No 50% sale, No 10% for everything legendary, what next!?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by dcuo gamer, Apr 24, 2014.

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  1. dcuo gamer Committed Player

    Really Devs? We had a 50% for every other dlc, but we don't get one for tier 6? As far as tier5 pve content is concerned, I'm practically done. I've replayed the heck out of bia and fam for 85cr gear. Then for the 86cr, the 90cr, the vestman of rage for both roles, and lastly the rare vendor gear at 70 marks a pop.

    The expert plans have been lowered completely, you can now buy every expert plan in the millions in the single digits now, even soda cola next plans when they were worth 100's of millions. All of the grinding and I'm completely out of badges.

    That 50% off sale would have went a long way in preparation of dlc10. But no, we got the Booster Gold bundle. You do know that some people JUST PREFER TO PLAY THIS GAME ONLY right? What better way to show player appreciation than a 50% sale? We live for the next tier upgrade, but not like this.

    Did Jens and Mepps say at FNL last week April 18th 2014 that legendary players will get 10% of everything across the board and legendary can now pay all all of the legendary characters with Marks of Valor? Yes or No?! You'll have people say "when and where does he say that?" I've just told you. And they say it in the 1st 15 minutes.

    I guess it will be coming Friday. We'll see.

    What next?!

    Since when do they announce a dlc then don't release it for another 2 months? What are they Blizzard?Just days after the announcement of dlc10, Booster Gold Bundle pops up, then NO MENTION of dlc10. Then what do they do? Promote Soe Live.

    Just to give you heads up on SOE Live. Besides all of the talking and hanging out with the devs, all Jens and the gang is going to do is talk 60 minutes vaguely about the upcoming dlc, with a few slides shown in for measure.

    They already announced all of the upcoming dlc for this year. And they can't even release dlc12 War of the lights this year. They may, but I sincerely doubt it. Look how long dlc10 is getting delayed. Halls of Power and armories was announced not just last year but at SOE live 2012. And league Halls got pushed back and was replaced with Sons Of Trigon.

    Your thoughts.
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  2. Sakshi New Player

    Hmm I personally would love to see a 50% sale. :confused:
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  3. warpax New Player

    i dont care about sales..what's up with the lack of conntent, every year less and less.
    uspc population getting lower and lower
    i dont care about new legendary benefits. i didnt mind paying for this game when i had some interesting and challenging content.

    i stoped playing, and only follow the forums now. not to mention this dlc is gonna be about 1 alert. and that's it. so when are the raids comming? end of this year? i really stoped caring about all the "cool" stuff they anounced, all i care about is content. cuz what's the purpose of all this WM armories leaguehalls new mechanics if you have nowhere to use them.
    and i really dont wanna run paradox for XYZth time for fun only.

    still no info on DLC relese date or WM relese date...just horibad
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  4. RiskVsReward New Player

    Been waiting for a sale so I can get me some inventory sales... Maybe there will be a spring sale since we didn't get an Easter sale
  5. Sinnvoll Well-Known Player

    Wait for DLC11 and the new raid, maybe if the loot table is so that some pieces never drop you can get a few 50% sales :rolleyes:
  6. Yui Loyal Player

    You aren't forced to use replay badges. It's your choice to use them. You know the fact that SOE makes changes to the game at some point that will either make you happy or mad. However, despite being aware of this fact, you still chose to use your replay badges. You only have yourself to blame.

    If you say that you weren't aware of this fact, it's either you're lying or refuse to accept the fact that I'm probably right. You're probably one of the players who felt like "they've been slapped in the face" when SOE decides to change how loot dropped in the Origin Crisis raids after you and so many others spent so much replay badges on them.

    Technically, the Booster Gold Bundle was a sale. Players who bought the bundle get to have:
    • 500 Replay Badges (Actual cost: 1500 SC - $15)
    • 6 R&D Scanners (Actual cost: 300 SC/LP - $3)
    • 8 Radar Enhancers (Actual cost: 400 SC/LP - $4)
    • 5 Proto Repair Bots (Actual cost: 400 SC/LP - $4)
    • 5 Vault Tickets (Actual cost: 400 SC/LP - $4)
    • 1 Aura Reward Box
    If you bought each item individually up to the 5th item on the list, it would cost you a total of about 3000SC/LP ($30). It would probably be more than that if you add the Aura Reward Box, which I can see going for a minimum price at the range of 1000SC/LP - 2000SC/LP ($10 - $20).

    Plus, they did the Spring Makeover Sale before the Booster Gold Bundle happened. In this sale, Respec tokens, Armories, etc. were put on discounts.

    They did this 2 sales about 2 weeks apart so I doubt they will announce a new sale for any time soon.

    Also, you said the key sentence right there.
    Other people prefer to actually go at their own pace and not use replays to get the best gear in a few days.

    You do know that some DCUO players play other SOE games too right? Plus, you're forgetting that DCUO is an SOE game. So, you have no right to complain about them delaying on giving updates about the release of DLC10, because SOE Live is an important event to the SOE company.

    DLC 10 (and GU36) is getting delayed cause they're making sure that the New Access Plan will come out properly with no problems.
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  7. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Slightly off topic but addressing the, "what's up with the lack of conntent, every year less and less" comment above.

