No more DLCs. No more Updates. Balance, Debugg and Stabilize DCUO FIRST!!!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by WL Corpsman, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Phil Miller Committed Player

    Uggghh, not another one of these threads...

    1. This game will never be bug free or completely balanced. The sooner you realize that the better for the rest of us.

    2. There is not enough content in this game to warrant slowing down future releases to fix anything. There are loads of new MMO's coming out for the PS4 in the near future. DCUO cant risk loosing players by not releasing new content, and us players shouldn't have to continue to pay for stale content.
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  2. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Generally ANY game can never be bug free or completely balanced. That's a rule!
    & who can know that betta than me - a dev particularly - wanna l proof it - goto site in mah sig!
  3. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    This cant happen. This game cant survive a drought of content, you know that.
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  4. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Ive been saying this for the last year now.

    Take DCUO out of beta and stabilize it.

    This was my train of thought until recently where i finally clocked on that there is more then enough paying players with blinders on to keep this game alive.

    People that think DCUO is perfectly fine are either just free 2 players or simply dont mind paying for substantial goods.

    The game is ridiculously unblanced in both PVE and PVP (dont get me started on pvp) and the games clearly heading in a bad direction.

    Still people will over look the dark clouds and see the sun somehow. I envy them i really do.

    Ill leave them to it though and keep my money in my pocket until i see an announcement DCUO actually has something huge and worthwhile coming within this life time.

    Over a year now since last E3 and so much hasnt been released that they announced back then.

    I love DCUO , i truly do but its in no way with its problems
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  5. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    I want my dlcs and new content.... Fix what u can fix as u can, dews... Thanks for the hard work... Op, get a ps4 and most of ur issues are fixed... The rest takes time to fix, so have patience!!
  6. WL Corpsman New Player

    read the post. clearly you didnt.
  7. WL Corpsman New Player

    Sadly you may be right. But I'm addicted to this game.
  8. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I honestly don't understand a lot of the negativity I have been reading lately. I understand that the developers have made a lot of changes, I understand some of those are more beneficial to some powers and not others (what else is new?), and I understand they are working to try to balance it so that is no longer the case. Will that ever happen? I don't know, and frankly, I don't know that I care.

    I still have fun playing. I still am able to finish content even if I'm not playing as the strongest power set. I do not get kicked just because I'm not using the best power set with the best loadout to run content. Heck, most players aren't even that good when they do have those things because they haven't truly learned how to do rotations, so I still end up top DPS when I run with them. I'm sure I would be beaten by said players if they knew what they were doing, but how often do we even encounter that in our everyday experiences?

    And even if they beat me, I still have fun, I still finish the content, and I still got to relax playing in a DC Universe with superpowers. That's why most of us are here, right? To live vicariously through our characters' achievements as we read in comics when we were kids?

    This is a game. Have fun playing it. That is the bottom line.
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  9. Little Sister New Player

    I totally read the post. It was a waste of time and I wish I hadn't lol
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  10. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Question: How long do you expect me to wait and pay for my subscription in my Level 92 gear for something more challenging whilst we fix these minor complaints of yours? I'm ready for my next challenge. I care more about content than these insignificant imbalances that do not affect the main aspect of the game.
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  11. Gargamond Dedicated Player

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  12. badname8 New Player

    WoW, the largest name in MMO's, has been out for 10 years this November and suffers from everything you're complaining about here.

    True balance is impossible, however, even if you were to balance everything in the game perfectly...the next update that changed almost any number in the game could completely ruin your precious balance.

    To top that off debugging is not as easy as this community makes it out to be...unless I've stumbled across a community where all of it's members are all expert mathematicians that can write logical "paragraph's" without any typographical errors in languages most people can't even read. Considering the use of grammar, some of the evidence provided in regards to stats/numbers, and the general inability to articulate an opinion (the first time ;) ) that permeates throughout every single thread...I think most need to be a bit more realistic.
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  13. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    Lol some people seriously have never played an MMO before in their lives, it's kind of endearing actually. You'll learn OP. :)

    *whispers to self* "lol beta phase, loool"
  14. WL Corpsman New Player

    conversing with you is waste of time but every has a opinion.
  15. WL Corpsman New Player

    Played several. This one is my favorite due to fighting engine . Also this one is the biggest head ache.
  16. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Just dropped in nothing to do till the wife gets back with a pizza .
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  17. WL Corpsman New Player

    True. Would just love one update or DLC that doesn't fix one thing then brake another or bugged. But true.
  18. WL Corpsman New Player

    Have not one clue towards what your talking about.
  19. WL Corpsman New Player

    Don't want them to nerf anything. Just dont make me spec precision because it so over scaled to be competitive. Not gonna pretend i have the answer but just make might as viable short term and long term as precision. Once they find the answer, stand by that conviction and keep it once they've reached a balance is all. If you want more content compounded with with glitches , all power to ya. Just want them tested and worked out before live is all I ask.
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  20. WL Corpsman New Player

    Not aware of the up coming AM mechanic or what have you. I'll look in to it, thank you. No problem with evolution, just want frustration alleviated.