Nothing New... But this Broken Economy...aka Broker

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  1. MrSuperman Dedicated Player

    Get you sharp rocks and heavy shoes ready to throw at me.... I don't care.

    But this economy is crazy... (nothing new I know) But!

    I have realized what is going on.... the money situation is sooo out of balance, that someone is buying that "1 gold" collection and hoarding them. I have finished 2 out of the 3 "New Lex Time Capsules". I cant seem to find the last remaining collection on the broker... why?!

    Because I a am 99.9 percent sure someone is just refreshing the broker and buying them all. They have now hoarded so much money, that this is possible. So, I have to ask myself the question: Why do I bother with Time Capsule feats to begin with? If I have to fight the RNG system and the players that "own" the economy?

    This is nothing new I get it... but why has this issue been allowed? Is the issue allowed because the Billionaires and Gallionaires will be upset if the money is reduced? Are hurt feelings worth sacrificing the economy?

    You are more than welcome to discuss, I probably wont respond to any rocks or shoes thrown.... but this is beyond crazy to me.
  2. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    Short answer (which you already know yourself) they simply don’t care. 2 hours of “brainstorming” could sort all this out once and for all. Along with a cap on broker pricing. People complaining “but how will I make money and have the most money in the game?” Well… if things are much cheaper, you’ll have all that money for years, and not have to buy anymore :/

    Most the money floating around now is from money glitches. (Which many were allowed back, AFTER their bans) DC can’t afford to lose many more players. FACT! The EU side has around 5-6hundred players a day (and that’d be stretching it) but “active players” doesn’t mean playing. Just online.

    The devs could easily sort all this with caps and stopping money being traded. Ppl will get annoyed, but ultimately… they’ll complain, a few leave, the rest will bend over. but it’s not a priority! Priority is to sell, sell… selllllllll!!! as much as possible.

    Look at how many posts on this forum are complaints. How many actually get answered by devs? Instead - you get “told off” for swearing. Like you’re 9 years old.

    Fixing the MANY issues involves actually helping the players, and not milking them. When was the last time you seen something completely selfless from gamebreak games (not a typo) that 100% was just for the players benefit? For me… it’s been years. If… ever. I haven’t been back long enough to comment on DI practices. But they seem to be trying to not bleed you as much. But still a lot! They at least give small bits back.

    But on prioritising… I wouldn’t hold my breath on the broker! But… this is ALL down to you all. You need to speak with your credit cards. Raise your concerns, then state that this will stop you spending.

    I’m back 7 weeks, and have popped in about 3.7k RLM. Catching up on many toons etc. last week… I lost my mind at raid after raid failing, weeks after week and not being able to run stuff. So I decided. That’s it! I’m out. I’ll let my sub run out and play “f2p” I’ve supported this game in the 10’s of thousands since 2013. No more!

    If they can’t even be bothered to fix something that affects all, then why should I contribute to Keene the game prosperous? Nope!

    As far as the trolls on these forums. I find it much easier to just block them. Many live on here to simply cause drama, and have done for years. There are nice ppl obviously. But quite a few know exactly what they’re doing. They’ll also derail a thread on purpose out of sheer boredom. They’ve been on so long… they’ve seen it ALL! Many don’t even play any more, by admission.
  3. Jcal Dedicated Player

    The Lex TC is literally days old. I think this is more a case of "everyone wants it right now" than "someone is hoarding." There are only so many collections to go around, and I'm sure you're talking about the rarest one.

    The Premium Reward Box... now that is a very clear case of resellers hoarding. Sit in trade chat all day, buy up anything that becomes available, sell for 3/4/5 Billion later.
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  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    You kinda answered your own question. Just don’t partake. Saves in game money and real money. I sell unneeded catalysts. By the end of a dlc, I have 3 to 4bil. I’ll ten spend it all near the launch of a new dlc to buy catalysts so my toons are maxed within the 1st 2 weeks of launch. That’s it. I may buy a random collection here and there but I’m just under 600sp and have only ever completed 1 collection from a tc since they launched. I’ve only ever (accidentally) spent really money twice on them. I just opened my 25 for Alex. Sold one gold collection for $90mil. All the rest I took ally favor or catalysts. I get that some players want things from these collections. I’d play the long game and wait to see if they’ll be added elsewhere. I wouldn’t mind a comic shaded. If it hit market place for $10, I’d buy a few. I won’t buy tcs or bbs. Even at 600sp, I still have a lot of pvp and random 10pt feats to get in game for free. Buy the emblems off the broker after a few weeks of a new tc and grab those easy feats. Done.

