NOTICE: Royal Army is officially recruiting! (USPS Hero League)

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by ShadowTheHunter, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    We Are the Royal Army!

    Hello, I'm Shadow, second-in-command at the Royal Army, a league dedicated to helping out its members and treating each other like family. The Royal Army is comprised of people who have your back as you level up your Combat Rating and Skill Points.

    Sometimes running content with random groups can be difficult, because they are made up of people whom you don't know, and vice versa. When things go awry, some like to play the blaming game, insulting you and sometimes even kicking you out because "you don't know your role", "your power is too weak", "your combat rating is too low", or "you don't have enough skill points", etc, when it may not even have been the REAL problem, or was wrong entirely. They don't care about how long and hard you've worked to get to the point you're currently at. We do, and we want to help. We aren't like them. Our leader, (in-game name kaisuke) is determined to make the Royal Army a top league. With your help, together we can all get to that point.

    The Royal Army is open to all who have a Combat Rating of 70 or above. That is our only stat-based requirement. We would also prefer you to have at least a PVP Combat Rating of 97, but again this is only a preference and is not a requirement. We do not have a Skill Point requirement, as Skill Points, along with your Combat Rating and PVP Combat Rating is something we will help you to increase.

    The Royal Army also has a few rules: (Respect, Activity, Communication)
    • 1. Respect any and all members of the league. This means no discrimination, criticism, insulting, etc. Just don't do it. If someone is doing something that is hindering the progress of the group, then tell them what they need do differently gently.
    • 2. Be active as much as possible. Being gone a few days isn't a big deal, but if you need to leave the game for a few weeks or months, please let us know.
    • 3. You must communicate with us. We do not require you to have a mic, but we cannot help you if you do not respond to our messages.
    These three things are non-negotiable. Needless to say, we cannot welcome you if you cannot adhere to these rules.
    We look forward to making you a valuable addition to our family.
    Please message us in-game or simply leave a reply on this thread if you are interested.
    My IGN: Shadow TheHunter
    Leader IGN: kaisuke
  2. criticalfun New Player

    Hey, I'm a cr 107, 84 sp nature healer and I'm interested in joining your league.
  3. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    Excellent! I'll log on and send you an invite if you're on. If not, send me a message to my PSN: ShadowStealerX7, and we can get on and get you in.