter
    Neck:*Escalating Might*/Relentless Precision
    Chest:Penetrating Strikes/Core Strength
    Hands:Empowered Channeling/Regenerative Shielding
    Back:Breakout Regeneration/Protection
    Feet:Explosive Block/Dashing Combos/Tumbling Master

    Weapon:Restorative/Replenishing Adapter
    Neck:Focused Restoration/Fortified Blocking
    Chest:Extended Supercharge/Core Strength
    Hands:Regenerative Shielding
    Back:Breakout Regeneration
    Feet:Inertial Inversion/Empowered Glide/Explosive Block

    *Sorcery powers that activate Escalating Might (Vengeance, Condemn, Soul Siphon, Final Ruin, Transmutation, Karmic Backlash, Soul Storm, Soul Well,and Soul Barrage)*
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    Playing as a Sorcery DPS
    Sorcery is an amazing power set for DPS and has a lot of potential for damage. It's an all-around power that excels at Single Target damage, Burst Damage and Damage over Time(DoT). So without further ado, let's get started!

    Power Interactions
    Users of the mystical arts of Sorcery have quite varied ways to combine their powers to create interesting and diverse effects. By tapping into the Destiny tree, Sorcery players can inflict their opponents with Bad Karma and follow up with superpowers that take advantage of this. Or, by using superpowers from the Summoning tree, they can grant themselves special auras to enhance their other powers.

    Bad Karma:is very straightforward - you infect your opponent with the karma and you follow up with superpowers that interact with Bad Karma. This means either polymorphing your foe and causing them additional harm while they are helpless animals, or alternatively using the Power Interaction to further damage them It's duration is 8 secs per effect.
    • Powers that benefit from Bad Karma(Vengeance, Karmic Backlash, Weapon of Destiny, Circle of Destruction, Transmutation, Fury, and Soul Storm.)
    • While Bad Karma is inflicted on enemies, Whenever they attack you or your allies, they cause damage to other enemies nearby
    Red Soul Aura:is a little more complex as it first involves granting yourself the Aura by killing an enemy while an Red Soul Aura spell is active (either a Summon, Soul Siphon, or Soul Well). Once you have a Red Soul Aura, you can then use a superpower that consumes the Aura and grants the power an additional effect.
    • Boosts damage for certain powers powers while Red Soul Aura is active.
    • Powers that benefit from Red Soul Aura:(Boon Of Souls, Fury, Soul Storm, Transmutation.)
    • Duration is 60seconds.
    Damage Options
    For damage options we have Burst, Single Target, and DoT load outs that we can use depending on the fight. Below are powers and load outs that could be considered for situations.

    Burst Damage:These powers are great when used against 2-3+ targets or more. It helps thin out the crowd and also increase damage output.
    • Transmutation
    • Soul Barrage
    • Fury
    • Weapon of Destiny
    • Soul Storm
    • Shard of Life
    Single Target Damage:These powers are very useful when fighting a boss or focus firing a target that needs to die fast.
    • Weapon of Destiny
    • Final Ruin
    • Vengeance
    • Shard of Life
    • Fury
    Damage over Time:These powers are great "Fire and Forget" powers that can all stack with each other for insane damage to groups or bosses.
    • Soul Well
    • Circle of Destruction
    • Shard of Life
    • Condemn
    • Fury

    Clipping:There are some effective ways to clip sorcery powers. The use of Utility belts increased the potential of this alternate way but I'll list some clipping methods I use below. Also, if you don't have Karmic Hex, I strongly recommend you get it. It's ability to place Bad Karma and clipping abilities for sorcery is useful beyond words.
    • Weapon Combo > Power >Boon of Souls
    • Weapon Combo > Power >Weapon of Destiny
    • Weapon Combo > Power >Invocation of Renewal > Jump Cancel
    • Weapon Combo > Power >Ritualistic Word
    • Weapon Combo > Power >Rejuvenate
    • Weapon Combo > Power >Neo-Venom Boost
    • Weapon Combo > Power >Karmic Hex I-V
    • Weapon Combo > Power >Soda Coler
    • Weapon Combo > Power >Trinket
    These are all effective ways of clipping your powers as effective as possible.

    Playing with a fellow Sorcery DPS
    As Sorcery may be one of the higher tiered DPS power sets, you're likely to encounter players that are Sorcery as well. These are some things to keep in mind when playing with other Sorcery DPS's.
    1. Only the last Circle of Destruction cast will inflict DoT to targets.
    2. Only the last Shard of Life cast will inflict DoT to targets.
    3. Both players can use and spread each other's Bad Karma.
    4. Both players can stack Soul Wells with each other.
    DPS'ing with Fury
    As you know, we have access to an awesome pet called Fury. It can act as a permanent sidekick doing continuous damage through the entire duration of his lifespan. He is the ultimate "Fire and Forget" power.
    • Fury, and other pets, do not regain power in combat.
    • Fury, and other pets, are only powered with Ritualistic Word, Offering, or being out of combat.
    • Fury does increased damage with Red Soul Aura or Bad Karma active.
    Some sample load outs with Fury:
    • Fury, Offering, CoD, WoD, Shard, Transmutation.
    • Fury, Offering, CoD, Vengeance, Shard, Transmutation.
    • Fury, Offering, Soul Barrage, Shard, Transmutation, Soul Well.
    • Fury, Offering, Soul Barrage, WoD, Shard, Transmutation.
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    Magical Warfare:Pvp aspects of Sorcery

    PvP'ing as DPS
    PvPing as a Sorcery dps is incredibly effective in PvP. It has an array of powers that can do damage in a variety of ways. It is important to get all of the breakout innates in the movement tree for power regen as well as the necessary Iconic innates when going into arenas.

