Up-Votes Needed No Feat For Pet Tier 2

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  1. Beetleguise New Player

    I just spent 400 source marks on Atlantean Seahorse Tier 2 thinking it would give me the feat. Does it only count if it is equipped after getting it in a raid? If that is the case can we get some more clear signs that purchasing the pet will not count toward feat so that there is not a mis-understanding? I'm not sure why anyone would drop that many source marks on a pet if it did not count toward a feat.
  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The feat is for obtaining the rare drop only. This is specified in the feat description. None of the pets in the pet vendor will give you a feat.
  3. Beetleguise New Player

    Yeah the feat says equip rare drop Atlantean seahorse tier 2. My mistake was thinking the "rare drop" was just info on the item and not specifically saying that I had to get it on drop to get the feat. I thought since I could buy emblems and gear form vendors that gave feats this would too. I wish they would change that drop requirement though. I feel like while it may be obvious to others reading that only the drop version would give the feat, if I made this mistake it's likely several others have as well. For 400 sm I feel like I should get a feat. I'm 44 so I'm used to old school games that came with an instruction book that I would read front to back before I even put the game in. Wouldn't mind seeing a large pdf strategy guide for this game.
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