Next in DCUO: New Member Benefits, Game Update, DLC Pack, and More!

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Hello DCUO!

    The next few weeks will be jam packed with exciting content, events, and benefits entering the game – so many, in fact, that you may have lost track. Here’s a quick recap.

    New Member Benefit: PlayStation

    Beginning on our target date of April 29th, all PlayStation players will notice a new member benefit: 10% off all Marketplace purchases! This benefit will be ongoing, so your purchases will always go just that much further.

    New Member Benefits: PC

    Beginning on our target date of April 29th, all PC players will notice new member benefits with the All Access plan: 10% off all Marketplace purchases, and membership benefits in all SOE games, including EverQuest, EverQuest II, and PlanetSide 2. One membership. One price. All the perks!

    Game Update 36

    Game Update 36 is ready for the big time, and will launch on April 29th! Beyond the new membership benefits, this Game Update features combat and consistency changes aimed at bringing balance to the powersets. Much player feedback has been incorporated into the changes, and we will be looking for more once the update is live. GU 36 also prepares the game for Weapon Mastery and our next DLC Pack, Amazon Fury Part I.

    New Marketplace Item: Total Recovery Kit

    Entering the Marketplace with Game Update 36 will be the Total Recovery Kit, which allows you to recover Exobytes from R&D mods, guaranteeing 100% recovery. Look for it in the Marketplace as a great time saver when you’re working on your new gear in Amazon Fury Part I.

    New Combat System: Weapon Mastery

    Weapon Mastery – originally planned as a feature of Amazon Fury Part I, but now a FREE new mechanic for ALL players – will also launch when the DLC Pack launches, shortly after Game Update 36. Get your weapons ready for a whole new way to engage in combat in DCUO.

    New DLC Pack: Amazon Fury Part I

    Amazon Fury Part I will launch very shortly after Game Update 36, so stay tuned for the exact date and details. This new DLC Pack features an Amazonian Civil War, as Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta invades Gotham City, and Wonder Woman stands in her way. Defend Gotham City, travel to Themyscira, and earn new gear, feats, and rewards.

    New Rewards for the Spring Seasonal Event

    Finally, this year’s Spring event will begin in early May and run for about one month. Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing are back, with previous years’ and new rewards for those willing to help them, including new styles, feats, base items, and more.

    As you can see, there is a ton happening now and soon in DCUO, and that’s just our plans into May. Stay up to date with us on our official channels, and log in today to get caught up and ready for what's ahead!
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  2. blazeing fire111 Loyal Player

    :eek:! ..............................:D....................................................:cool:....................................................:D Whoooooooo.
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  3. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Did u forget to give us a spring sale? Just wondering.....don't we always have a spring sale?
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  4. Drifting Dreamer New Player

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  5. iPlow New Player

    Yes April 29th, not so far away.
    Looking forward to it!

    Keep up the good work guys :D
  6. PolishEagle New Player

    Usually it's a Black Friday and summer sale.
  7. CCTrinket New Player

    :eek:.........................................Yes I can't wait to feel my base with Plant furniture!!:D!!
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  8. tukuan Loyal Player

    Mepps, I had assumed before that the All Access would not be granted to Pro Seiben subscribers but the way I read this it sounds like that assumption may have been incorrect. Can you please clarify either way, as I know a few people (specifically my brother) would be happy to know if I was wrong (as is often the case).
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  9. Tikkun Loyal Player

    I can't wait for Leafmail!
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  10. Vyltran Loyal Player

    Veryyyy niceee!!..
  11. Prodigy Progeny New Player

    The membership benefits between platforms don't exactly equate. We all pay to ride the bus...seems like PS players continue to only have the right to sit in a certain section though.
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  12. PhoenixN23 New Player

    Would it be possible to launch Weapon Mastery along with GU 36 instead of the DLC? As a USPS player, I don't have access to the test server, and would rather have a couple of days to test new load outs, weapons, skill point specs, etc. When Amazon Fury comes out, I want to jump straight into the action. I imagine that as soon as weapon mastery drops, everyone will try to maximize their stats based on their SP, re-imprint all their armories, get the timing right in their rotations, etc.(I can go on forever with possibilities). I think a couple days would be beneficial to sort all that out. I hope you guys agree.
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  13. Kintuse New Player

    Here's hoping the next GU will have the power updates. Cheers for all the content being pushed out the door nearly at the same time instead of using the new plans by SOE as a crutch to expand waiting times. Good on ya.
  14. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

    So GU36 is next Tuesday, WM is 5/6, and DLC10 5/13?
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  15. Dcon34DCUO New Player

    We get a section reserved for us on the bus?! I always thought we got shafted onto the clown car.
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  16. Original Scar New Player

    Wanna give a huge Shoutout & Salute to Tunso for this 36!!!
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  17. GodofSorcery New Player

    Nice this will give me a reason to start back playing 12 to 13 hrs again and not 4.
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  18. MeteorRizzy New Player

    im excited for the update, heck yeah!! the total recovery kit sounds amazing! but how much is it gonna b in the market place? i wish th3e update came with WM as well to, i got a lot of testing to do myself seeing as im not on PC.
    cant wait for T6 to come and grind the crap out of it with the leauge. time to grab some monster energy and get my try hard panties on.
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  19. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    GU 36 is planned for next Tuesday. WM and DLC 10 will follow very shortly. I don't think you can extrapolate exact dates from that.
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  20. EconoKnight Dedicated Player

    That would track about right. DLC 7 Origin Crisis was released on May 14 last year.

    Of course, that just shows that the dev timetables are not changing. Expect only one more DLC this year sometime in September.
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