    And yes, you are correct about how the broker works. There’s no point to any of us putting anything under priced on there cuz all it does is make the broker players money. It’s a vicious circle that has a few possible solutions. As a player, ignoring it (and trade) is our best option. Prices will drop of no one buys after all. (Aka this is a player inflicted issue as much as a game problem)
  5. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    Becouse people opened 500 TC and didnt get 1 or they get only one for themselfs thats how rare it is .
    I already gave them solution how to fix in game economy ( at least to the the level so you could find yours collection at broker )
    Devaluation !!!! cut everyone money by 2 digits so if you have 100 $ you end with 1 and if you have 100 bilions you end with 1 bilion .
    Its fair becouse even with 1 bilion left you will have same advantage but at least you could find those rare stuff at broker again .
    Now no one gona sale it for 1 bilion becouse 1 bilion is like 1 USD atm for sure not worth to open 500 TC and then sale that rare stuff on broker !
  6. xm3n3hun3 Well-Known Player

    this 'economy' is more like a ponzi scheme - only the few at the top benefit and will continue to benefit...

    we would all need to participate in some other scheme - direct trade via trade chat.... (maybe? or someone start a discord channel and slowly invite everyone???)

    but since the game allows gold spammers as well as those individuals hoarding $ on multi toons ( and they all like this kind of economy ) the rest of us will continue to suffer....

    I suspect the devs could easily filter out toons which have greater than 999,999,999 and 'cull' accounts - to level the economy to a flat status ..... of course those who really want to continue this economy want to raise the 2 billion ceiling....

    What devs should do IMHO is increase inventory space on shared bank space and re-limit all accounts back down to say $10 million?
    or perhaps even lower to $1 million?

    as it is.... the TLC collection items hoarding along with RNG drop rates can really hamper game enthusiasm

    we're supposed to be heroes.....

    I think the 'hoarders' are mostly heroes in name only - and should be reclassified into villians....

    I had another thought ....

    what if the transaction fee is minimal if you don't do many 'sales'?
    I'm thinking of like an incremental fee
    a fee that increases by 1% for every transaction (place item on broker)
    and resets every month?
    it would discourage 'playing the broker' and maybe increase playing time?

    as it is now I think it's a 5% fee (one time)

    perhaps an incremental fee should start at 5% (instead of 1%?) and increase by 1.5% for each 'transaction'
    so the 'players' that keep putting their items for large sums - would likely do so only at the beginning of the month - and brokerage usage will likely drop
    I myself find the broker to be a ' necessary evil ' - and not conducive to game play.
    it does have gamer that are into the brokerage creating multiple toons - but really only for the brokerage and not playing the game....

    -just a thought....
  7. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Could also be a case of folks not going after the collections like gangbusters in the first place. Personally I'm just going after the gear and the emblems this time around because none of the collection items were "must haves" for me. If others are going the same route then that's going to reduce the number of collection pieces in circulation as well.
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  8. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Also possible. I almost chose to grab the 5k ally favor vs that random gold collection since I knew I’d just be selling it anyway and o don’t care about the profit. I’m not even sure what the rare ones are and would have 100% passed on them if I saw a legendary catalyst or 10k ally favor. Could also be that not many are bothering with tcs anymore. I know in my circle we only opened what we had to to get Lex. Same as when Nubia came out. If there’s no ally, then we’d open 15 for the feat cuz they’re “free”.
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  9. Bullistikz Active Player

    This may sound like a terrible idea but at least hear me out.

    The broker fee should be reimbursed if the item sells. if the item doesn't sell because of your listing price or market flooding you lose the deposit. The second part to make this work is eliminating cash trades, make all cash transaction have to be preformed using the broker leaving the broker cap as it is.