    Powers to consider:

    Weapon Of Destiny - WoD is a key weapon in your PvP arsenal. Never step into an arena without it. It's the closest thing sorcery has to quick burst damage that can potentially kill an opponent very fast if used in conjunction with Bad Karma and a quick combo. If you were to unload a 1-Handed Flurry on an opponent with WoD, you would rack up the 4 precision hits along side with the 4 Might based hits from WoD. The quick cooldown allows you to lay on the punishment giving them little time for healing and recovery.

    Final Ruin - Final Ruin is as situational in PvP as it is in PvE. Though it's use is unprecedented. It can be the game changer for many matches. It makes the difference between a healer/troller living and dying before they can heal and/or be healed. A Final Ruin critting high can finish off a weakened opponent before he has a chance to be saved and thrown at the end of a quick combo, you eliminate all chances of this occuring.

    Circle of Destruction -Circle of Destruction is your own personal homefield advantage. It can cover any node in the game and gives you a constant DoT on the target(s). Regardless of what they are doing they will take continuous damage and if you manage to inflict Bad Karma it will add another DoT and also slow them down swaying the battle in your favor. Always keep this down whenever available.

    Shard of Life- Shard of Life is a great power for any PvP match. It adds a DoT on targets while the fight continues. Not only that but it can set up Bad Karma on a group leading to multiple other powers. It also has a short cool down making it viable in numerous situations.

    PvP Strategies

    It's important to note that clipping plays a huge part of DPS'ing in general but even more so in PvP. Thankfully, most of our powers are instant cast powers so we can use this to our advantage. It's important to spend as little time in animations as possible as they may leave you vulnerable to damage.

    Clipping powers that can be used for PvP:
    • Weapon of Destiny:When clipped into weapon attacks like HB's Uppercut or 1-H's Flurry, you unleash all ticks of damage almost simultaneously.
    • Boon of Souls:It mitigates much less damage in DPS stance but it can be used to clip powers. It can also be used to protect you from some damage when you've been interrupted/countered.
    • Rejuvenate:Can be used to clip powers in DPS stance as well but also allows you to proc the "Polymorph" effect from the Golden Soul Aura it grants if you attack an enemy with Bad Karma. Granted, enemy players now become rooted/stunned instead of Polymorphed, the effect is still useful.
    Certain powers are more useful when in different arenas. 1v1-8v8 environments differ because there is less or more going on. It's particularly useful to have strong options for single target damage because focus firing a target with massive damage is often key for most Arena matches. So, things like Vengeance, Final Ruin, and Condemn may be useful.

    PvP'ing with Pets
    Using Pets in PvP aren't as effective as they are in PvE. The Fury can be used but enemy players are more resilient to it's damage. It should also be noted that power is costly in PvP so keeping one powered can become costly. Though they can serve as damage mitigators as well I wouldn't recommend it especially in competitive PvP.

    Sample PvP DPS Loadouts
    1. Circle of Destruction, Shard of Life, Weapon of Destiny, Final Ruin, Boon of Souls, Karmic Backlash.
    2. Condemn, Vengeance, Final Ruin, Weapon of Destiny, Circle of Destruction, Boon of Souls.
    3. Circle of Destruction, Vengeance, Final Ruin, Weapon of Destiny, Grand Summoning, Boon of Souls
    PvP'ing as a Healer
    Healing in PvP can be quite hectic as you are usually public enemy #1. At times, keeping yourself alive may be harder than keeping the group alive in competitive PvP. Keeping things in mind like Kiting, which is easy as an Acro or Speedster, and power management can prolong your life as well as the groups.
    1. Kiting:is the method of keeping an enemy chasing you while avoiding their attacks. Speedsters can double jump and Acros have the Tumble mod. It is a bit harder to kite as a flier.
    2. Power Management:Power can be precious in PvP environments and they are not the best environment for spamming healers. You will undoubtedly suffer many debuffs as well as the onslaught of DPS so maintaing efficiency is important to keep yourself as well as your group alive.
    Powers to consider:
    • Circle of Destiny:A huge AoE HoT that encompasses the whole field of combat in most cases. More often than not, it will benefit the entire group.
    • Shard of Life:This power has two purposes as a healer. It inflicts Bad Karma on all enemies hit by it. It also grants a HoT as well as the healing effect from Bad Karma.
    • Transmutation:This can be useful if enemies constantly have Bad Karma. Particularly more useful in 4v4's and up because it procs off of each target with Bad Karma. Even more useful if allies use Karmic Hex to insure infinite Bad Karma application.
    • Boon of Souls:As useful in PvP as it is in PvE. It can protect allies from a few heavy hits or giving them a few seconds for that soda to cool down. Shields can be stripped but they are still useful.
    • Transcendence:Restores power and Health to all allies over time while also preventing some damage. A great SC to use in a pinch.
    • The Watcher:The Watcher can be great in PvP due to him being a support healer with his own power bar. He can also serve as a damage mitigator/distraction to opponents.
    Sample Healing Loadouts:
    1. Circle of Destiny, Boon of Souls, Shard of Life, Watcher, Ritualistic Word, Transcendence.
    2. Circle of Destiny, Boon of Souls, Soul Siphon, Transmutation, Shard of Life, Transcendence.
    3. Circle of Destiny, Shard of Life, Rejuvenate, Watcher, Boon of Souls, Transcendence.
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    The Art of Healing-Healing Aspects of Sorcery

    General Knowledge:Sorcery healing has a variety of healing capabilities and probably the most of all of the powersets. It can be very effective with the use of the Watcher coupled with other healing combinations. This section will cover some important healing principles, tips and things to keep in mind when healing.

    Gold Soul Aura:This is an aura that grants a 10% crit healing chance when on your next casted heal. Powers that grant this aura include Rejuvenate, Soul Siphon and Invocation of Renewal.
    Uses to Healers:Grants a 10% Healing crit chance on next heal. Duration is 15 seconds.

