No critical or high damage on Weapon Mastery attack

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Regularman, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Regularman New Player

    Using Brawling as main weapon, Weapon Mastery attack do not hit high damage compared with Bow -> MA or MA -> Hand blaster.
    (Same stats for all of them)
    On weapon expert.
    Edit: I can't change the tittle now, it does crit, but on 10k while the others hit more than 20k.
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  2. majosea Dedicated Player

    sounds like Brawling needs a buff , or the other ones need a nerf
  3. Regularman New Player

    Well, Weapon Expert needs a Buff
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  4. The Dackman New Player

    You didn't mention which specific WM combos you are using but the main issue with brawling is that the combos aren't long except for the one that gets you into doom spin. With stats revamp there is a trade off for everything so shorter combos = lower damage while longer combos = higher damage. The longer you are committed to the combo or the more presses it takes should yield higher damage. Hope that helps.
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  5. Copper Scorpio New Player

    It's clear to me and many others WEx was overlooked during the most recent revamp. My question is when will it be fixed?
  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    well, brawling is all over the place with its combos (normal and WM's):

    highest hitting combo is (tap, hold, hold) backhand spinning punch.
    then there are single target combos like (tap, tap, hold, hold) pint...
    the longest combos second hold (t,t,t,h,h) hay maker hits like a tap.

    thats the normal combos, now lets have a look at the WM's:

    shuriken storm: is fast, but should be named "cotton ball wind blow".
    enhanced shuriken: long animation, mediocre dammage (single target).
    doomspin: long animation, but the dammage is lower average at best.
    homerun: Looooong combo, after haymaker that is weak, very weak too.

    you have a fast but weak attack, or very risky long disappointing dammage.
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  7. stärnbock Devoted Player

    oh yeah, btw: same goes for legend characters using brawling.
    clipp backhand spin with a power. don't bother trying haymaker.
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  8. Copper Scorpio New Player

    My point Exactly ^

    Totally, agree. IMO The Ice Elemental SC charge is a great starting point on how brawling or any other weapons for that matter should work.
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  9. Copper Scorpio New Player

    Any responses from a Dev would be nice.
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  10. stärnbock Devoted Player

  11. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    This is incorrect. In theory, it is how things should work. Unfortunately since most players don't use weapons, they just don't know. There are only two combos that do the highest possible damage for weapons. Both of which are fast and short combos. Bow is tops, cause it's faster, but both the bow and 1h tap hold hold are the highest damage WM combos currently. Most of the ranged AM all hit around the same, regardless of how long the combo is. Pretty sure HB and DW are the top two because of speed and aoe.
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  12. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    This has been asked for since the revamp was released. Seeing what has been done with powers. My guess is bow/smoke bomb should be nerfed down, a lot.
  13. Backblock Well-Known Player

    Bow to smokebomb shouldn't be nerfed, how else am I going to dps and keep up with the top powers as mental?

    Way to go, OP. If only people decide not to say anything, maybe some players like to use weapon expert.......
    Maybe some powers like SORC and MENTAL need this to keep up because there's no word of any buffs and lol projectile fix won't result in properly fixing mental and sorc...
  14. Copper Scorpio New Player

  15. Backblock Well-Known Player

    You think making this thread will make things better when it won't.
    It'll probably end up making weapon expert useless, especially for the two powers that aren't up to par.
  16. Copper Scorpio New Player

    And so on ( SMH )...Devs, are we going to solve the issue concerning the balance of Weapons or just hold hands and wait for this inevitable desaster to impact? Thanks! For artifact's ,but no Thanks! If it does nothing but expose flaws in balance pertaining to WEx to Pfttt. If you want data you know where to find it. All I'm demanding is a solution to a ongoing problem.
  17. Copper Scorpio New Player

    Send a Troll only to be faced with ,"The Tank." This issue will not be derailed by pessimist . Solutions , solutions, solutions. Nothing more nothing less.