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  1. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    Have you run Atlantis or JLD?
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  2. Smashbang Wallop Active Player

    Terrible idea and it solves nothing - endgame is still dead to the community unless they restore source mark rewards - that's the problem!

    Again just make endgame mark rewards exactly as they was before with daily/weekly locks, then people will do endgame again. Once that's exhausted people can do the "new" old crap if they want more.

    They are setting a very dangerous precedent by not rewarding marks in endgame. If people don't see this they need to step back and think about it. The "elitest" players will swarm through any new DLC content, get their gear/feats and then drop it, leaving it a ghost town in a matter of days or weeks at best.

    I've played all the old content a billion times before across 3 stints dating back to beta days and I'm bored stiff of it, I don't want to play old content again unless I choose to.

    I get the community asked to make old content relevant again, but it seems the devs have delivered this in just about the worst, most polarizing way I can possibly imagine. I literally cannot think of a worse way they could have done this.

    For the record I've run FOS3/DD, etc exactly ZERO times since HoL launched. For the first few days I did the dailies, realised I hated the DLC and subsequently cancelled my sub. I have ZERO interest in this type of content farming becoming the "meta game", so I won't contribute to the problem.
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  3. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    Then power run open world bounties or specific quick content like others do. After all, they cleared up 7-8 minutes of time (vault/stabilizers which were boring as crap) and there are instances that take that long.
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  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Dang, well said. I hadn't even thought about it this way.
  5. Dry Cleaning Well-Known Player

    i ran the jld alert for the pet and i might do atlantis for the pet sometimes

    btw this is the best way to get ppl in old content-- add new rewards
  6. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    You don't get marks, but you do get endgame currency for running new instances. So you still get currency. And I disagree that overly easy content, even rewarding marks is still fun. Its not. Its not even a game. Its just blindly hitting buttons.
  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Not sure on that. WV was about a year old last week before the clamp, and you'd see groups running FGS every not 'over it''d see patchwork spams a few times a week. Legion same thing...COU was run a lot, HQ a bit less so, but still run. Not sure I've seen any of these things being run the last week...not nearly as much as before.

    And yeah it matters a bit. We ran JLD for like 7-8 months...Atlantis for a bit less time. I've only been running FP dailies since April 15, so slightly less time spent in there so far, and I didn't run them all every day...which helps with burnout. In FP I still need to close portals and knock out some princes...which I'd do 1 every few days if I saw a Tyrant going down(for the orbital chance), as groups were plentiful...less so now. I need nothing from JLD or Atlantis Open worlds except the marks(now)...if I were to go there. In FP I'm was getting Casino tokens Source+Casino tokens > source only in JLD/Atlantis. It all boils down to time vs rewards...and it's not like I'm starving for source, but in the time I was spending running current content, I had a steady supply of source too....not as fast as FOS3 spams for sure, but at no extra time investment over what I was doing anyway. So yes...there is a difference.
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  8. Controller Loyal Player

    I'd have to say - out of all the changes with this new DLC this one is the most pervasive and baffling.

    Leave Source Marks End Game. Don't make it so obvious that end-gamers are being pushed to lower-end content.

    The jury is still out, for ME at least - regarding the other changes with Stat clamping. Much of it is still confusing but I'm giving that a chance.
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  9. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    Point was that if there’s Wayne and Source in FP, then there’s double currency (basically 1 source now and 1 source once the episode is no longer current). That’s ‘incentive’ to run it over the other older stuff. Thought equalizing the mark payout would be a middle ground.
  10. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I'll answer cuz I'm just clearly living on this forum trying to save my favorite game. Yes, a ton. When it was new and still did when the next dlc came out. My gaming life was log in on my lowest toon. Run the dailies. On reset day, even if I was currency capped, I would run the the previous dlcs raids and do the open world bounties for source. Then I would do my dailies and all weeklies, still even if currency capped, on the most current. Then repeat that 3 more times thru the weekend.
  11. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Good post, which I enjoyed reading.

    At every opportunity, the development team take existing endgame players for granted. This is no different. They want us to nurse newer players through old content by taking source marks off us and putting them in old content. While I accept that new player recruitment and retention is to everyone’s advantage, I won’t be coerced into running older content clamped just to give newer players a better experience. That’s not a fair proposition.
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  12. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    It's a solid point but if the old content is open to replay endlessly, why does it matter if we're double dipping? The current currency is still capped so even with considering it doubled, it's far less than we could get going in on the dd and fos3 spams
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  13. Smashbang Wallop Active Player

    Seriosuly, what?

    Nevermind, you're refusing to see the problem.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    So those <6 min FOS3 runs everyone is spamming? Those are because it's not 'overly easy'? Some in here have been saying HOW easy it is....(and in a made group I'd agree). And sorry, but 2 pieces of currency (tokens+source) is more than 1 piece (tokens alone) get something, but it's not the same amount.

    So if they rolled back clamps and left the source marks? You figure people would stop spamming FOS3 cause it would be 'not fun' getting marks in <3 min? Aw...bless your heart.
  15. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    What suggestions would you make instead of stat clamping? I can't speak to the least two years, but when this topic was broached there was a whole lot of "no stat clamping", but no acknowledgment of the problem nor suggestions to alleviate the problem.
  16. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    Oh, they wouldn't stop. But I wouldn't be here playing the game.
  17. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    What’s the problem?
  18. Smashbang Wallop Active Player

    For a start, as I've said in what seems like a thousand posts already even before this DLC launched, revert source mark rewards to EXACTLY how they were before for endgame content, with daily/weekly locks and all. You can't farm that ad infinitum, so if you still want marks, go do the old crap after.
  19. Smashbang Wallop Active Player

    I think you're just trolling now, so I will direct you to my original post that you replied to. It's in the first line!
  20. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Really, this is your solution