Newb 30 need help

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  1. Drakeos New Player

    Okay im offically level 30 now and YET i dont know how to DPS like rest of video and I DISLIKE Clipping (too bloody hard for me to do it) im not fan of it but would LOVE to able to Range DPS alot and do heaps of damage (dots even) and have high survival in raids and solo but again im not liking quantum DPS atm.... Also what weapon set should i be going for ... if i have to change again for better dps powerset that more easy and able to let me gear in T1-T2 (even solo miss)
  2. Shadowfang99 New Player

    Go for celestial since is similar to HL dps and I think 1h or dual pistol/rifle would be good anyone for range ?
  3. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    I always found Gadgets as the easiest power to use for DPS, especially in lower content. Really though, if you refuse to at least practice at clipping, you'll never find any power as easy as people in videos make them look.
  4. Spacedude2 New Player

    Shield has a good range usage. Quicker return than rifle and allows for melee or powers in between. Staff and one-handed have ridiculous damage with range. Brawler range is fun to see in action and does good damage. It really will depend on your mods. Will you go precision or might? In terms of powers, it's a very different kind of question. Your loadouts for powers will depend on your weapon style. The powers themselves will allow you to be controller/tank/healer for your role.
  5. Voltage Source New Player

    Range DPS, no clipping. No problem.

    - Mental
    - Quantum

    Ranged, no real clipping, DOTs, AoE, can use every weapon, no crazy way to stack damage, controllers which are needed for raids, can solo easily because they carry shields/stun/fear/agro wipe.
  6. Delta795 New Player

    Voltage has some good points, but keep in mind to maximize your potential especially as a DPS you WILL need to clip.
    Might I suggest going to your other role as a controller working from there? You will still have range (and do decent damage)
    but the need to clip is not nearly as much in controller role.
  7. TMadness New Player

    Honestly it sounds like you need to download the Test server and test out all of the power sets yourself then decide which power you like the best. Each powerset can do it's fair share of damage. When put into the hands of players some can seem to shine more than others (granted some powers are just unbalanced because of the use of clipping) take the time to figure out what you like on test then do it in game.
  8. VANOSSOP New Player

    im hl and the clipping is very easy to learn, but you need to stay at the sarting target for like a day or two mastering the combos