    I know bring forth your pitchforks.
  10. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    That sounds like a terrible idea and I did hear you out. There is no way the devs could go through an mark 'max' selling prices on everything so as to 'not refund' your deposit. What they need to do is either implement a MAXIMUM amount on items, or as others have stated, impose a maximum currency again. I know they use that as one of their selling points for monthly subscription, but if the broken economy is driving players away and keep others from joining, it's a better long-term investment to cull the herd of those with excess then to continue allowing the broken economy to exist. EG-7 wants DCUO to find a way to bring NEW players in and retain existing, but they seem to be making absolutely NO effort to do so. I realize they lost a lot of devs, and apparently it's impossible to even find a new CEO who believes in turning this game around... so... I don't have a lot of positive vibes about DCUO's immediate future, sadly.
  11. Bullistikz Active Player

    The broker does have a maximum listing price. Trading currently does as well. That being said i know there's a player that will be in trade selling items for 60 billion. Who wants to make that amount of trades ever?
  12. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Another idea would be to just have all cash be account bound instead of character only. That drastically lowers how much cash someone can have with a cash cap. Of course that means gold sellers and money hoarders would have to start multiple accounts to try and rebuild their resources and shield as much money as they could.
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  13. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    The only true way to balance the broker is to take it down, and impose a max selling limit. Also… trading cash needs to stop (in-order to stop gold sellers)

    If an item is put up on the broker (a soder cola etc) for 700, 000,000 etc. as a bypass, that’s upto the devs to put a system in place that puts that item(s) in a 24 hour waiting period, so it can be checked out. The reinstatement of mods who can flag things wouldn’t be a bad idea tbh.

    Most the money floating around is glitch money, and they’ve not just gotten to keep their accounts, but… they got to keep the money. Rule of thumb! If you spend enough… you can do almost whatever you want on this game, and get away with a very small slap on the wrist. Lose a spending customer for taking their ill-gotten gains away/punishing. Or “suspend” them for a few weeks and let them keep it all.

    DCUO is not your friend. They’re not here to make you super happy. It’s a business to try and milk you till they can’t milk any more, and shiut the doors. Until you (individually) stop spending - and force change with your bank accounts. They will never take most complaints serious.
    You all know this! And you’ve all seen how this game has absolutely even decimated over the years by broker prices (due to glitches) gold sellers, and a dev team… who simply seemed to stop gaf a long time ago.

    If you truly want this game to change. Write down on this forum, and pledge to yourself that you’ll never spend another penny on it again, until these things are addressed. At worst… you save money lol!

    It’s like artifacts. Ppl truly belive you can’t run content now without them. Lol! All it does is take it back to how it used to be. Slower! They bring out elite plus etc, when all they had to do, was put an option to deactivate arts/augs/allies… but that they wouldn’t do that, says it all. If they won’t even fix a broker (like they had to years ago) then you should all really consider, not why can’t they. But… why won’t they? AND… why do you never get answers about concerns raised on the actual forums from devs? Instead - you get wannabe devs answering.

    Your concerns should be answered by the people you help keep in a job. Not some random who’s probably lit on weed, and spanking it over a Wonder Woman pic. Speak with your wallets if you want change. If enough of you do it (and don’t pretend you know longer spend) things will change. They’ll either change for the better, or they’ll pull the plug with loss of income. Either way… stuff will eventually get sorted. :)
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  14. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I think the best solution is do percentage in fees. The higher the price, the higher the percentage you pay to put the item on the broker. Instead of having a flat rate of 5% or 10% no matter the price is on the broker. So, for an example, you put something down for $1 billion, you pay 45% in fees. Right now, too much money is coming in but not enough coming out and that why the economy is so mess up in DCUO.

    My solution is: $500 million - $1 Billion, the fee is 45% down. $100 mill - $500 mill, the fees is 40%. $50 mill - $100 mill it is 35%. $1 mill - $50 mill it is 30%. $500 thousand - $1 mill it is 25%. $100 thousand - $500 thousand, it is 20%. $50 thousand - $100 thousand, it is 15%. $1000 - $50,000, it is 10%, anything below $1000 is 5%.