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  1. Kanmaru Committed Player

    I noticed as fire that my heals “in” combat are far weaker than my heals “out” of combat. It’s actually by 48-50% in fact. Let’s use an easy example. Let’s say my fire heals in combat are about 165-175 a tick with stoke flames. This would mean that my heals out of combat are about 370-380 out of combat. Why is that? Was this a nerf glitch that the devs tried to hide from us or was this an actual accident? It’s legit and it definitely makes me wonder how much better fire would be if we could use the full potential of our heals.

    Everyone who uses fire should test it out as well to see what I mean. Use stoke flames in combat and watch your heals. After combat is finished, then recast stoke flames and watch how your heals have been increased by 50%. This also applies to duels in HOD or WT.

    Why would the devs do this to fire and not fix it by now? If we had these heals up front it would probably be a way better tank then it is now.
  2. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    We need more information. Where are you testing your heals in combat? Where are you testing your heals out of combat?
  3. Kanmaru Committed Player

    In 4-8 player content or open world. Not Atlantis or other teleporer locations. I even said to try it out in HOD or WT.
  4. TheNumber 2 Well-Known Player

    How did you go about testing this? As in how were you out of combat with a bar so low that out of combat regen didn't max you out before testing the healing values?
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  5. Kanmaru Committed Player

    It has to be timed right. I also said that these effects happen when engaged in combat. Test heals in and out of combat to see the difference in total healing numbers. You will see what I mean. You could try raids, dueling or even open world to see what I mean.
  6. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    What LO were you using, and what League buffs do you currently have on?
  7. TheNumber 2 Well-Known Player

    Just tested on Earth 3 Gotham bounties. 256 CR, would allow them to get me to about 25% and pop Stoke flames with a shield. In combat averaged about 4100 per ticket. Out of combat(popping shield and flying away) still averaged about 4100 per tick. Did not pop Stoke flames until shield stopped flashing.

    Also, duels are unreliable as tank role buffs are much different in PvP fights
  8. Kanmaru Committed Player

    Strange because I healed 5300 out of combat and 3890 in combat. You are testing it wrong.
  9. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    How exactly is he testing it wrong? He provided the guidelines to to test which are very stable testing grounds. Not to sound rude but it looks like you are doing something wrong. How are you testing this?
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  10. Kanmaru Committed Player

    Literally while you are in combat use stoke flames and look at the amount of healing from the “green” numbers you receive back. Then after combat recast stoke flames to see the healing difference between “in combat” and “out of combat” its not that hard. I also stated to not do this in areas that give you stat bonuses because it will create a misunderstanding of your true healing over time.
  11. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    But WHERE are you testing. He clearly gave his testing method. He did all testing on the same bounty. He repeated the test to get an average. He used the same power to test. He used a shield to get in and out of combat easily to easier Baseline numbers. His method for testing is perfect. So again, WHERE AND HOW are you testing?
  12. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Could it be that the passive out of combat health regen is being added with the heal???
  13. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    Also are using a heal parser or just "looking at the green numbers"? How many times are you running your heals in combat and out of combat?
  14. TheNumber 2 Well-Known Player

    At 256 CR, no stats other than Critical Attack percentages are buffed. I have all healing criticals maxed out, but did not account for criticals in my averages.
  15. Kanmaru Committed Player

    Ignore the combat log. I just want you to focus on the 6 numbers you receive from the ability itself. All you need to do to see the difference is to perform the ability once or twice in a set. Just use it while in combat and then use it again out of combat to compare the 6 green tick numbers from your healing back.
  16. Kanmaru Committed Player

    And how much was the increase on stoke flame healing for you this time? It’s best to try this in “On Duty” content or open world, WT or HOD.
  17. TheNumber 2 Well-Known Player

    Still averaging ~4100 per tick, both in and out of combat.
  18. Kanmaru Committed Player

    That could actually very well be a possibility.
  19. Kanmaru Committed Player

    Then I’m doing something terribly wrong here. Happy New Years btw.
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  20. Kanmaru Committed Player

    Happy new years

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