No Enhanced Superman emblem?

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  1. Sahmarian New Player

    There are enhanced versions of all or most emblems in the game but not for Superman?
    Just wondering why that is... and why is it we aren't able to add material to the emblems?
  2. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    1. There is enhanced version of Subject Zero which is a superman based Emblem. Other than that, DC doesn't really approve them to use any actual Superman Emblem.
    2. This is a Tech Issue they talked about several times.
  3. Sahmarian New Player

    It's a type of Superman emblem. Well it's pretty dumb DC doesn't approve the actual Superman emblem in a DC based MMO game but then there is gear with the Superman emblem actually embedded on the gear. Doesn't really make any sence if you think about it
  4. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    I know it doesn't, but It's a licensed game and they only do what's getting approved.
  5. Sahmarian New Player

    I really do appreciate your reply. But now if they would make it to where we could add materials to the emblems that would be pretty cool.
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  6. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    Materials DO apply to Emblems... when they're on one of the shields that displays an Emblem:



    (It's a bit tough to see with the Diamond Material, but the Emblem IS still there!)


    When this effect was shown off in a thread, Megzilla stated that the Devs were quite surprised by this, (it was a happy accident they didn't think would happen) and they would look into how it was working, with the goal being that maybe they COULD figure out how to let us apply Materials and Chroma Materials on our Emblems at some point! :cool:

    So, ya know... fingers crossed!
  7. Sahmarian New Player

    Well. I don't use a shield. I use hand blasters... and i wasn't referring to using materials on weapons. I'd like to use materials on the emblems when you apply the emblem on your chest.
  8. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player


    The Devs have stated clearly that we could not use our Materials or Chroma Materials on Emblems due to some technical limitations with how Emblems work... but THEN, much to their surprise, Materials and Chroma Materials started working on the Emblems that were applied to shields EVEN THOUGH THAT WASN'T PLANNED, AND WAS AN UNINTENDED EFFECT!

    Therefore, once they figure out WHY it's happening, they MIGHT be able to duplicate it on the Emblems that are applied to our costumes, so they can give you what you want!!! Standby for future Game Updates...

    Sheesh, I swear... these kids today... no reading comprehension skills whatsoever... :rolleyes:

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