    When playing with another Sorcery Healer:
    • Boon of souls always shields the caster and the 3 members with the lowest health. If both use it, it is being overwritten on those 3, which means it only shields the healers and 3 others.
    • The Circles do NOT cancel each other out so both healers are able to use them and apply HoT's.
    • It may be beneficial for one to run Sacrificial Offering to supply power to both Watchers, if two are summoned.
    • If a Sorcery DPS in the raid puts Bad Karma on a target, you can spread it with Soul Siphon and still create heals from it even though you didn't inflict the original Bad Karma.
    • The healing procs from Soul Well when enemies die DO cancel each other out. The Soul Well that was last raised will proc the heals upon enemy deaths.
    Healing Options

    Healing with Bad Karma
    Bad Karma is a simple method of healing to use.
    • While in Healer role any Bad Karma you inflict enemies with, heals any allies that they attack. Keep in mind, you still take full damage from the attacks.
    • Healing is factored by Resto, not damage taken.
    • It's most effective when large groups of enemies are effected by Bad Karma.
    • Transmutation gives an nice AoE heal to any ally within range when Bad Karma or Red Soul Aura is active. This effect procs from any enemy hit with Transmutation while RSA is up or any enemy with Bad Karma.
    Healing with The Watcher
    The Watcher is the best heal assisting pet in the game.
    • It throws group heals out via Soul Siphon.
    • It has it's own power bar and can still throw heals even when your own power bar is empty.
    • It can be un-summoned and re-summoned to return with a full power bar.
    • It also attacks for mediocre damage.
    Healing with Sorcery Powers
    There are a wide variety of Healing powers that give you full control of combat.
    • Every healing power except Rejuvenate is capable of healing NPC's.
    • Ritualistic Word, Rejuvenate and Invocation of Renewal are all powers that can clip other animations.
    • Soul Well thrives in environments with multiple adds as it procs heals when enemies die in it's vicinity.
    • Ritualistic Word is a great group healing power for yourself and up to three allies. It also provides power and a shield to your watcher.
    • Players need only touch the Circle of Destiny once to receive it's healing effects. Works well in
    Healing Strategies
    Below are some good Healing combinations to keep your group alive.

    Basic Healing combos that are good enough for any alert/duo content.
    • Soul Siphon + Rejuvenate: Quick burst heal to lowest ally and also AoE heal too.
    • Ritualistic Word + Boon of Souls:Group Heal, Power for the Watcher, and protection for group members.
    • Shard of Life + Transmutation:HoT for the Tank or Melee DPS + Burst heals for the group.
    • Soul Siphon + Transmutation:Great AoE + Burst Heal combo for any ally within sight.
    More Advanced combos that can be used for solo healing/raid content.
    • Soul Siphon + Rejuvenate + Ritualistic Word: Great burst group healing for any ally in danger or in sight.
    • Circle of Destiny + Rejuvenate + Ritualistic Word: HoT for all nearby and group healing.
    • Shard of Life + Ritualistic Word + Boon of Souls:HoT for Tank/Melee DPS, Group Healing and Shielding.
    • Transmutation(If BK or RSA active) + Ritualistic Word + Rejuvenate:Burst Healing for all allies in sight.
    • Soul Siphon + Ritualistic Word + Invocation of Renewal:Heavy AoE Group Healing for allies within sight.
    Maximizing your Healing Potential
    Aside from correct gear and modding it's also beneficial to allocate your skill points in the most effective way for your role. Below are a list of all of the current Healing Innate abilities that you may benefit from. Listed below are all of the healing bonuses gained.

    Two Handed~Down to Mega Smash:+3% Crit Heal Chance, +138 Resto
    Rifle~Down to Flame Thrower:+3% Crit Heal Chance, +135 Resto
    Brawling~Down to Launching Uppercut:+3% Crit Heal Chance, +138 Resto

    Shield~Down to Shield Uppercut:+138 Resto
    Martial Arts~Down to Elbow Drop:+93 Resto, +3% Crit Heal Magnitude
    Dual Pistol~Down to Magnum Round:+93 Resto, +12% Crit Heal Magnitude
    Dual Wield~Down to Dual Flurry:+93 Resto, 3% Crit Heal Chance

    Staff~Down to Downward Smash Combo:+12% Crit Heal Magnitude, +135 Resto
    One Handed~Down to Flurry:+12% Crit Heal Magnitude, +138 Resto
    Hand Blasters~Down to Power Discharge:+12% Crit Heal Magnitude, +138 Resto
    Bow~Down to Bow Slam:+12% Crit Heal Magnitude, +135 Resto
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  9. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Sorcery Healing
    There are several ways to heal with Sorcery whether it's close range or far, PvE or PvP. In this portion of the guide you will find some sample and community loadouts that can be useful in various situations.

    "Mythic Savant" -A more traditional yet solid approach to ranged healing in PvE content.
    [Rejuvenate - Circle of Destiny - Boon of Souls - Ritualistic Word - Watcher - Transcendence]
    This is a standard and effective loadout that would suffice in anything up to endgame for those new to Sorcery. Rejuvenate keeps players that are taking the most damage alive. Circle of Destiny should generally be active. The Watcher heals on it's own and will throw substantial group heals as long as you keep it powered with Ritualistic Word, which also provides burst healing to the group. Transcendence is the emergency button for sticky situations while Boon of Souls shields the group.

    "Dark Druid" A mixture of various abilities that provide optimal healing in different situations.
    [Rejuvenate - Ritualistic Word - Shard of Life - Invocation of Renewal - Watcher - Transmutation]

    This loadout is for those healers looking for something different. It does not rely on a supercharge or Circle of Destiny. It is unconventional but I assure you, it works. Rejuvenate is your staple, as always. The Watcher and Ritualistic Word are the bread and butter of this loadout as they will continuously pump out heals. Shard of Life and Transmutation will both provide excellent group heals when used, preferably followed by Ritualistic Word or Rejuvenate for clipping purposes. Ex: (Shard > Ritualistic Word > Transmutation > Rejuvenate etc). Invocation of Renewal is the clutch huge group heal that can be cast while the others are currently going so it you minimize casualties.

