Night 1: Of Update 29

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by lordexecution365, Aug 21, 2013.

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    Was really excited that finally I would be able to run Nexus with a few of my leaguemates who had not beaten Nexus yet.

    JUST TO HEAR "I think I will be skipping these raids and going to the DUO's and ALert in DLC8 when they come out".

    I thought to myself, wow, really the update was suppose to help with the animation on the USPS3 but NOPE it appeared to be worse.

    And you can save the arguements about the HD or whatever I don't care bout that because it really wouldn't matter I am not going to replace everybody HD nor will you buy them 1 and I can careless for the PS4 as of now 'cause it is not here right now anyway.

    I thought hard about that this morning and realizes that many people will leave this game and come back when better gear come out because the fufillment factor will fade really fast.

    The patience of most that I have seen has fallen really short.

    I wish I could have came and spoke to the Devs, at S.O.E. Live to see here theview point from there perspective.

    The frustration of people is growing, I for 1 have few problems joining a group and beating Nexus I do try Paradox every now and then, but really instead of dealing with the headache of these raids I may just skip them as well.

    The LFG channel has the frustration reverberating from it.

    It is getting really silly now and I feel for DPS's.