New Type Of Base Item(concept)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Psycho Tech, Feb 21, 2023.

  1. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Filter base items:

    What if we could use filters as an option for how the base visually looks. Such as

    •Darkness (Turns the natural lighting off, great for a torch lit haunted base etc)

    •Static (like tv static, great for making the base look like its a damaged VHS tape or old cam footage)

    •Sepia/Black & White (great for old fashioned characters, would add some cool dynamics to a base)

    •Underwater (yes we have water items, but still it appears dry around. What if the filter made the base have the effect of being submerged. (Darker tone, bubbling effects & rippling overtone, to compliment the sea items we have)

    •Heated (steam effect/shimmering like being in the desert)

    •Windy (just visual gusts of wind around your base for ambience)

    What do you think? Would such a feature really change the game for base building? Any more filter ideas? Comment below
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  2. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    That sounds awesome. You have my vote.
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  3. Atrocuis_ Well-Known Player

    It Would Definitely Sell In The Market Place
    For Features Like That

    Highly Sough Out For Would Be My Guess
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  4. Jaelia Committed Player

    I’d love this idea +1
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  5. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    yeah, totally. that's a great idea. also, what about ambient soundscapes? forests, jungles, city streets, a market. under the sea, spooky, industrial, storm ( maybe with thunder flashes? ). you get the idea, I'm sure.
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  6. Achikah All About That Base

    I've been trying to make a purely Black and White base for a long while now, specifically an ode to cinema, as well as another that's different horror scenes throughout history being featured. This would definitely help get those plan into motion.

    No idea if it's possible, but I am definitely on board with this idea. +1
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  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    That is a very cool idea.
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  8. Knight Racer Well-Known Player

    I would love the option to be able to filter for each item, what angle the light is shown from. Too many great base items have the problem of being concealed in darkness all because it's on the other side of the room.
  9. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Thank u to everyone who liked the post
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  10. Knight Racer Well-Known Player

    I'd also like the option to change the wall colors in different sections of a room.
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  11. beardrive Committed Player

    I brought different sorts of soundscapes up, but it wasn't really addressed. The one person who did address it was saying that we could actually just have a widget for streaming whatever music we could through that. I upvote that as well!
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  12. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    I can see where playing our own music might cause copyright / royalty issues. not saying I wouldn't like it, just that I think the legalities of the matter might not allow it. I mean, it might not, what do I know? I'm not a lawyer, but I can see where it might. at the very least, ambient soundscapes would be a big win.
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  13. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    one of my biggest base wants is wallpapers / coverings / textures for walls / floors / ceilings. mossy, wooden, steel, rusted iron, grey stone, sand stone, so on. failing that, yeah, at least let us change the colours.
  14. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    They could make a deal with some royalty free site. As long as they made sure it wasn't behind the Membership paywall.

    And in return DCUO would require a plaque inside near the front door saying, "Music courtesy of (site name)" which can't be covered up. That would be tons of free advertising.
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  15. beardrive Committed Player

    That's what I want. Ambient soundscapes. But that person was bringing up Spotify etc. You know, making an agreement with them etc. Frankly I'd just prefer something that was suited to the game and to the bases with relationship to DCUO, rather than just bringing in a techno dance party from Spotify That's going to make them want to mute the base.
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  16. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    yeah, I'm with you there, man. feels a bit MySpacey, to me. I love me tunes, but I don't need Bongo Fury or the soundtrack to Fistful of Dollars blasting out every time I walk in me base. . .
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  17. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    Underwater - I simulate with the reverse rain from ? st Paddy's? event
  18. Prindacerk Committed Player

    I actually wish they would allow us to filter by episode or something. Currently most of the items fall under freestanding category (placed on the ground). Very few goes in other categories. Very difficult to find the exact item you're after unless you scroll down all the way.
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  19. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

  20. Eve YouTuber

    This is a great idea, I hope It's something they can do tech wise!
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