    "Healing Hands"- This is more of a melee/mid range loadout that can be used in PvE or PvP
    [Rejuvenate - Transmutation - Circle of Destiny - Ritualistic Word - Soul Well - Soul Siphon]
    This loadout's strength is in rapid healing and HoT's. Shard of Life inflicts Bad Karma to everything in the vicinity. This produces healing from the Bad Karma effect in addition to Soul Siphon's own healiing. Siphon can thrive in mid range where 4 targets are present. Shard of Life's AoE range gives a HoT to any ally within range. Rejuvenate will always be the clutch heal and Circle of Destiny will grant another HoT hit any near the selected target in addition to Ritualistic Word's burst healing. Cast Soul Well up so the buff generates to everyone along with the HoT from that.

    Mr FeelsGood's "Good Karma"-A loadout focused on the Healing properties of Bad Karma
    [Circle of Destiny- Soul Well - Karmic Backlash - Soul Siphon - Rejuvenate - Transcendence / Arbiter of Destiny]
    As long as the DPS are burning adds keeping soul well active it heals better than CoP. Also Soul Siphon keeps BK spreading and excellent small burst heal clipped with rejuv to top those off that are more injured. When I'm in arbiter I only use rejuv for healing. Everything else is a DPS power even in healer stance.

    Healing rotation goes like CoP/Rejuv ~ combo ~ KB/Soul Siphon/rejuv ~ combo SW/rejuv
    Healing with load out is still situational but most important things for me is:
    - CoP needs to be active
    - Soul Well up at all times
    - Soul Siphon/Rejuv when burst heals are needed

    Forced Penance's "Jack of All Trades"
    [Normal Loadout:Rejuvenate - Ritualistic Word - Circle of Destiny - Soul Well/Boon of Souls/Invocation of Renewal - Shard of Life - Watcher/Guardian]
    [Solo/Duo/Alerts:Rejuvenate - Ritualistic Word - Soul Well - Circle of Destiny - Shard of Life - Guardian(especially if there isn't a tank)]
    • Alert bosses, raids, or anytime more intensive healing is needed over a sustained fight, I will swap Soulwell for IoR and Guardian for the Watcher.
    • Boon of Souls I have available to swap in during raids when running with another Sorcery healer to spread the possible buffs around.
    • I find this build is a fairly swiss army knife of healing, able to swap a power or two on my loadout in a couple seconds between fights to meet whatever is coming ahead. Good for those without armories to swap builds quickly. I used this build to level through tiers 4, 5, and now tier 6 with minimal difficulties.
    • I run a Hand Blaster > Bow weapon mastery from range and only enter melee, from the air slightly above the tank, to drop Soul Wells then run back out.
    Nova's "Esoteric Might"A variation of my personal loadout I use to heal end game content.
    [Rejuvenate - Circle of Destiny - Ritualistic Word - Transmutation - Soul Siphon - Boon of Souls/Arbiter of Destiny]
    This Loadout is designed to heal in any situation. It is equipped with burst heals, HoT's, a shield and also a huge group heal. It lacks a Supercharge but if you spec your points correctly Arbiter of Destiny is reachable to be swapped in and out as needed.
    • Rejuvenate and Circle of Destiny are the main heals for the Tank.
    • Soul Siphon + Transmutation is a bread and butter combo for group healing.
    • Ritualistic Word can be used for a quick group heal while Boon of Souls helps mitigate damage.
    • Soul Siphon clipped with Rejuvenate/Ritualistic Word is an excellent "Burst Heal" even more so when Soul Siphon hits 4 targets(max).
    • Arbiter of Destiny is invaluable now due to the animation delay no longer being an issue. Free spamming with instant cast group heals.
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  10. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Might and Magic
    Sorcery is very versatile in the sense that it can be fully effective whether at long range or close range depending on your play style. Below I've posted some basic loadouts as well as some from experienced Sorcery Dps'ers in the DCUO community. If you have questions and concerns feel free to ask and we will gladly clarify or explain further.
    Sorcery DPS can be split between Might or Precision & Might mods, depending on your weapon.

    If you choose to use the Grenade Launcher or Ranged Attack of any weapon (preferably Grenade Launcher), Might-only builds are the way to go, as you can spam the Double Grenade ticks with Final Ruin, or you can just clip your other powers really quickly for massive damage.
    Note:All of the loadouts, melee oriented specifically, can be used with with Karmic Hex.

