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  1. Lightful New Player

    I'm in last room, Nexus. The group is decent and we got to the last boss in about 40 minutes.

    We're in the last room planning on who we're taking out in order. We're in general's reality and we have space and future as last boss. I suggest we take out future first because of his lethality compared to space's. I then hear a suggestion that irks me, "let's burn space first because he's more squishy than future".

    Um.....wut. Says who? Did you invite space and future to group and ask for their HP? Did a jealous professor tip you off?

    My question is, is there any truth to this statement? If so, how could you tell?

    Edit: I've heard this statement a few times in the past, backed up with absolutely no support. This is the part that irks me.
  2. compasionate grenade Committed Player

    Really how could u tell? Ran nexus last night and someone said that, last room, about primal. It made me c 8ock my head back thinking the same thing as u,"how could u tell?"

    I think its just a guesstimate. But if im wrong, pls correct me.
  3. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    I can't speak for heroside but we do have a somewhat organisational method for the out of phase bosses. Quite simple really. We burn whatever boss doesn't jump around like a lunatic first. So primal/ninja.. we'd go primal first. future/ninja? Hard choice, but future first, moves a little slower.

    And just on reflection.. that's where people probably get the squishy idea. Because they don't move around out of range so much and the damage flow is more consistent, the stationary bosses probably look squishier.
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  4. Lightful New Player

    I see your point but wouldn't it then be a smarter choice to burn the bosses that jump aggro since they pose a greater threat? I even stated that in my OP. I find it smarter to burn the boss that is most likely to kill you, first.
  5. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    Well they all pose threat (and lately, with the ice/celestial/nexus drop agro hilarity, nobody is safe!), but I dunno, we seem to delay the inevitable attack by getting a boss down faster. Also, it is one less boss that the tank has to worry about watching.

    See mobile threats like future or ninja shouldn't be that much of a worry. Yeah, they're going to go out, give them their path back to the tank, and all is good.
  6. Lightful New Player

    Yes but I'm comparing space to future. Future, drops a wide AoE that can take out whoever is in it in a couple of seconds. Space doesn't really have any life threatening moves that I can think of.

    I don't see the final room as a worry whatsoever under a decent group but if we're comparing lethality, I would have to give it to future.
  7. BumblingB I got better.

    Space is the better choice to fight first. He isn't squishier, he likes to wander away from the tank. Which makes him a liability and can be harder to grab back the aggro. Future actually is probably one of the most docile ones in the last room, considering all he pretty much has is his AOE ring. Before, he was deadly, because you couldn't get out of the ring in time, now he's easier to deal with.

    General and Space are the ones you want to get first. Space, like I said, wanders, and General can teleport away too far to get aggro back and go back to the tank.
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  8. Lightful New Player

    It was general's reality, he has to be the last to die. I would have to disagree; from my experience, it's been future who jumps more aggro compared to space. Even the boss fight I was mentioning in my OP, he was the reason we wiped a few times. We only wiped a few times.

    Might have been the tank I was running with but future was our only downfall.
  9. BumblingB I got better.

    Oh, I wasn't saying General if he is phased, but if you had a choice of the not phased ones, General and Space.

    As for your wipes by Future, that sounds like a tank issue. About 80% of the time, the tank will get the ring on him that most of the time can heal/block through. The other 20% is due to scripted turns they do, where he will look away from the tank to target a random person. So unless you were all clumped together, should be easy to deal with.

    Please remember, all percentages are pulled out of my butt and not real proof, just from what I've seen.
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  10. Lightful New Player

    Lol, appreciate the insight.
  11. Twisted Titan Committed Player

    This is what has been passed around for awhile. I thought everyone followed the same concept.
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