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    DCUO is just a game. I'm always seeing you guys on here or the game itself getting so frustrated and having your feelings hurt about something involving the game, or just plain taking the game too serious. I can tell you guys from experience because I used to have a very "elitist" mindset, and some reasons I quit 2 years ago were because of some very petty things
    (Ex. Gadgets not having a +10 vit bonus LOLOL) but ever since I returned I've learmed that I don't need to have the highest CR in the game, and I don't need to have the most skill points, and I don't need to have the best stats or best weapon, the only thing I want to do is enjoy myself, bbecause that's the reason why we play games right? To have fun! And constantly worrying about not getting all the speed feats, or yelling at a group because a raid isn't going well isn't going to help you have fun.
    Ever since I returned to the game last week, I've had the most fun in this game since I first bought it back in 2011!
    Just wanted to get this to you guys real quick, take it easy!
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