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  1. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    The whole Atlantis story arc (so far) really is one of those periods of the game I look back on fondly.
    It's up there with the wol/af for me.

    Open world Atlantis was stunning. Truly always feel like it's a comic book come to life when there.

    Polite nod to the swimming also.
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  2. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player


    I get why some people complain about "reused content" and all but the amount of work that went into some of the open world areas almost screams for them to be reused again at some point. I wouldn't mind an open world that connects 2 of them for an episode, half the content on Land, then you use a "teleporter circle" to dive down to Atlantis with the other half of content down there.

    Been doing a lot of Omnibus lately and have been surprisingly enjoying every minute of it. Ended up in the Ace Chem alert, then the New Genesis duo, then the Hive Raid, then the open world Fate raid. Was able to just take time to enjoy it all instead of trying to chase a tank pulling adds around corners or stuck with folks who just want to burn everything asap.
  3. Eve YouTuber

    I love the Atlantis stuff. I was playing it non-stop when it came out. I don't care about reused stuff because it is a comic book game and it makes sense LORE wise to go back and explore places. Now if we go to Gotham again, for example, the real mission for the Devs is to make it interesting and beautiful enough for us to want to be there and farm. (Being new episode for example is one attraction, but in most cases It's not enough and declines after a week or two.)
  4. Controller Devoted Player

    The COOLEST thing with that DLC was that it was timed RIGHT AROUND the release of the movie, too - IIRC.....

    Aquaman without a doubt is one of my favvorite DC Movies - right up there with Zach Snyder's JL, WW (both), and Shazam and MoS.

    That DLC was / IS - BEAUTIFUL.

    Here's hoping that we get ANOTHER DLC like that when Aquaman II drops. They could even appropriate portions of the existing DLC for all I care.
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  5. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Hopefully, they have something in mind for Lobo (James Gunn and Jason Momoa teasing Lobo movie)? And when the Lobo project is confirmed, then start to plan something in conjunction with the movie?
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