    Rouge Mage:A standard Dps loadout that provides substantial damage from a distance.
    [Circle Of Destruction -Weapon of Destiny - Final Ruin - Vengeance- Soul Well - Shard of Life]
    This is a basic Sorcery Dps and it's fairly easy to use. It consists of a play style that caters to Ranged Dps and it thrives off of burst combo damage and damage over time.
    • Soul Well generates a crit buff and does damage over time so it's best to keep them active whenever. It can be clipped by Weapon of Destiny which sets the stage for Circle of Destruction.
    • Vengeance and Weapon of Destiny can be cycled for great single target damage.
    • Shard + CoD sets up instant AoE damage.
    • Final Ruin can be used to finish off tougher targets.
    Karmic Mayhem:A standard melee loadout for those that prefer close bursty AoE.
    [Soul Barrage - Weapon of Destiny - Circle of Destruction ~ Transmutation - Shard of Life - Vengeance]
    This loadout is melee oriented and focuses on damage from Bad Karma.
    • Bad Karma can initially be applied through Shard of Life which allows for Transmutation, CoD, and Vengeance to do maximum damage.
    • Soul Barrage excels at close range and can hit multiple targets up to 5 times each.
    • Weapon of Destiny and Vengeance are the bread and butter for single target damage.
    • Clipping Shard of Life/Transmutation/Circle of Destruction with Karmic Hex/Weapon of Destiny would be ideal.
    Grand Summoner:A loadout built around the Summoning Tree and Red Soul Aura interactions. [Circle of Destiny - Transmutation - Shard of Life - Fury - Offering - Soul Well/Grand Summoning
    • When able, Shard should be used to apply Bad Karma for Circle of Destiny's benefit.
    • While those DoT's are going, Transmutation and and Fury can reap the rewards of Bad Karma as well.
    • Use Offering to keep Fury powered and Karmic Hex to clip it's animation for smooth rotations.
    • Soul Well for additional DoT(s) and the Crit bonus it grants to all of your damage.
    • Grand Summoning is a 50% SC that only lasts 30 seconds but the damage of it has been boosted greatly. For all three pets to focus fire one target is where it really shines but they are capable of decimating several foes as well. Switch Soul Well out for it when your supercharge is full.
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  11. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    SirMuttonChop's Dark Nexus:Not So Power Hungry Sorcery
    [Soul Well - Weapon of Destiny - Circle of Destruction - Shard of Life - Transmutation - Vengeance]
    • My utility belt has at least Karmic Hex in the consumable slot during this raid (and plenty in my inventory). And I'm using a Rifle for this.
    The rotation is simple. First, you set up your long term DoT's.

    • Grenade Launcher - Soul Well - Weapon
    • Grenade Launcher - Circle - Karmic Hex
    Then you have to focus on your burst damage. Although Shard applies a DoT, it does not last very long, your rotation will include it as burst, but it will work as a break.

    • Grenade Launcher - Shard of Life
    • Grenade Launcher - Transmute/Vengeance
    • Grenade Launcher - Transmute/Vengeance

    Transmute/Vengeance means that I use Transmute in mutli-target scenarios and Vengeance during single target scenarios. Remember to clip with Weapon of Destiny every chance you get, and whenever you can place a Soul Well or Circle, do so. Make sure to have plenty to clip with, be it consumables or trinkets because those two have long animations.

    AntiBezz's Karmic Destruction:AntiBezz's Lazy Sorcery Guide[Soul Well - Circle of Destruction - Fury- Offering - Shard of Life - Weapon of Destiny
    Pretty much use Hand Blasters doing the range combo into Explosive Shot. I have already master clipping it to get damage since I don't need the WM Mechanic for the crit boost. I literally make sure my entire bar is red lol. Shard of Life is always used if Soul Well, Circe of Destruction, Offering aren't on cool down and I clip everything with WoD of course. I recommend using this Awesome Mechanic as I honestly think it is better than Transmutation WN that probably everyone uses lol, but you never know.

    Renzhe's Magical Destruction- Weapon of Destiny, Karmic Backlash, Circle of Destruction, Final Ruin, Soul Siphon, Neo Venom Boost
    My focus nowadays is to get top in damage out versus power in, and not just damage out.
    Power point allocation:
    - Destiny Tree - Everything except Baleful and Polymorph.
    - Summoning Tree - Zero.
    - Iconic Powers - Weapons Expert, Tactical Genius, Wisdom of Solomon (+50 Vit, 100 Power), Nanoweave Armor (+ 50 Defense, 100 Toughness), Neo Venom Boost

    In raids, where range DPS is necessary (eclipso, tala, magic avatar in gates), swap Karmic Backlash with Vengeance. Sometimes, pugging raids, I've found it useful to swap out Soul Siphon and use Arbiter as a backup while in DPS. This only occurs if I find that the healer(s) are sub-par and can't be trusted.
    Utility belt - Pvp trinket, CC DPS trinket, Fos DPS trinket, Boo pet. First 3 are self-explanatory. I clip COD with Boo pet cos its the same animation, so time saved.

    Renzhe's Magical Destruction (PVP) - Weapon of Destiny, Karmic Backlash, Circle of Destruction, Final Ruin, Soul Siphon, Neo Venom Boost
    Arbiter Loadout (Pve PvP) - Rejuvenate, Soul Siphon, Circle of Protection, Condemn, Vengeance, Final Ruin. Sometimes swap Vengeance with IoR.
    • 3 DPS trinkets (CC, FOS, Boo). Continuous cycling ensures you always are buffed up.
    • No troller? Swap NVB with Arbiter.
    • In 1v1, 2v2, swap Soul Siphon and NVB with Vengeance and Arbiter. Escalating Might for 3 might stacks (Karmic Backlash, Soul Siphon, Final Ruin). With the escalating might mod, now, even if you hit a target @ 90% health with Final Ruin, you still get a might proc. Sometimes, if you aim right, you hit a target @ 60% health, but the 2nd tick gets a crit of 2k-3k, up to 4k max. This is because the other DPS are also hitting the target, or there are AOE powers hitting.
    Nova's Arcane Nightmare-A variation of one of my own personal loadouts.
    [Circle of Destruction - Weapon of Destiny - Shard of Life - Transmutation - Offering - Fury]
    This loadout is one of three I currently run in the T6 content. Fury is always summoned. Shard of Life Weapon of Destiny usually starts things off. Once the Bad Karma is out and about Circle of Destruction comes into play. I always start fights in this order because Shard infects nearly everything with BK. From that point on, an assortment of weapon combos ensue until it's time to renew Shard and/or CoD. These are a a few combos you could use:
    1. Shard of Life + Weapon of Destiny > Circle of Destruction
    2. WM Combo > WM Combo > Shard of Life/Transmutation + Weapon of Destiny
    3. Offering > Weapon of Destiny > WM Combo > WM Combo > Transmutation + WoD
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  12. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Weapon Mastery
    Weapon Mastery has changed the game tremendously and it's important to understand the effects that it has had on the game. It has become the new way of playing for all roles. There are several combos that all do different amounts of damage. First, it's important to understand the crit buff weapon values*:

    Staff into 1-handed Cleave:6%
    Staff into 1-handed Air Launch:16%
    Staff into Rifle Mortar:7%
    Staff into Rifle Flip Burst:13%

    Bow into Martial Arts Smoke Bomb:10%
    Bow into Martial Arts Spinning Punch:27%
    Bow into Dual Pistols Full Auto:18%
    Bow into Dual Pistols Magnum Round:22%

    Brawling into 2-Handed Home Run:29%
    Brawling into 2-handed Doom Spin:23%
    Brawling into Martial Arts Shuriken Storm:9%
    Brawling into Martial Arts Enhanced Shuriken:17%

    Dual Pistols into Dual Wield Dual Flurry:8%
    Dual Pistols into Dual Wield Ultra Flurry:25%
    Dual Pistols into Hand Blaster Solar Flame:21%
    Dual Pistols into Hand Blaster Meteor Blast:17%

    Dual Wield into Brawling Ground Pound:10%
    Dual Wield into Brawling Uppercut x3:24%
    Dual Wield into Brawling Uppercut x4:29%
    Dual Wield into Brawling Uppercut x5:31%
    Dual Wield into Bow Flurry Shot:5%
    Dual Wield into Bow Explosive Shot:15%

    Hand Blaster into Brawling Ground Pound:11%
    Hand Blaster into Brawling Haymaker:28%
    Hand Blaster into Bow Explosive Shot:20%
    Hand Blaster into Bow Arrow Fling:12%

    Martial Arts into Dual Pistols Loft Shot:10%
    Martial Arts into Dual Pistols Sweep Shot:30%
    Martial Arts into Hand Blaster Uppercut:15%
    Martial Arts into Hand Blaster Meteor Blast:21%

    1-Handed into Dual Wield Stunning Swipe:9%
    1-Handed into Dual Wield Dual Flurry:13%
    1-Handed into Hand Blaster Pulse Beam:27%
    1-Handed into Hand Blaster Solar Flame:15%

    Rifle into 1-Handed Flurry:12%, 20%, 29%, 32%
    Rifle into 1-Handed Air Launch:22%
    Rifle into Dual Pistol Full Auto:21%
    Rifle into Dual Pistol Slip Shot:17%

    Shield into 2-Handed Home Run:14%
    Shield into 2-Handed Big Scoop:28%
    Shield into Dual Pistol Lifting Strike:26%
    Shield into Dual Pistol Magnum Round:21%

    2-Handed into Martial Arts Knee Launch:6%
    2-Handed into Martial Arts Spinning Punch:15%
    2-Handed into Bow Flurry Shot:30%
    2-Handed into Bow Arrow Storm:22%

    *Credit to the Weapon % Values to Shiny Mackerel

    These percentages determine how much critical damage the power used after your WM combo will do if you time it right. Respectively, these percentages also determine how much of a power reduction you will receive in healer role. Longer combos will amount to greater damage/power reduction. It should also be noted that longer combos run a higher risk of being interrupted. Essentially, it's High Risk/High Reward. This means that certain combos are more useful than others in certain situations. Though WM is powerful, it compliments gameplay as Sorcery perfectly. The major topic, for DPS, is undeniably WM + Critical Buff vs WM + Fury. I won't get into which WM combos are more viable because they all do damage in various ways. However, regarding the WM Buff vs Fury debate:

    Weapon Mastery Critical Buff

    I've done some testing with all of Sorcery's powers to see how the WM buff effected them individually. The first tick of each power is the only tick that receives the buff. While this does mean that the buff can be granted to Soul Well, Shard of Life, Circle of Destiny, and Condemn, only the first tick of each will receive the Critical Buff. This makes it much more beneficial to make sure you pull of the buff when casting your burst damage powers because they generally hit much harder than DoT powers. Transmutation, Soul Siphon, Soul Barrage, Soul Storm, Vengeance can hit very high end damage from the buff.

    Things to Note:
    • All of Soul Barrage's projectiles receive the buff due to the simultaneous release.
    • Soul Storm receives the buff but the window appears to be a bit broken for it.
    • Weapon of Destiny does receive the buff.
    • Can be a loss of damage if WM combo is interrupted.
    • Reliant on your own Power given by Supply Drops, Sidekicks, Trolls, Soders, etc.
    • It seems that Supercharges do NOT receive the buff.
    • A Precision or Prec/Might build would help optimize damage.
    Weapon Mastery + Fury

    As we all know, using Weapon Mastery with Fury pet negates the buff. Fear not because Fury is far from useless. The biggest plus to running Fury is that he is the hardest hitting pet in the game and is only rivaled by Nature's Swarm in terms of DPS. He is one less power on your load out to worry about while DPS'ing.

    Things to Note:
    • Fury is a Pet so he will scale to CR as it increases.
    • He has received a noticeable power decrease. He normally would only cast Two Transmutations while now he can cast 3 per full bar.
    • Transmutation hits a wide AoE that can hit past 2.5k+ consistently on several targets.
    • Does damage whether WM combo is interrupted or not.
    • Has his own power bar but relies on you to fill it.
    • Power does not regen in combat.
    • He remains a hard hitting sidekick that pumps out continuous damage that piles on top of your WM combos.
    • A Heavy Precision build would help optimize damage
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  13. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Fury DPS Vs WM DPS(Buff)
    So, upon noting some key details about each play style, WM(buff) DPS and Fury DPS. So let's get down to the meat and potatoes. Both are VERY viable in all content and both have their flaws. In a perfect world if Fury stays at 100% power the entire raid/fight throwing out 2.5k+ damage he is unrivaled. However, this is not the case. He does NOT regen power through combat and can only be powered by you or another player. So, in theory:

    If a WM DPS were to use a WM combo he would get that damage through the entire instance with combo interruption being the only main hinderance. However, interruptions would also hinder the Fury DPS's combos. Of course, they don't rely on combo completion for "Bonus Damage" but they still lose a damage opportunity. Fury starts off the party with a bang by firing off Transmutations but in a long fight he will not fare well once that power bar taps out. Offering usually only gives him back enough to use one Transmutation until it cools down.

