No New Powers!

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  1. DaTruthBeTold New Player

    It's called ICE same thing!
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  2. DoIAmuseYou New Player

    Love this idea but, When have they EVER taken a step back to fix things instead of just adding new BS that inevitably breaks other things?
    This games one big running joke of what's broke, and how long will it take them to fix it.
    I mean, on ps3 there was the mic bug that we had SINCE And unfortunately, the list goes on.
    Needless to say, i'm skeptical and not very hopeful they'll finally see the error of their ways.
  3. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    3 years after release and these "beta" style threads are still a major thing here on the forums.

    People asking for no new powers in a superhero MMO because of how bad things are really show how bad SOE have left things to become.

    Hope it all gets sorted ASAP.
  4. StarshipAwesome Well-Known Player

    It's kind of like with legends. There will always be characters that will trounce other characters unless they did do the tweaks. The same goes for people in arena matches.
    Sure it can. I don't know the specifics of how content is uploaded into the RAM, for instance, but it makes no sense to just dump all of it in. It only makes sense to uploaded things into the PS3's RAM when you've put points into it. That would mean the space allocated for powers is only gonna be so large and it's only put in once you've selected it. If you respect, it would move out of RAM until you chose something else. There's no point it uploading stuff to your RAM when you can't use it because it isn't in your power set or you haven't selected the specific power.

    The same should be true of the weapons. Only what you've put points into would be uploaded to your PS3's RAM, but you can only have one weapon on you at a time. When it comes to the points you've put into weapons you don't have on your toon at the moment, there's probably some kind of marker/indicator that you have selected those specific weapon moves, so when you put on that weapon, there's a dump and corresponding upload since you can't use the moves of the other weapons. There's a bit of a cheat with weapon mastery, but that's only 4 additional combos at max.

    So, assuming this is how it works, the same would hold true for the movement modes. There is also a bit of a cheat here since we have the boots, the gloves and the backpack that give you movement modes you didn't start the game with, but they are also limited and don't give you the full range of capabilities your main movement mode gives you, just like with weapon mastery.

    So, I can't see why this game can't have 20 more powers, 20 more movement modes and 20 more weapons from a storage space perspective. As far as uploading for the environments you go into, the entire game is not downloaded to the PC/console.

    The thing with the PSN is that there's a delay for content when it's put up there. So, PC players would get the new content before the PS players do and that can cause people to get upset. Some would chime in with "PS players are already upset'. I get why they are, but combining the PS4 and PC would just be a bad idea. It's the reason Matt Higby (creative director of Planetside 2) gave for why Planetside 2 wouldn't be having a combined PC/PS4 server. So, a combined server like that I think would be unlikely to ever happen, unless Sony changed its policies.

    Matt Higby quote:
    Tiime: 6:57 to 8:02
  5. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    If anyone thinks they'll have this 'balance' fixed anytime soon should realize that they seem to be working on ONE power per month... and these five powers still need their AM- Fire, Quantum, Ice, Gadgets and Mental- that means at least five more months and that is just to get the AM out there. Then should hopefully come the WM combo crit reduction, not the power bonus crit, but a reduction of the crit amounts associated with just doing the combos... and then an AM buff. I think reducing the combo crits would be fair and increasing the AM damage would then make using powers much more attractive... while still keeping the crit power bonus available for those who do not want to use the AM.
  6. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    One thing l categorically against in near future is - changing rules in mid-game. Just like WM did - it shaked all existing at that moment power ierarchy from top to toe. Thus l against contradictory additions - enhancements like HT mods or Weapon Mastery coming in near DLC. l hope artifact weapons in DLC #11 will be NOT another enhancement, which will make some powers stronger than anothers when used together with AW. If devs do so - then everything they done already in Earth, Electricity, Light & upcoming changes for Fire & Gadgets goes down the drain! :confused:
    Thus l hope DLC #11 will contain still HoverDisk movement. Or maybe controller power before healer WoL #2. Btw.: some old thread hinted about Atomic planned as controller power not tank. In that case AF #2 will contain Might Tank powers m/l (i.e. "Pure Physical").
    - within same triad, when Electric is healing, Earth is tank.
  7. Derio 15000 Post Club

    RAM doesnt only affect your players powers, movement, weapon. If that were the case we would have plenty of powers. Due to you having to see other players powers, weapon, movement, etc. Also a delay of content is no excuse. Look at FFXIV who has all platforms combined on 1 server and release content regularly that is tested internally( not by the community but by the devs themeselves).

    The key problem is how the game was built and designed that led to lack of RAM for PS3 and the devs have tried their best to save as much as possible but there is only so much you can do without remaking the game itself.

    Enviroments are easy because they barely take up any ram. But as soon as you add character abilities and movements and powers RAM seems small due to what we already have.