Noir Detective Agency is recruiting Eu server

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Shadow Force, Mar 3, 2021.

  1. Shadow Force Committed Player

    Noir Detective Agency is recruiting Active New and Old Players.

    If you are Friendly and helpful you are more than welcome to join.

    In my League we will do content both Old and new. So you can get styles, feats, or just raise your combat rating.

    For New and returning players I'm willing to help out show you the ropes.

    I personally like comics, anime, different kinds of movies and tv - series, not to mention i'm into science, history and literature, so there will be something to talk about.

    To get an invite I will always be on from 23:00 till 00:00 (GMT + 2), or just contact me here.
  2. Shadow Force Committed Player

    Update: we have active players, is the name really that bad.
  3. jimminz New Player

    Heros or Villains bro?
  4. Shadow Force Committed Player

  5. ppanamerayt New Player

    Is your name in-game shadow force?

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