Up-Votes Needed No Voice Channels. Tried uninstalling and deleting character.

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by BlazeOneWithMe, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. BlazeOneWithMe New Player

    I fixed it myself
  2. Ryazan Committed Player

    How so?
  3. Heartless Nightmare New Player

    Could you tell me how you fixed this issue? I haven’t had voice chat on one toon for weeks. TYIA
  4. ping on eu New Player

    My in-game voice chat is not working, can't ever seem to join a voice channel,
    current voice channel always says none.

    Tried different toons, different accounts, deleted the game and reinstalled, deleted the "Documents\My Games" folder, used different headsets,
    tried the support suggestion of making sure the headset set to default in both windows and the game,
    tried the clean boot, by unchecking everything at the boot start-up.
    Tried DMZ mode for my router, which means all ports completely unlocked, and turning both the anti-virus, and firewall off, both in windows and in the router.

    Voice connection test:
    Fails at step 2/5 (3.0.0)

    At this point I just don't know what to do anymore...

    My support ticket is (972044)

    Please help.

    Thank you,
  5. ping on eu New Player

    Can you please let me know what did you do, to fix it?

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