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    Business integrity.

    If a company tells me that something is exclusive to try to get me to buy it, and I buy it, and then they say "Just kidding. We lied to trick you and take your money. It's actually available for everybody." Then I do not trust that business or basically anything else they say in the future. You cannot lie to your customers in order to trick them into spending money, unless you don't care about losing those customers.

    It's not just about losing the people who it applies to. It's ALL customers. If you know that they lie to trick people into spending, then you won't spend.

    They made several new Batman cowls since those days, new cowls that look a ton better than what we got as the exclusive. And that's fine. They can make new ones; they only promised that that one particular old cruddy one would be exclusive. The Two-Face eye? They released a newer, better version of that as well. And I didn't have one word of complaint. But that old stuff, if they said that it was exclusive, then it has to stay exclusive, or else they lose their integrity as a business.

    Because 9 years later they still haven't re-offered it, you can feel confident when they release something in the store and say that it's exclusive, they mean it. They have a proven track record of taking their promises seriously when it comes to your money.
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    god, No.
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    Lmao ...not at you op ! just in general at the responses cant say anything else or mepps will pm me talking about trolling :eek:lmaoo people mannnnnnnnn i swear
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    The Lord says that would Blasphemy.
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    I'm sensing a theme. . .
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    If a character wasn't created back when the original hack happened (March 2011), why should that character have the chance to get that feat?

    That makes no sense, speaking as someone who was playing the game back then. There are very few in game items or feats which should be legacy and Back from the Hack should be one of them. The underlying other note regarding this feat is that at the time of it being awarded, everyone was a paying, subscribed player who'd not only paid a subscription but also bought a physical copy of the game, ranging between $60 & $120. The "hack" took down the game servers for nearly 50 days before services were restored and part of the gifts included the hoodie, the feat (for those players who stuck it out and returned), about 100 marks, and an extension of 30 days over the base subscription. Lastly, once mega servers and Free-to-play were introduced (August 2011), the player who were still subbed got the Fight for the Light DLC for free. That was later extended to PS Plus members as well.
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  9. Wallflower Level 30

    Business integrity? Daybreak? Not things I would associate with each other.
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    Integrity doesn't mean that they do the things you want. Integrity means that they do the things that they say they will do.

    Daybreak never said "Everybody can have a Neon White Chroma" or "Maxing Artifacts should be easily done in a couple of days and cost no money." Daybreak openly said that they weren't putting significant amounts of resources into PvP because PvP was not a significant enough draw for the playerbase. Daybreak openly said they were not making new powersets.

    You don't have to like what they're doing, but they aren't trying to deceive you.
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    Yes please how thoughtful, you should be the dev
  13. Phokus Active Player

    Not the same situation
  14. Phokus Active Player

    Define earned it?
  15. Phokus Active Player

    So why does it matter if they do, if they released better versions of it?
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    By supporting the game for the past near-decade, including sticking with it through the hack when their personal data was potentially compromised.
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    You can re-read my original post which answered this question.

    It is about integrity. Keeping promises. They can release a thousand new, different versions and it's perfectly fine. It doesn't matter if the new ones are better looking or more desireable. They promised that the old dumpy looking ones were exclusive, and integrity means they keep their promises. Because, if they break their promises, then that would make them LIARS who intentionally manipulate and deceive their customers, and those are not the sort of businesses that people want to do business with. Integrity is good for business.

    Just because there are women out there who are younger and thinner than my wife doesn't mean that these other options make me suddenly feel okay if she were to, ahem, become available for everybody. Not because she's the best, but because a promise was made and that promise should be kept.
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    Exactly. How about, just no more of these. It is incredibly painful for around 30days or so. You'll have new and experienced players running high CR toons with no skill points. Yes, they do matter to an extent. Not to mention, white mods, artifacts, and can probably only run one role.

    How great is it when a crazy low CR troll comes into you alert and has no idea how badly he is hurting the group? You can ask the player to switch to dps, but they never understand.

    +1 on stopping the skip tokens.
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