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  1. John New Player

    What are the requirements to get into nexus I am 93cr 130sp and every time I go in I get kicked cause gear to low I have half 84 gear and half 83 with 85 wep and 85 trinket also have two 78 rings with prec 5 exp mods What is so hard about nexus?

    also hardlight dps
    usps3 server
  2. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    It's not, people like being carried.
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  3. Poo New Player

    CR 99 at least... well... according to some.

    I'd make your own group if you can. Though at 93 you will get spanked ;)
  4. Harlequin Devoted Player

    No, he won't.
  5. Decree New Player

    This is pretty much it. People want cr 100+ for nex when it is impossible to get that cr without doin the raid and getting the gear that it drops.

    Chicken meet the Egg
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  6. Poo New Player

    Oh yes he will. I'm 99 and still get spanked. Granted, that is only because of stupid one-shot mechanics.

    Man I hate these raids with a passion.
  7. MCAZR New Player

    Make your own group and set whatever requirements you want.

    I suspect the requirements are so high because most groups have experienced players who want to complete the content but not experienced/skilled enough that they can/want to bring an inexperienced player into their raid. They're also so high because there are enough people at a higher CR that you won't have to wait too long.
  8. Quantum Edge Devoted Player

    That's why you have a group that is environment aware and picks people up. That's something that can't be determined by CR.
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  9. MCAZR New Player

    I don't think it's a chicken meet egg situation. Some people only want experienced players and there are plenty. Inexperienced players should form their own groups to get experience and gear which will in turn open up their possibilities.

    If someone wants to do a novice Nexus run on USPS3 hero side, send me a message and I can help organize a weekend run. I can't guarantee we'll be able to recruit enough people but we can try.
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  10. Covalence New Player

    Minimum cr requirements range from 97 to 99, depending on the person
  11. MyrVell Committed Player

    I'm down. You may not beat the boss but a decent group can clear at least some of it and you can get a couple of drops. This weekend is bad (holiday), but I'm almost always around in the evenings. In game name Captain MyrVell, cr98 troll.
  12. siressarchangel Dedicated Player

    If you are still getting spanked at cr99, then maybe you should look at the groups you are running with....
  13. Whiteroom New Player

    Try calling out that you are looking for a first run through. It may take longer to get picked up, but people will be more accepting of your gear.
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  14. Lota New Player

  15. Bamf 7 New Player

    The OP is having the same issue that many people are having and the simple answer is to hit me up in game and we can see about getting him through some content. MyrVell is a proven example that CR does not matter it is all about the group. Captain I hope all is well and hit me up this weekend if you need some more assistance. Aristocrats are willing to help those who are having issues getting in groups.
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  16. avilesc New Player

    Not to long after Nexus was introduced I "quit" the game. Basically I play to support my wife, but don't bother with the new content anymore. I have tried forming groups, running with groups, and etc. etc. etc. I constantly here CR,this, Gear that, and more outrages demands on SP and other requirements. In the end it was pointless. Most people wouldn't even let me in if I didn't have exactly a certain CR, with specific gear, all expert mods, specific white mods, specific SP, specific powers, and a sacrifice to the gods. I would grind for days for marks and to fill slots on my gear only to have to grind again for more marks and more slots for raven gear. The fun was lost. So I gave up. Now I just get marks whenever and do whatever as long as I don't have to be bothered with the horrible creation that is Nexus.
  17. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    Unfortunately your going to have to be at least 96cr to be taken seriously. People always say "when this first came out I beat it at 90cr". What no one ever says or they *forget* to mention is they probably glitched the last room. Yes its beatable with a low cr. But you have to be carried due to lack of experience. Also you could beat it with a whole group of low cr players of everyone has a mic and communicates.

    My suggestion to you is to form your own raid or just tell people you need help. There are quite a few good people in here who will gladly help. If you need DPS help you can add me, Titan1373.
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  18. Nemisor Committed Player

    first time i tanked nexus (sucsesfully) was at CR94. if you get a group that knows what its doing youl be fine.
  19. MyrVell Committed Player

    I know how rough it is trying to shout for a group, or heaven forbid just Qing in lol. The CR ***** abound, but there are those of us that will give it a go. Even better, there are people like Bamf 7 and his league, true assets to the community that are willing to share their experience.

    It can be done.
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  20. Nemisor Committed Player

    just lie and say you are cr98 etc, whats the worst that can happen......:eek:
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