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  1. Sean1M New Player

    I wanted clarification on how Switch servers work. Is there just one worldwide Switch server or are there two (US and EU)? And if the latter how do you tell which server you are on (Since it doesn't show on the character select screen)?

    And how does one change server if there are two (since I'm Australian which I assume has the EU server if there is one. So I switched my system's region to the Americas and I still seemed to be on the same server).
  2. Owl Devoted Player

    There are 2 Switch servers: US & EU

    I don't know which server Australia connects to.
  3. Sean1M New Player

    Still doesn't really answer the main questions I have. How do I tell which one I'm on? What ways are there of changing the server etc. Though at least I do now have confirmation on there being two servers thanks to your post and the maintenance message.
  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    It's based on what country you set your system to.
  5. Owl Devoted Player

    You could ask another player what country they are in to determine which server you are on.

    PS4 players in Australia connect to EU. That was maintained from the PS3 version.
    PS4 players in Southeast Asia connect to US. There was not a PS3 Southeast Asia version.
    Ping times were better from Asia to Las Vegas than to Amsterdam.
  6. Sean1M New Player

    I assumed it was based on country. I'm in Australia so I assumed it would lump me into EU server but when I switched my Switch's region to the Americas I still seemed to be on the same server.

    And unlike PC or seemingly also Playstation and Xbox Switch doesn't show what server your character is on on the character selection.
  7. The Scrounger New Player

    I'm Australian and am on EU server. From what I have heard if you did want to go NA you would have to redownload from the NA store. However I was hearing issues with utilising marketplace from changing regions but unsure how true that is.
  8. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The server you connect to depends on the region tied to the account you connect with, not the system itself. I have tested it using my normal (Ireland) account and an account I made whose region is set to the US. When I started the game up with my US user account it made me start the game over again, even though I had already made characters on my EU account. You can't get a separate client for EU and US, because the eShop will just say the game is already downloaded if you go to any eShop and the game is already on your system. This is good at least, because it means you don't need separate clients if you want to play on both servers, saving you about 25GB of space on you memory card.

    That being said, I have no idea why one Australian has been directed to the US server and another has been directed to the EU server. It was always my understanding that Australian players were sent to the EU server by default. Perhaps one of you is mistaken?
  9. Sean1M New Player

    I didn't say I was on US server. I was largely saying I have no way of really telling what server I'm on. Good to know its tied to region of account though.

    In anycase Jafin you really helped. Thanks a lot.
  10. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    My apologies, I must have read your post too quickly. :confused:
  11. Sean1M New Player

    Perfectly fine. In any case I'm glad to have some clarification. Would be nice if they let you check what server you're on though.
  12. Shade_Koopa New Player

    Thanks for the info. I've got a friend who's an AUS player. This explains why we are in different servers. I'll just have to make an EU Nintendo Account.