no more exuses, powers visual update!

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    I've always heard this excuse as well, from well before the game was even released (back when Chris Cao would do Q&As on the DCUOSource Forums).

    However, I believe the truth was eventually revealed to be something altogether different: it was a DC Comics call. They're rather protective of their properties, and the idea that somebody could make Green Fire (as the character Fire does) stepped on the toes of their Iconics. It's the same reason Iconic symbols aren't free to color swap.

    Now I have no idea if that's still DC Comics' position - or if it's even true. But it is what my swiss-cheese brain remembers. :)
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    Something to keep in mind is that Cao worked on SWG before working on DCUO, and one of the things they put into place after the NGE was adding elemental damage to weapons. They put in the ability to craft armor with added protections to a particular damage type (heat, cold, acid, etc.), but to help with combat messaging for PvP situations they changed the weapons so that they would fire a certain color blast. For example, if someone was attacking you with a heat-based pistol or rifle you'd get a hit with an orange-red blaster bolt.

    Got a little irritating if a particular weapon you liked had the blast color change, but that's beside the point. LOL

    Anyhow, when they said that combat messaging was a big (if not THE big) reason for keeping powers in this game color locked I wasn't the least bit surprised. But as I said earlier it may well be a DC call as well, and the Fire power in the game isn't the only example you could go with. With the differences in how the various Lantern powers work in the lore, it's not hard to imagine DC being sticklers with Light and Rage and not allowing those to be changed in color as well.

    And before someone tries to say, "Well, just leave Light and Rage out of it, problem solved!" just take a moment and imagine the torches and pitchforks that would be brought out if every power in the game except Light and Rage could be colored, especially since real-world money has to be paid in one form or another (sub or purchase) to play those powers.

    "Ugly" would be the nicest word you could use for player reaction to that kind of decision. ;)
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    I don't understand why they would rather teased their customers rather than giving us what we want, I mean it's more money for them right, so why so protective over something that can make you richer, ofc excluding copyright issues.

    What is the worst that can happen seeing green fire iconic players running around, also the point of it all is creativity, if players are using iconic powers, you can always upgrade the iconic's powers to be more distinctive, the excuses are respected but it is time for a change, I want to see this game grow in all aspects, not just episode wise.

    Edit: my solution to the combat is, you know how when you see those numbers burst in damage? Well you can easily label the powers being used with the names fire, hl, nature etc. bursting out in a fading animation like practicing on a dummy which would be visible to the enemy.
  4. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Dc has a record of being overly protective.
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    Well aware of that fact, too. LOL Even though they eventually relented on green auras, they showed their protective nature again with the Superman emblem being color locked.

    Old habits die hard, I suppose...:D
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  6. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Haha yea, I hope your right in this case, they need to loosen up with their customers, what are we spys lol.
  7. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    It's the same kind of thing I got used to in my time in Star Wars Galaxies, so I just roll with it at this point. :D Besides, those emblems are big money makers for DC, so I can't really blame them too much for being protective.
  8. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    I'm just gonna assume they are planning a way to make the most out of these features if it ever hits live, not that there's anything wrong with that since this is business.
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    Personally, I think DC/Warner Bros. has tons more say than what we think. I mean, this whole Superman celebration even thing is largely something they probably said to Daybreak "hey! we need a superman event to celebrate Action Comics 1000" and then that is that. I still find it odd btw that Supergirl is at the forefront of the Death of Superman stuff when in the actual comics she was not even really in it. She was the Matrix and didn't she get smacked by Doomsday and turned to goo? Oh well. semantics.

    But back to my point. it's kinda like too when they were doing the episodes and paused the trilogies to immediately promote the Bombshell Raid and make them legends too. that clearly felt like a push for the comic. Really though, I'm fine with this. Many storylines depicted in the game are often much better than their comic counterpart....most notably Sons of Trigon.

    In response to the OP about visual updates....some powersets do need them as some are not near as cool as how epic Water or Quantum look. I mean, it's not as dramatic as water of course has quantum tunnelling. I have to say....I am so used to that power and it is great for picking up people that whipe. You may not be at the top of the scorecard but that power alone is a great visual and just great fun.
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    Supergirl sells. She's a popular character.
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  11. LastSonOfEarth Committed Player

    I miss swg :(

    Just not enough to emu, apparently.
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    Well celectial is 2 pallet , dunno even about lore to be honest can a dc character actually have 2 powers? raven i guess...

    but yeah point is that we started to talk about power colors, but the original point was visual update SFX and new power animations maybe after 7 years. And some supercharge models could be changed nature/mental
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    Just let me have blue or white speedster lightning gotdamn