No offense daybreak...but the cr “gift” is broken

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by AJPro, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. AJPro Committed Player

    I have a toon with 245 sp...and many alts, so does not affect me...but 77 sp with a 255 cr toon is riduclous.
    i think the sp have not changed since the 100 cr mode.
    wow, really a waste.
    if you gave more sp...then maybe people would buy get those feat points anf=d do more stuff...i do not really care but seems so broken that past two cr buff levels the sp have not graduated along with it.
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  2. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    But bro replay sales
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  3. Lycan Nightshade Well-Known Player

    there should be more sp given with a cr jump.
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  4. Brit Dedicated Player

    Approximately 175 skill points is what you need to run all content in the game (unless you're a Tank). Anything above that is just gravy. That gets you your weapon/movement essentials, your 60 points in crit, and your 100 points in your chosen core stat. At 100 points in your stat, you will have reached the 10% Bonus threshold. Everything after that is just a flat static bonus, so the first 100 points contribute over 70% of what you get from the total 255; skill points go through a major diminishing return after investing 100 in the core stat, to the point that the gains are fairly neglible.

    Yes, more is always better, but an additional 15 Restoration will never be the make-or-break on if you can run additional content. In contrast, hitting that 10% bonus from having 100 points in nets me over 3.6K Resto, which is a very significant amount (more than what 101-255 were going to give). Some of the more veteran players regularly advice for lesser dips for exactly this reason, and Tanks often advise to split Skill Points and try to hit the 100 threshold in both Dominance and Health, rather than capping just one or the other.

    Looking at it purely in terms of that soft cap, only needing roughly 175 SP to run content at any level, you're looking at $30 worth of Replay Badges in order to shore yourself up to where you need to be, or less if you're willing to speed blitz the character through a few lower level raids and alerts first to pick up all the easy stuff you can. I'm not saying that it's good or bad; $30 is $30 and each person can make their own choice. But since the CR Skip to 255 would normally cost more than $30, even if you do have to sink some money into fixing them up in the end, you still come out ahead. Not as far ahead as you would have if the character was ready to go right out of the box, but you did save yourself some money regardless.
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  5. myandria Loyal Player


    The CR skip is exactly how it is advertised; a CR skip; it has never given a substantial amount of skill points.

    The 77 skill points is actually the gift, because the devs didn't have to include them.

    If the devs gave a substantial amount of skill points with the CR skip (take Brit's example of 175 skill points for example) then they could never give it away for free; they would have to charge a higher price than the normal CR skip.

    This is a gift that lets you can choose how to use it:

    Use it now and not worry about those skill points until later on.

    Use it later so you can decide which character to use and/or wait until that character has a good amount of skill points to handle the CR Skip.

    Never use it and keep it moving.
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  6. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    OP is the type of person who is invited to someone's home for dinner, and fed well... but complains that the beer/wine provided isn't their favorite brand. Or is given a car, tax-ree, and complains that it doesn't have all the options equipped.
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  7. willflynne Unwavering Player

    "Broken" does not mean "it doesn't work the way I think it should work." The CR skip increases your CR, and any time I've used one it does exactly that.

    The number of SP awarded most likely is due to the fact that not everyone subscribes or has access to all episodes, so the SP awarded are from the base/core game that's available to everyone.
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  8. TANK69 Active Player

    Yeah, but ppl are going to the cr relevant content with these fresh characters without any proper sp and proper skill and even the jld alert became a shitshow.
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  9. spack2k Steadfast Player

    well its called "cr skip" not "cr&sp" skip
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  10. Melusine Midnight Well-Known Player

    I think it's a very generous gift regardless, but it would be super cool if members got more SP with it.
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  11. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    If only they were now overpowered for a LOT of SP they can go and knock out in an afternoon...
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  12. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    If people are queuing up for the content, sure.