    The biggest difference between the two play styles isn't damage. The potential of both is very close in terms of results. However, the WM DPS's potential to match a Fury DPS is reliant on the combo that he uses. A combo that is too long or takes too long to get to the end for the bonus may result in a loss of damage in comparison to a Fury DPS.

    Powers that benefit the most from the WM crit buff:
    1. Soul Barrage:Every single projectile of the Soul Barrage gets the buff. Soul Barrage fires 5 projectiles that each benefit from the WM buff. Close-Mid Range is where this power shines as all projectiles can hit targets 5 times each.
    2. Transmutation:Hits decent numbers for it being one of our AoE powers. However, unlike Soul Barrage, it requires a Power Interaction to achieve maximum damage. Still a great choice for when targets are not in front of you.
    3. Shard of Life:Is a DoT power only the initial burst hit from Shard receives the buff. Regardless, Shard is a staple and unlike most DoT powers, it's damage boost is still good enough to warrant aiming for the WM finish.
    4. Vengeance:Vengeance is an single target alternative Transmutation. It requires a Power Interaction to do maximum damage but can be a great low power cost option for boss fights.
    5. Soul Siphon:Is a multi-target alternative to applying Bad Karma. It also hits decent for a WM power and should be clipped for optimal performance.
    Popular Ranged WM Combos
    Great combos to use when keeping your distance is the best option. Suitable for Raid environments.
    • Brawling into Martial Arts "Shuriken Storm": It's one of the fastest WM combos and allows for quick combos into buffed powers. Soul Barrage and Weapon of Destiny Finishes work well with this combo. 5%
    • Dual Wield into Bow "Explosive Shot":Fast ranged "1-2 punch" AoE combo with a heavy finish. 11%
    • 1-Handed into Hand Blaster "Solar Flame":A solid Ranged alternative for damage. It's a bit slower than most but packs a punch. 14%
    • Hand Blaster into Bow "Explosive Shot":Decent AoE combo damage at range. Average speed and high burst. 14%
    • Bow into Dual Pistols "Full Auto":Pure AoE Ranged damage. Lengthy animation but great damage opportunities. 18%
    Popular Melee WM Combos
    Great combos that yield high damage at a higher risk. Suitable for alerts and/or content where melee is viable.
    • 1-Handed into Dual Wield "Dual Flurry":One of the hardest hitting melee AoE combos that his several targets. 22%
    • Bow into Martial Arts "Smoke Bomb":A quick 3 tap AoE combo that does pretty moderate damage though it can crit high. 17%
    • Shield into 2-Handed "Big Scoop":A heavy hitting attack that can produce very high damage. It also has a great buff % for great melee power combos. 32%
    • Brawling into 2-Handed "Doom Spin":Decent and consistent melee devastation. It's more vulnerable to block than most due to it's consecutive hits. 23%
    • Dual Wield into Brawling Ground Pound:Great damage for tougher opponents. 15%
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  14. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Dual Spec
    A lot of people have been asking me or ways to dual spec successfully so I've decided to add this section soley for those that inquired and others that may venture to the other side of our powerset.


    The White Wizard
    This style favors those that are natural born healers at heart. This focuses more on a healer style with a side of DPS abilities.
    1. Condemn
    2. Soul Siphon
    3. Rejuvenate
    4. Invocation of Renewal
    5. Circle of Destiny
    6. Vengeance
    7. Weapon of Destiny
    8. Guardian
    9. Sacrificial Offering
    10. Boon of Souls
    11. Transcendence
    12. Watcher
    13. Empathic Healing
    14. Miracle Worker
    15. Tactical Genius
    Damage:Circle of Destruction~Weapon of Destiny~Boon of Souls~Soul Siphon~Vengeance
    Healer:Circle of Destiny~Rejuvenate~Boon of Souls~Sacrificial Offering~Watcher~Transcendence

    The Black Mage
    This is for the guys that love shredding masses of bad guys like nobody's business This focuses on a heavy damage based spec with little healing capabilities.

    1. Condemn
    2. Soul Siphon
    3. Rejuvenate
    4. Invocation of Renewal
    5. Circle of Destruction
    6. Vengeance
    7. Weapon of Destiny
    8. Final Ruin
    9. Boon Of Souls
    10. Shard of Life
    11. Guardian
    12. Transmutation
    13. Soul Well
    14. Tactical Genius
    15. Weapons Expert
    Damage:Circle of Destruction~Weapon of Destiny~Vengeance~Shard of Life~Final Ruin~Soul Well
    Healer:Circle of Destiny~Rejuvenate~Boon of Souls~Soul Well~Invocation of Renewal~Shard of Life

    The Paladin
    This is for those rare hybrids that like to excel at both as best as they can or just really hate the respec machine. This spec features a healthy mix of both so you are ready for any situation.
    1. Condemn
    2. Final Ruin
    3. Rejuvenate
    4. Invocation of Renewal
    5. Circle of Destiny
    6. Vengeance
    7. Weapon of Destiny
    8. Transmutation
    9. Shard of Life
    10. Guardian
    11. Boon of Souls
    12. Transcendence
    13. Soul Well
    14. Tactical Genius
    15. Miracle Worker
    Damage:Circle of Destruction~Weapon of Destiny~Shard of Life~Transmutation~Soul Well~Final Ruin
    Healer:Circle of Destiny~Rejuvenate~Boon of Souls~Transmutation~Shard of Life~Transcendence

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    Reserved for Videos and Runs
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  16. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Special Thanks:

    Beowulf-an experienced Vet with Sorcery that contributed greatly and aided in the construction of this guide in it's early stages!