    It gets pretty annoying when players constantly complain about recent "lack of content" but fail to realize how much time the devs spent last year not only preparing for the PS4 launch but also in trying to fix all the bugs that came with it. Players seem to think DCUO has a massive team, which it doesn't, which means when resources get channeled to something else- like the PS4 launch- obviously there is a LOT less time to devote to creating new content. This year they are also working on balancing, which I applaud, and revamping powers, which I also applaud, but this also takes resources away from new content. While this may be a problem for those players already at the highest level, it is great news for new players or those who like to create new alts. What the devs are doing is making the game viable for the long term, and I think they should be commended for this and those players at the top should realize they need to be patient while this effort plays out. You complain about DCUO not giving you instant gratification, when you should be applauding them for working to ensure the long-term survivability of this game.
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  8. WorldsDown New Player

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  9. Green Lantern New Player

    50% off sales are done.
  10. Myrdin69 New Player

    no sale, no money from me
  11. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    Sooo your first point the dlc hasnt launched nor does it have an actual launch date yet. As far as the sale theres usually a sale around the time of the spring event which is coming in may, Currently on test they have update 36 dlc 10 and the spring event, My guess is well get the dlc and the update next week and the spring event when the dlc goes live for everyone.
    As for the upcoming dlcs ....war of the light part 2 was planned for next year from the beginning. with the ps4 launch the graphics update armories shared skill points and now weapon mastery instead of pumping out dlc after dlc they are actually looking at the game.
    The dlcs this year were war of the light, amazon fury, and the new gods, It was decided Halls of power was going to be an update. The ui changes have started to get things ready for the league bases. Im sure they are working on it but it is a big overhaul, the ui changes haven't come yet either my guess is you cant have one with out the other. I dont care how long the ui and league halls take as long as they get done the way they need to be and they work.
    The pricing thing i assume your talking about this
    On or about April 29th, we will be rolling out a simple, new All Access membership plan full of value. In the new All Access plan, members will be able to:
    •Claim 500 Station Cash monthly from within the game marketplaces.
    •Receive a 10% discount on marketplace purchases.
    •Gain access to exclusive promotions and offers throughout the year.
    It has to actually be launched before it can work
    They have also said they are waiting for this to go live before anymore updates are launched its a big billing change. How about having some patience and seeing what happens in 5 days....
    but it will only be supergirl i think but im sure they will add more later. sorry your bored and you replayed everything to death the new ones coming so you can get more badges grind that out in two or 3 weeks then be bored again.

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  12. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Lack of content? Whats on test now is going to keep me busy for months. Spring event, the dlc, learning new WM, plus probably finding a new load out.
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  13. Derio 15000 Post Club

    NO. NO 50% off sale now. We dont need it. I would rather them give us a 50% off sale right before DLC11 than for DLC10. Plus its more strategically placed. Are you going to pay more replay badges for 2 raids and 1 alert. Or for 1 alert and some duos.
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  14. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    But there's always some excuse for why they didn't have time to work on content. I keep waiting and thinking there will be a day when there's not some excuse and we begin to get more content; but all we get are more excuses.

    New or old player, all of these features are worthless if you have nothing to play it on. It's like buying a new car only to realize they didn't finish building the road because they were working on the car.
  15. AJPro Committed Player

    I think my issue is instead of adding mechanics and changing jump canceling I would like more content....I do not think the devs are doing nothing. Basically I think dcuo works hard but not well
  16. yagamison New Player

    How about we all just enjoy the game without replay badges... :eek:
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  17. Twilight Man New Player

    Are you ever happy with things here?
    Look at your thread creation history:

    You asked what's next?
    We'll likely continue to play and pay for this game regardless of what happens to it, or not. Very simple outcome. The developers will continue to make promises and uphold some while others fall short. Threads like this will continue to make sure they don't forget their failures and positive feedback will flow to show them we still like the game.

    DC/WB/SOE will continue to find ways to milk money out of small vanity products and we'll continue loving to hate them with cash.
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  18. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    What? I dont know if youre getting your games mixed up, but we never got a 50% sale on a dlc release.

    I swear you only show up on this forum to complain about something, and half the time your information is wrong.
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  19. savageprime New Player

    Just food for thought...lets take a stroll down memory lane shall we?

    You remember when you had to do solos and duos over...and over...and over to get gear? Remember when you could barely do your super movement in open world without dcing? Remember the horrors of many uncompleted GofT runs cause it was inoperable? I kid you not at one point I would DC EVERYTIME I made a mod in the WT! And im not joking or exaggerating, literally everytime I made a mod my game would lock and I had to relog and to fix issues we got base amenities. Problem solved.

    Now im not saying dcuo is perfect and yes I agree we need a steady stream of content but for my worst bug right now to be sound, which obtw is being addressed and acknowledged by the devs, than im one happy camper. One day just fly in metro, gotham or any open world and just pay attention to the little things around you. ALOT of moving parts are taking place all the time for every single person you see around you.

    Is it on par with other PC mmos? Nope. But as a console player im happy and long standing members of this game and community know how far dcuo has come and respect where we are.

    There may not have been a steady stream of content that I like but there has been a steady stream of improvements that I love. JS
  20. Burnt New Player

    Have a little dignity and stop begging.
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