    I’m gonna keep mine as a background experiment. See how long it takes a cr skipped character to be bought up to par using only loyalty rewards and the odd piece of content run here and there. Don’t really have enough time to do anything else anyway.
  13. Physique Dedicated Player

    The CR skip has always come with the barest minimum of skill points because, truth is, the devs would have to offer something to get players started at the higher tiers. Still, this "gift" is problematic to the regular, full-time player community because while the gift is nice, there are those who do the barest minimum within the game with regards to feats and SP gains either because they still haven't learned how important that is in terms of progression or because they're lazy.

    This negatively impacts the community because most of the newer CR skipped players do not go back and try to either buy feats or earn the SP that is easy enough to get because jumping into the relevant content (as a side note, this gift also comes with a permanant addition of the JLD DLC which goes nowhere even after open episodes are gone or subscription ending). For those not in leagues or with consistent groups to play with, this means getting through queued content becomes more challenging or difficult as the newly "skipped" toons are at times "brittle" (not enough defense / health) or ineffective (not enough damage, heals, power regen) to be effective in current content. As time goes by, veteran players grow to resent these new players for those reasons (a subset of the "elitist player" argument that pops up in the community from time to time).

    The "gift", as it were, is not broken; it is working as intended as far as giving people the gear they need to reach CR 255 and access the additionally gifted JLD episode (and by the way, Nintendo Switch players only got the CR 100 boost this year). In truth, it shouldn't help with additional SP and with many of the feats given, it shortcuts a lot of the experience that veteran players invested time and effort into. Even if the feats / SP were increased, the follow-up question would be "where would they come from"? Since a lot of the general and R&D feats have been bypassed with the CR skip, the only places where maybe more feats could be pulled where the players do not need to actually accomplish anything would be maybe the PvP numbers feats (and that would come with much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the PvP community).

    There is no easy answer on how to fix this issue with the CR boost and how it impacts the overall player community. Or, at least, not an easy answer we, as players can enact as a community. In general, appreciate that the publisher and developers still think about us enough to give gifts and simply accept them. By all means, speak up (I'm not arguing with the OP in that regard) but realize that posting here often is met with derision and deaf ears from on-high.
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  14. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    i found the anniversary gifts to be kind of sweet.

    i still want everyone responsible for breaking mental dead tho.
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  15. Emerald Vibe Committed Player

    Skill Points should be earned not given.
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  16. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    *cough* or bought *cough*
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  17. Zneeak Devoted Player

    It definately shouldn't come with a buttload of SP's, that won't fix any issues. People are already using these skips and cluelessly dive into whatever new content they can now get into. They lack the experience but are dropped off in end-game, that is the problem.

    These CR-skips should never have been able to be used by an account that have never reached said CR on an existing toon already.
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  18. ChowlinShicken Active Player

    I think it's a mistake to look at the CR skip portion of the gift in isolation... remember, you're also getting a month of episodes unlocked.

    It's different to a subscriber who has all of the content unlocked all of the time (which is probably one of the reasons they get a supplemental gift), but for "Freemium" players, the devs are basically saying this:

    "Here's a free CR skip to 255. We're also unlocking almost all of the content for you for a month. The CR skip was just a head start - it's up to you to put in the rest of the work. Good luck and have fun."

    In fact, my only complaint about the CR skip (which others have also related) is giving the skip to people who don't know their roles/have little experience in the game.

    I would love it if the game did a quick check, like: has player reached level 30/beaten core game? Yes? Enjoy the skip. No? Off to the Oblivion Bar for drinks and a brief tutorial. Beat it to claim your skip.
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  19. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    To give skill points, we must autocomplete feats with the advance. We're at the limit for what feats we are comfortable autocompleting.

    If end-game content is too difficult at the granted level of skill points, event content still exists and going back to earlier episodes for feats just got easier at your new CR.
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  20. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    I'd also remind everyone of the Valentine feats you gave everyone. Rather than just orphaning the content and giving no one a way to complete them.

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