    Malovelent- Provided charts and data used to calculate various percentages, damage and healing factors. I appreciate the added number crunching!

    DcuoBook/WannabeP- The good folks at DcuoBook provided standard information, facts and added support to the Sorcery community and many others!

    Honorable mentions for supporting, discussing and helping the Sorcery Community:Hangtime1984, 478874, Thenewkidd, Hninja777, SirMuttonChops, MysticProphet, King Bezz, Sore, and Anierna.
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  17. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Patch Notes & Miscellaneous

    Game Update 32
    • Wrath:The Power Interaction for Red Soul Aura will now cause additional damage instead of polymorphing enemies. Will no longer remove the Red Soul Aura on use.
    • Transmutation:Changed to point blank area of effect damage and knockback. Consumes Red Soul Aura and detonates enemies for additional damage. In healing role, enemies detonated will heal nearby allies.
    • Sacrificial Offering: Red Soul Aura will now protect the user from some damage if active when cast.
    • Life Element:Replaced with Summon Shard of Life
    • Soul Storm:Removed lob component from the projectiles, they now fire directly at the target. Increased the speed of projectiles. Will no longer remove the Red Soul Aura on use. Deals additional damage when Red Soul Aura is active.
    • Condemn:Added additional tick of damage on cast.Animation time was reduced. Damage was balanced with the new animation time.Healing from the Bad Karma Power Interaction will now work when the enemy is at range.
    • Shared Fate:Changed name of ability to Soul Siphon.Grants Red Soul Aura from enemies.Changed to cone area effect with a 4 target max.
    • Vengeance: Power Interaction with Bad Karma will now cause additional damage instead of polymorphing the target.No longer a channeled ability; does all damage at once.Added Golden Soul Aura to the tooltip.Changed it so if you get Golden Soul Aura, it works like the other abilities that use it (only gives you 10% Crit Heal Chance and no longer gives Crit Ability Attack Chance or Crit Heal Magnitude).
    • Polymorph:cost from 50 to 25%.Now deals damage as well as the polymorph.
    • Karmic Backlash:Changed to AE damage + knockback. Inflicts Bad Karma, depending on role.Healing from the Bad Karma Power Interaction will now work when the enemy is at range.
    • Baleful Transmogrification: cost reduced from 100 to 50%.Circle of Protection ring visual effects were removed.Area effect explosion visual effects were removed.Damage was increased.No longer does a knockdown at the end.
    • Invocation of Renewal:Now causes a small heal-over-time for the first 2 seconds, before causing a large burst heal.Players below 35% will be healed more quickly.Knocks down nearby enemies.
    • Weapon of Destiny:Ability was changed to be Beneficial, instead of Utility type, allowing it to be activated while abilities flagged as harmful are still animating.Healing from the Bad Karma Power Interaction will now work when the enemy is at range.

    Game Update 25
    • Powers:
      ~Soul Storm: "Vulnerable to Interrupt" was added to it's tooltip
      ~Circle of Destruction: This ability is now flagged as harmful and will now trigger the Escalating Might tactical mod.

      ~The Watcher: This pet will now only heal others when the owner is in the Healer role.
    Game Update 13
    • Transmutation should now deal additional damage to encased and polymorphed enemies.
    • The description for Sacrificial Offering has been updated to make it clear that your Red Soul Aura is consumed when using this ability.
    Game Update 12
    • Critical effects are reduced while in PvP arena zones.
    Game Update 11
    • For the purposes of clarity, the box formerly known as "Circle of Protection" in the Destiny tree is now known as "Circle of Destiny". This grants Circle of Destruction in Damage role and Circle of Protection in Healer role. The functionality and statistics of these abilities remain unchanged.
    Game Update 10
    • Soul Well when used in the Damage role now correctly applies a critical hit chance buff to friendly targets within range when enemies are KOd.
    Game Update 9
    • Reduced the supercharge cost of Arbiter of Destiny to 50%.
    Game Update 8
    • Summoned Player Pet stats now scale with its owner's combat rating making it more effective and viable in combat situations.
    • Your pet's damage, healing and power contributions are now credited to your score card at the end of instances and arena matches.
    • Updated the Watcher, Fury, and Guardian pet to more consistently attack the last enemy you attacked.
    Game Update 6
    • Boon of Souls now scales the maximum damage it may prevent based upon your Restoration score. It prevents damage equal to 60% of your Restoration while in the Damage role and 125% of your Restoration in the Healer role.
    Game Update 5
    • The Summon Watcher Sorcery ability has had its description changed to more accurately reflect what it does in different roles.
    Game Update 4
    • When Circle of Protection is cast while in the healing role, the field that is deployed will include green elements to help set it apart from its offensive version.
    • Corrected an issue with Transmutation that allowed it to affect projectiles.
    Game Update 3
    • Soul Well will no longer cause line of sight issues for friendly power regeneration and healing effects.
    • Transmutation will now cause the targeted nearby objects to explode.
    • The description for Transcendence now reflects the correct Supercharge cost.
    • While using Final Ruin, visual effects will now animate and show effects properly.
    • The Boon of Souls ability is now messaged correctly in the description that 3 group members can get the bubble
    Game Update 2
    • Wrath will now respect line of sight.
    Game Update 1
    • Transmutation no longer affects projectiles.
    • Final Ruin will not cause damage if canceled early.
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    great guide Whizzkid. looks like Gafa is trying to take credit for your work.
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    Gafa sure hasn't made a good first impression. Getting into fights with the PC siders(he turned out to be wrong). Getting into fights with PS3'ers(he turned out to be wrong). Making snide comments at people threads(got burned), making and stealing guides(will get burned)