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  1. JayJay2515 New Player

    Can someone explain this to me, I was in a group earlier (what had to be best pug ever) and we kept wiping on the last boss when that one shield randomly spawns on someone, does anyone know what's the deal with it?
  2. blklightning New Player

    I was reading tips from Odyssey earlier and this is addressed. He sends out an attack after the random shield. It's a guaranteed one shot for anyone. The trick is the shields. The group has to get within them to take zero damage from the attack.
  3. JayJay2515 New Player

    Yeah I know about the one shot but still not so clear on the shield, we called out who has the shield and everyone ran to that person then out of nowhere about 3-4 people were

  4. Booster New Player

    They were memed?
  5. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    Make sure you have your combat log open to check what killed you. If the shield was bugged in some way, it would have been Luthor's Inevitability attack. What is more likely is that the group was hit by some kind of aoe attack from one of the other Luthors. Positioning is really important with this, but sometimes you just need luck.
  6. Anhur Committed Player

    When the shield appears for the Inevitability attack, your team mates do not want to start bunching together in anticipation because what'll happen is some form of AoE attack will land near/on your players and they'll be squashed as a result.

    You need to move close together but not on top of each other - watch for Lex's skull attack to indicate when he'll do it.
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